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Remove that Promotes Advanced System Optimizer Detects Bad Performance?

remove systweak

It is quite normal to see some specific web site promoting products. Today we have web page to promote a computer-friendly products – Advanced System Optimizer, RegClean Pro, Advanced driver updater, Advanced system protector and disk speedup. However, reports from most of PC users said that would also come in as a piece of adware to randomly popup on people’s computer and ruin surfing experience. What’s more, pops up to inform that about the bad performance of a target machine; which can not be the case for the time being, but it will make you believe that your machine is having problems as follows:

  1. Computer becomes tardy in response to commands and execution.
  2. It takes longer to load an intended web page.
  3. More items are piling up in the target machine.
  4. Pop ups including increase in frequency.


Is Real? is an advertising platform for Advanced System Optimizer or RegClean Pro. It has not yet been confirmed that the web site is created by a third party or the creators of the related programs. Undoubtedly that PPC is involved when comes in as pop-up ad. Normal as it is, the advertising can be potentially platform when it randomly pops up. For more details, please keep reading. Any question will be gladly answered by security advisers.

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Potentially Dangerous

According to the reports by victims, senior technicians of VilmaTech Online Support get to know that post disinformation (on the bad performance) to threat target PC users into clicking on its ad or downloading the products it promotes. What’s worse, will not be able to get rid of with conventional means such as removing extensions or enabling pop-up blocker.

In such case, some rogue means have been ascertained to be adopted by ad for compellent promotion:

  1. BHO: any access would preload the codes or .dat/.dll file into a connected computer without interference.
  2. ActiveX: load down a pre-edited content onto a target machine and control the destination on the web.
  3. JavaScript: the technology is imperative to build a web page, it is capable of collecting the information on whereabouts so that gets to know where to post its ads.

There’s one more thing that needs to be paid with great attention is that backdoor program is implanted onto for an easy access to the information on whereabouts for a better promotional strategy in the future. Once such backdoor program is captured by the infections in the wild, BHO, ActiveX and JavaScript technologies will be utilized to load down virulent codes when API is hooked up, record log-in credentials when being redirected to some financial sites.

Quickly Removing Is Recommended

As keeps expanding the scope of propaganda, it has become one of the targets of computer threats embedded on the Internet. Whether it is out of your computer health or perfect surfing experience, it is always recommended to remove pop-up ads as soon as possible. Any delay in its removal would only result in the probability of getting more threats. Below is the instruction offered by specialized technicians; follow up and help yourself. Should there be any difficulty in the middle of the procedure due to additional infections thereby or different OS, please do feel free to start a live chat window for technical help.

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Follow Expert Instruction to Remove Pop-up Ad

Step1. remove the extensions related to
(tip: if you don’t know which one is related to the pop-up ad, you may just look at the created date; if it is consistent to the one when was firstly occurred, then remove it.)

Internet Explorer

  • Access IE’s Tools menu and choose Manage add-ons.
  • Go to ‘Toolbars and Extensions’ first to find and remove related extensions.
  • Then navigate to ‘Search Providers’ to find if there’s any related one; if there’s any, remove it.
    remove's extenstion on IE

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on Tools menu to select Options.
  • Access ‘Add-ons’ to find the related extensions; remove if any.
  • Then go to ‘Plugins’ panel and remove the related one(s) by pressing on ‘Never Activate’ in its drop down menu.
    remove's extenstion on Firefox

Google Chrome

  • Click on the spanner icon to select “Tools” for ‘Extensions’.
  • Find and locate the extension(s) associated to
  • Remove it(them) by hitting on the dustbin icon.
    remove's extenstion on Chrome


  • Access Opera menu and select Extensions to choose Manage Extensions.
  • You’ll see all extensions listed and choose the one(s) related to
  • Click “Uninstall” button to uninstall the extension(s).
    remove's extenstion on Opera

Step2. enable pop-up blocker to stop in the first place.

Internet Explorer

  • Expand IE’s Tools window to select Options.
  • Go to Privacy tab and locate pop-up Blocker section to check “Block pop-ups”.
  • Press “OK” button to block from popping up.
    Enable IE popup blocker to stop

Mozilla Firefox

  • Expand Firefox’s Tools option and press on Web features button.
  • Choose to be blocked and finish by pressing on OK button.
    Enable Firefox popup blocker to stop

Google Chrome

  • Expand Chrome’s Tools menu and choose Options.
  • Go to “Under the Hood” tab to press on “Content Settings” button to choose “Pop-ups” in a pop-up window.
  • Access “Exceptions” to exclude and press “OK” button to block the ad.
    Enable Chrome popup blocker to stop


  • Expand Opera’s menu and hover mouse over “settings” option to select “Preference”.
  • Navigate to General tab and locate “Pop-up” section there to choose “Block Unwanted Pop-ups”.
  • Hit OK button to block from popping up.
    Enable Opera popup blocker to stop

Step3. use DOS to get the accurate IP address for and modify Hosts file for the removal.
(tips: as the products promoted by are not applicable to Mac OS X, therefore, the steps showing modifications on Windows would be sufficient.)

  • Press down Win key and R key on the keyboard together, which will bring up Run box.
  • Put in “CMD” and hit Enter key on the keyboard to access DOS.
  • When you see the flashing slash/line, please type “ping” and hit Enter key.
  • A little while, you’ll see the accurate IP address as shown below.
    ping systweak to block it from popping up
  • Note down the IP address and navigate to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc.
  • Click open Hosts file and paste the IP address to the last line.
  • Save the file will help block from popping up.


Where Does Comes from?

Most PC users want to know the way gets onto a machine so that they can take precautions against it. However, it is very easy to get pop ups due to the employ of BHO technique. Any access would lead to the ads. The only way to prevent from its loading is not to visit the sites that have it. But it is impossible to know all the sites holding it as is expanding to a broader scope.

Besides, downloading and installing some third-party programs would also bring to popping up scene. For now, as gains huge traffic, many programs would like to cooperate with it and get some share. Therefore, PC users should also be careful in installing programs and choose “customized” installation method over “recommended” one.

Anti-virus Program Won’t Remove

As what has been made clear in the preceding paragraphs that is an advertising platform for product promotion. Though it adopts some rogue means, systweak will not be picked up or removed automatically by installed anti-virus programs as the technologies it utilizes are permitted to be involved in building a web page. Should you encounter difficulty when removing manually with the offered steps above due to some confusion or deficient computer skills, you are welcome to consult senior technician from VilmaTech Online Support here.

live chat Removal Recommendation – Defrag

It is recommended to implement defrag after the removal as some of’s files such as data file would be scattered around outside local disk, which would make a sluggish computer due to unreasonably utilization of CPU/internal storage. To avoid the error message or malfunctions in the future, it is recommended to defrag disks. Here’s the video to show how:

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