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Remove Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu Virus, Cleanup Malware Completely

Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu Introduction

The Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu, the hazardous Trojan virus, has been regarded as infamous malware utilized by hijackers over the cyber world – which main goal is to acquire illegal benefits and even steal confidential information from those compromised PCs. The Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu Trojan virus constantly exploits system vulnerabilities dedicated to the confidential information exposure, which means hijackers can access to the infectious computer through backdoor that opened by vulnerabilities and collect confidential information without any distraction. Some of the previous released security malware, just like the perilous malware called Trojan.Zekos.Patched, were focusing on degrading the infectious PC performance and corrupting system, as doing can such Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu Trojan virus makers make the compromised computers totally vulnerable for enticing more worms or ransomware and handle with malicious activities for benefit-making. By definition, the Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu Trojan virus is a nasty tactic taken advantaged by cyber criminals to make money, which has been a commonplace tactic often utilized by hijackers. Also, Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu may potentially re-register the virus DLL attempting to totally corrupt infectious operating system.

Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu is currently patched with a myriad of perilous payloads. And it can automatically slip into one targeted computer without any consent. How it conceals itself and accomplishes its propagation sneakily. The main method is by packaging with third-party Windows programs. Usually, online computer users have to download some software to ensure their PC performance or upgrade online experience. While the Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu Trojan virus is usually hidden in those freeware, shareware, or web plugins to conceal its existence. Once computer users unsuspectingly downloaded those potentially unwanted program, the Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu virus can fast infiltrate on their computers without a trace. Victimized users hardly indentify the Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu until Windows reboots and then malicious payload become active. In order to completely govern the victimized computer, the Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu must make as much damage as possible. The most commonplace damage is all programs installed on the infectious computer will be disabled including anti-virus program and Windows Firewall. In addition, Web browsers can be tampered and victims hardly search any thing.

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Manual Ways to Remove Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu Virus from Windows

To enable all programs installed on the infectious computer, you need reboot it with Safe Mode with Networking. Follow the below tips according to the version of infectious Windows Operating System.
A: For Windows 8

  • Reboot computer and access to the desktop.
  • After reach desktop, press the Ctrl+ Alt+ Del combination key.
  • Open Switch User interface

  • From the pop-up page, hold down the “Shift” key, simultaneously click on “Shut down” button
  • Choose Restart option from the pop-up page.

  • C hoose “Troubleshoot” from the next page.
  • Select ‘Advanced Options’
  • Choose ‘restart,’ under Startup Settings.
  • Press F5/5 key and highlight Safe Mode with Networking.

B: For Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

  • Shut down the infected computer first.
  • Reboot infectious system but before Windows launches on always press F8 key.
  • Windows Advanced Options may pop-up.
  • Choose Safe Mode with Networking Option.
  • Press Enter key to reach the desktop.

Remove Trojan Virus from Control Panel

  • Reach the desktop in safe mode with networking now, press Ctrl+ Esc+ Shift or Ctrl+ Alt+ Del
  • Open Windows Task Manager and choose Process tab
  • And then choose malicious process about the Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu virus
  • Click End Process button.
  • Click the Start button and open control panel.
  • For Windows 8 user should reveal Apps view first and search control panel from the search box.

  • After reach the control panel interface, for Window 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista choose Uninstall a program.
  • For Windows XP, choose Add/ Remove Programs.
  • From next pop-up page, choose malicious program related with Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu
  • Click Uninstall or Remove option.

  • Next need choose Remove or Uninstall again. Follow prompting wizard to get Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu removed from infected computer.

Remove Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu Virus Leftovers

  • In case of any mistaken deletion, you’d better backup files first before deleting registry entries.

  • Start Control Panel window again, click Appearance and Personalization link.

  • Open the Files and Folder Option.
  • Choose Folder Options category.
  • Choose Show hidden files and folders option.
  • Choose Show hidden files and folders option.
  • Select the “View” tab. Check “Show hidden files.
  • Select the “View” tab. Check “Show hidden files, folders and drives.”
  • Uncheck “Hide protected operating system files. Click Ok..
  • Got to the local disks and remove all virus files related with the Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu virus
  • And then delete the virus registry entries, and press Windows + R.
  • Type regedit in Run box and press Ok.
  • Reach the Registry Editor.
  • Click File and find the Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu virus and then delete all detected entries.
  • Reboot the infectious machine with regular mode to put the virus removal process in effect.


Under the terms of Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu virus removal, to remove the Trojan virus as quick as possible is the best way to secure sensitive information stored on infected hardware and resave computer. All damage produced on the victimized machine is in order for stealing money and confidential data. The login credentials, banking data, privacy configuration, Credit Card must be at high-risk of exposure. Once Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu virus left on the victimized PC long enough without any fix, hijacker then will have a plenty of time to participate in illegal commercials activities. Besides making money, for those group business or company, the hijackers may exploit the Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu Trojan virus to involve in secret exposure. The Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu Trojan virus should be removed completely once identified on infected system. To remove the Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu virus definitely requires cleanup all virus’s components including virus files and registry entries. To correctly handled with Rootkit.Win32.Zbot.sapu virus files and entries, you can live chat with VilmaTech 24/7 Online Experts

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