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How to Remove Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric, Get Rid of Trojan Virus

Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric Introduction

Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric belongs to one generic computer infection that is capable of resulting in a variety of destructive problems on a user’s computer. Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric threat primarily assaults individuals who are using PCs based on Windows operating system (OS) that involves serious security vulnerabilities in accordance with recent security reports. In computing, Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric is one type of malicious software program which is not able to fulfill the process of self-replication but still can be hazardous due to its nature for the sake of disruption on the computer that it affects. Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric serves as an invasive multiple component PC infection that should be eliminated from targeted machine timely; it overlaps the attributes of adware by forcibly taking control of computer’s Internet connection while displaying a huge array of pop-up advertisings on the monitor. Internet users may encounter further, intractable traffic issues by reason of the attack from Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric.

For instant, Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric may hijack the web browser installed on a user’s computer, regardless of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, and redirect user’s original web searches to harmful URLs operated by online fraudsters. Apart from basic Internet problems, Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric is also known for its damaging activities on the whole performance of targeted machine through occupying high computer resources. This may be directly embodied on the efficiency of starting up/shutting down system, playing online games, searching web, opening programs and more. Similar as another dangerous Vjhpvnoalonv.exe *32 Trojan infection, Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric may act as a backdoor which may initiate remote attacks by cyber criminals. Usually, the infection has been built up the connection with a distant Comman-and -Control (C&C) server operated by hacks; and the connection would be activated once the program is being installed on the machine. As a result, Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric could be ready and execute further demands from cyber criminals. It may lead to the installation of bogus security tools, decryption files and other unclear subjects. Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric infection has been added to Microsoft certified antivirus signatures and must be removed to safeguard the machine as well as user’s privacy.

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Auto Removal for Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric

Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric, as a malicious computer virus, features the most advanced hacking properties by malware distributors. Even though Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric has been noticed and added to the signature of certified antivirus, it may still tricky bypass the auto interaction. As a matter of fact, Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric is a program carrying harmful code programmed by cyber criminals. When installed and activated, the infection will keeps changing the name of its code or the file folder containing code to evade the complete auto detection by antivirus. Auto removal by antivirus may not be able to clean up all its malevolent files, code and registry files; and the virus will certainly be activated up on every Windows boot. Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric was believed to the removed with coordinating effort such as the strongly recommended manual removal, which is the common method of resolving tough system issues.

Manual Removal for Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric

1.Stop the running processes of Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric virus.

As a harmful Trojan program, Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric usually has some progresses running in Windows Task Manager. So you are requried to end up all processes related Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric virus first. (To do so, you can press CTRL+ALT+DELETE combination key to open Windows Task Manager; on the “Processes” tab, stop the processes of the virus. )


2. Show hidden files of Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric virus.

To avoid auto removal by antivirus, Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric makes use of its advanced technology to hide its files in system. To completely clean up the files of Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric virus, you need to show hidden files now.

For Windows XP, 7 and Vista:

  • On the desktop of PC, click on Start menu.
  • Find the icon of Control Panel, select it.
  • Next, go to the following option of Appearance and Personalization.


  • Click the Folder Option and then select Show hidden files and folders.


  • On the View tab and Under Advanced Settings.
  • Uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).
  • Confirm OK.

For Windows 8:

  • Right click on the mini start menu in the desktop.
  • In the showing list of options, select Control Panel.

win8_hidden files1

  • Now you are required to choose Folder Options option.

win8_hidden files2

  • Click the View tab in Folder Options window like the image as below.

win8_hidden files3

  • Click on the Hidden files and folders icon.
  •  Select the Show hidden files, folders, and drives option selector.

win8_hidden files4

  • Confirm OK.

3. After showing hidden files of Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric; you need to get rid of all files of the virus in local disk.


4. Open Registry Editor to remove all entries of Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric.

  • Start Registry Editor to use shortcut key (win key+R).
  • When Registry Editor is seen, find and remove all the registry entries relative to Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric.
  • Reboot PC to take effect.


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “%Windir%\system\winlogon.exe”
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “%Windir%\system\lsass.exe”

How to Backup Windows Registry Entries ( Video Guide)

In Conclusion

Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric is a hazardous computer virus that mainly attacks Windows compatible PCs, including Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 8. As a freshly released Trojan infection, Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric can always sneak into a user’s computer by making use of a variety of social engineering tactics, some examples of which are compromised websites, spam email carrying links and attachments, unknown application downloads shared on network and others. When installed, Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric will then utilize its harmful code to start damaging activities. Basically, Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric may lead to Internet web traffic issues to interfere with regular routine of users. While running in the machine, Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric may also slow down the performance of computer by taking up high computer resource. Furthermore, Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric may even perform like a backdoor so that to result in unimaginable damage to affected machine as well as user’s personal data. It is certain that Trojan/Win32.TSGeneric should be removed timely as long as being informed of its existence.

Note: Manual removal requires certain PC tech knowledge. Any single mistake may lead to worse results such as data loss and even computer crash. If you are not familiar with the process and do not want to make mistake, you are welcome to start a live chat with VilmaTech Certified 24/7 online expert here for real-time support.

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