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Remove SquareTrace Adware, Remove Nonstop Pop-ups from Your Computer

SquareTrace adware was a confusing yet cunning malware which could make the innocent users mix it with SquareTrade. In most cases, it could install into the targeted computer without user’s awareness and permission. Once it succeeded, it would suddenly have the ability to display all kinds of pop-up ads and links in the computer or the browsers constantly. Most of the users could easily accept the pop-ups from SquareTrace adware because they thought it was just a regular adware which only provided them with all the commercial information and brought the convenience and preferential offers for them. As online shopping became so popular now, most of the users have been negligent so they had no sense to take precautions against strange pop-up ads or sponsored links, easily falling for the cyber scam without knowing it.

With the SquareTrace adware gradually wining the supports from the innocent users, purposive cybercriminals would seize the chance to achieve their evil plan. Just because most of the users were easily to be attracted by tempting pop-ups which contained the commercial information about all kinds of new listed products. Innocent users could not tell whether the ads was reliable or not, so they always clicked on those trap links without scruples and ended in serious trouble and damages. Deceptive ads would not only cause the users with terrible defraudation. In order to make more profits from the users, cybercriminals also used the SquareTrace adware to draw the users to visit corrupted websites which might be control by evil criminals and be fulled of unwanted malware and virus infections. Once the innocent users clicked on those purposive links and transferred to the specific sites, unconsciously browsing the trap webpages and get infected.

In this case, SquareTrace adware would cause the targeted computer be infected with various malware and viruses, unfortunately, the innocent users would never have the chance to find out about it until they surprisingly feeling about the low performance of their computer. With all the unwanted invaders sticking in the system, the limited system resources would be taken up someday, then the computer would be in danger of collapse. Once the computer lost the protection gradually, all the personal files and data remaining in it would suddenly become the favorite target for evil cybercriminals and hackers. And when the computer became compromised, evil criminals would easily break into the system, stealing all the private but value files from the users, causing irreparable losses to them. Even the SquareTrace adware was not the main reason for the messes, we could still consider it as the initiator of evil. In order to protect the computer, personal privacy and user’s property, users should remove SquareTrace adware immediately.

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How to Remove SquareTrace Adware Completely

1. Disable SquareTrace adware from the browser immediately

1) Launch the browser.
2) Find out the SquareTrace adware from the add-ons section, then disable or remove it.

Internet Explorer

Click on Tools-> select Manage Add-ons-> go to Toolbars and Extensions section-> find out SquareTrace adware from the list then right-click on it-> choose Disable from the options list.

Mozilla Firefox

Click on the Firefox button-> click on Add-ons-> select SquareTrace adware from the list-> click on Remove button.

Google Chrome

Open the Chrome menu on the top right corner-> locate Tools-> click on Extensions-> find out the SquareTrace adware-> remove the Enable check mark.

3) Restart the browser.

2. Remove all the related programs of SquareTrace adware from the computer

1) Click on Start button then find out Control Panel from the menu.

2) Click on Uninstall a Program link from the pop-up window to open the Programs and Features.
3) In the displayed programs list, search for the SquareTrace adware and other additional unwanted programs then click on the Uninstall on top column to remove them one by one.

4) Follow the removal wizard till it finished.

3. Remove registry entries of SquareTrace adware from the system

1) Use the key combination Windows+R to open the Run Command box.

2) Type “regedit” in the pop-up search bar, then click on OK button to find out the Registry Editor then open it.

3) Find out all the registry entries of SquareTrace adware from the Registry Editor branches, then delete them carefully in case to make mistakes and get into serious trouble.

4) Remove the files of SquareTrace adware as well.
5) Restart the computer once complete the removal, then check if the SquareTrace adware has been removed thoroughly.


SquareTrace adware was one typical malware which could lead the innocent users to disastrous trouble. As most of the users could not detect it in the first place, missing the best chance to stop all the messes in time. Actually, there are lots of effective ways for users to prevent tricky infections on their own, even for those computer novices. Most of the cybercriminals just took advantage of rookie mistakes of the users, setting up all the evil traps for them so that they could have their way easily. For this situation, all the users should now build a good precaution awareness to be prepared for malicious virus. Even virus technology always develops so fast and becomes more and more sophisticated, which makes it even more difficult to handle with, it is still possible for users to prevent them from infecting the computer. Most of the cunning viruses would like to be packed with other software which are often free of charge, and users usually prefer freeware or shareware because of convenience, that’s why cunning virus could infect the computer without awareness. Users should now learn to resist suspicious freeware from unknown websites. More than that, users should resist any temptation coming from strange pop-ups, considering which might be the traps set up by cybercriminals.

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