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Remove SmartWallet Virus, Easy Removal Guide

What is SmartWallet virus?

SmartWallet virus is an adware, which is bundled with some other free downloads from some unsafe websites in general. Commonly, SmartWallet virus would send plenty of annoying pops up or advertisements on web pages when users connect to the Internet. It is advertised as a program to give users coupons and discount information to help online shopping economically. When it is installed, users would find that there is just a trap. For example, when surfing the Internet, many advertisements inserted in the browser. Then, users may notice that some of unknown software are installed on PC without permission. SmartWallet virus is a malware. It can get into PC system silently and access to users’ personal information, such as searching history, password and other data, which puts users’ confidence and their PC into a high risk situation. So it is advisable to remove SmartWallet virus as soon as possible, before a worse situation.


Is SmartWallet virus dangerous?

SmartWallet virus is developed to promote advertisements and create traffic to make profits seemingly. In reality, SmartWallet virus is malicious, even dangerous, not only due to its availability for any operating system. Firstly, it would penetrate into users computer without any permission when it bundled with those unsafe downloads. It is a large hidden trouble for computer security. Secondly, SmartWallet virus is able to get attached to browser and change settings, like replace of home page, redirection to other suspicious websites. Thirdly, it can record users’ surfing history, and send the special pops up according to users’ favorite. SmartWallet virus is sticky to hide itself deep into system from removing. In additions, SmartWallet virus would poor PC performance. If users still keep it in computer, it means that PC is vulnerable to endless attacks. Therefore, remove SmartWallet virus from PC without any hesitation.

How PC got infected on SmartWallet virus?

In general, SmartWallet virus would come along with those free downloads from unreliable websites or sources. Those free downloads always claim that they are free plug in and safe. But it is a lie that they may install other malware at the same time. They will not disclose that other software honestly. So users must pay much attention to installation progress, especially some optional install. Those unwanted software may take advantage of user’s carelessness to get into computer and cause trouble. Users should develop good habit of surfing the Internet to download software in official website. If PC shows that it infected on SmartWallet virus, take actions to remove SmartWallet virus completely in time.
Try the following instructions to remove SmartWallet virus. If there is any trouble, feel free to contact our VilmaTech experts and we would try our best to deal with it.

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How to remove SmartWallet virus completely?

Step 1 Uninstall SmartWallet virus from Windows

1. To uninstall SmartWallet virus from Win XP/Vista/7, click the “start” button and open “control panel”. If there is a Win 8 system, right click on the screen button and choose “control panel”.


2.In “control penal”, choose “program”, “uninstall a program”.

ControlPanel1 win7

3.Check the list and uninstall SmartWallet virus. There is something has to be mentioned. The malicious program may have different name but “SmartWallet” on computer. So check the “Installed on” column to make sure those recently installed software. Uninstall any unwanted or unknown software.


Step 2 Reset browser settings to remove SmartWallet virus

1.Internet Explorer
1)Open Internet Explorer, click the “Tools” button in the right top of browser, then choose “Internet Options”.


2)In the dialog box, choose “advanced” tab, click “reset” button.

ie advanced_ reset

3)In the “Reset Internet Explorer Settings”, choose “delete personal settings” option, then click on “reset”.


4)After reset settings, there is a confirmation box, click on “close”. Now, you would better to close the browser and open it again to use.


2.Mozilla Firfox
1)Open Firefox browser, in the right top corner, click on a three lines button, menu button, and choose “help”.


2)From the menu, choose troubleshooting information.


3)In the Page, choose “Reset Firefox” button.

reset firefox22

4)Still choose “Reset Firefox” button in the next confirmation box.

reset firefox to remove

5)Firefox will close itself and will revert to its default settings. Then, a window will list the information that was imported. Click on the “Finish”.

3.Google Chrome
1)Click on browser setting button, three lines button in the right top, to choose “settings” , “Tools” and then select “Extensions” .


2)In the “Extensions” tab, just select SmartWallet and any other unwanted program, delete them by “trash” button.

trash Google chrome extension


Following those instructions, SmartWallet virus should be removed from the computer. Confront with those sticky programs, users must be very cautious in surfing the Internet, not only the websites to search, but the sources to download. If users still meet some troubles in removing the SmartWallet virus or other sections in the Internet, please contact our VilmaTech experts. We will have a live chat with you and spare no effort to help you to deal with.

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