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Remove – Avoid Being Hijacked from Now is lately verified as a detestable browser hijacker rapidly infecting to the browsers with high utilization rate, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. As the most of the PC users are not sensitive enough about this cunning infection, some even don’t attach great importance to it even finding the browser homepage has been secretly changed to which is definitely not their own intention to do so. Have to notice that keeping this unwanted Ominent Search service in the browser would lead to no end of trouble for the future.

Not just a few modifications that the could make. Pretending to be a safe and reliable search service with a formal interface, this tricky browser hijacker successfully weakened PC user’s vigilance. However, with the Ominent search service installed in the browser, it will spontaneously record user’s search history and preferences, then forcibly redirecting them to the corresponding advertising websites. What’s more excessive is the domineering hijacker can ignore user’s search query, rerouting them to any sites it want even when users have typed the exact URL in the address bar. In this case, most of the user’s favourite websites would be blocked, bringing much inconvenience and trouble to the ignorant users.

After has mastered PC user’s browser habits for a long time, it will cooperated with advertisers, constantly displaying plenty of pop-up ads on every corners of the PC screen. Sometimes, users might encounter a weird scene that a weird webpage repeatedly shows in the browser, they have to shut it down continually. These pop-up often contain many sponsored links which would easily lead the innocent users to some specific websites, coaxing them to make a financial transaction. Some popping windows are so irresistible with the content of discounts or big sale, inducing more and more users would love to click on it and see what’s more they have got. Under this circumstance, ignorant users might have visited some phishing sites or hacked pages without consciousness.

Although is not technically a virus, it could be considered as a security vulnerability. With distinguished feature of virus, the antivirus installed in the PC system can do an accurate detection about this potential unwanted program. Ominent search service safely hid in the infected computer, opening the backdoor for more and more unwanted programs even malware to invade into the compromised system without user’s permission. As time goes on, it will end up with terrible consequences. In order to save the PC system before it’s too late, the best way is to remove from the computer without hesitation.

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Manual Steps to Remove Completely

1.End all the running processed related to immediately.

1)Hold the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time, then wait till the Task Manager window showing up.

2)Search for the related processes of and locate them.

3)Click on the End process button to eliminate them.

2.Remove from the computer.

1)Open the Start menu by press the windows key, then click on the Control Panel to open it.

2)Click on the Uninstall a program link under the Programs.

3)Search for the unwanted programs associated with the in the showing programs list, highlight them then click on the Uninstall.

4)Follow the inner wizard and finish the removal.
5)Go back to check if the has been completely removed.

3.Erase all the traces of in the browser.

Internet Explorer

1)Start the Internet Explorer then click on Tools. In the drop-down menu, click on the Internet Options.

2)Go straight to the Advanced tab then click the Reset button at the bottom of the current window.

3)Save the changes and restart the Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome

1)Launch the Google Chrome and select the Settings option in the Chrome menu.

2)Click Show advanced settings then find the Reset browser settings section.

3)Click on Reset browser settings then wait for the showing dialog.

4)Save all the changes and restart Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox

1)Open the Mozilla Firefox, click the Firefox menu button. Locate to the Help and select the Troubleshooting Information.

2)In the Troubleshooting Information page, click on the Reset Firefox button.

3)Save the changes and restart the Mozilla Firefox.


1)Open the Safari and click on the Safari button, choose the Reset Safari in the drop-down menu.

2)In the showing dialog, check all the options in the list. Then click on the Reset button.

3)Save the changes and restart Safari.


PUP like usually sneaks into PC system without a sign. In most cases, this tricky hitchhiker would be bundled with other programs, naturally getting downloaded and installed into the system. Especially for freeware and shareware, which are considered as the most popular carrier for unwanted programs or malware, they could infiltrate into PC system via some optional installation items. Most of the users are lacking of vigilance, giving their permission to any installation requests without thinking. So PC users are completely unaware of this infection until their computer becoming weirder and weirder.

It is time to learn to keep malware away from our computers. We should try not to blindly download suspicious software into the system, and build a habit to detect any new download before using it. Meanwhile, once finding any exception like the browser homepage has been replaced to unfamiliar websites or suddenly getting nonstop pop-ups in the computer, we should realize there might be a infection happened to the PC system, then take appropriate measures about this situation in a timely manner. Just remember to keep an eye on the computer performance at any time.

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