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How to Remove RCMP Virus on Android Phone, Unlock Guide

RCMP Virus, as short for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Virus, is a malware that gives PC or Android device users plenty of troubles. As it spreads widely, more and more devices are attacked by RCMP Virus. However, on the other hands, devices users usually can not make out why and how their Android phone get the RCMP Virus hoax. The infected Android phone are blocked and the users are asked to pay for a fine, if Android phone gets infected by RCMP Virus. RCMP Virus, which is designed by some cyber criminals, is used to defraud money from those innocent users but not only to make troubles. What’s worse, the virus has not been weakened, which it becomes more and more rampant. In reality, with the development of the Internet, devices, no matter PC or mobile phone, confront with more virus threads than before. From the experts, it is advisable to remove RCMP Virus on Android phone once it gets infected, in case of any further damage.

In honest, RCMP Virus have many ways to get access to its targeted device. It can be inserted into the links of some websites, the attachments of the email which people are not so serious to check. If there is a click, RCMP Virus can be installed on that device within a very short time without any authorization and permission. Then, it will work to lock the screen. It is so tricky to do like that. Because RCMP Virus can prevent from deleting by existing anti-virus software or application when people can not access the settings. In addition, most of people may be in a mass when they see the locked phone. That is to take full advantage of the mental change to make preparation for defrauding money. At the same time, in the blocked screen, there is a pop-up from RCMP Virus. In the name of some official organization, with formal tone and diction, the victims are accused of some illegal actions, such as sending spam email messages to unsolicited email addresses, downloading and sharing copyright files, distributing pornography involving children, and the use of software that is not properly licensed. Of course, it just the lie making up by designers but still some innocent victims can not escape from it. In short, the most right way to deal with the RCMP Virus is to remove it from infected Android device. If there is any trouble in the progress of removal, feel free to ask VilmaTech experts for help.

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All those tricks mentioned above is to frighten people to believe that they have wrong actions in using their Android phone or tablet. Then, in that pop-up, RCMP Virus asks users to pay for such an amount of money, which is called as fine, if they want to get the Android device unlocked. Beside, it displays on a long list of violations along with possible fines as well as the criminal charges linked to each violation. It says that it is the only chance for people to recover the infected Android device. With the count down deadline, most of innocent victims are worried about the blocked device so that some choose to pay the fine. Beyond expectation, the infected Android device is still get locked as nothing happens. At that moment, they realize it is just another hoax, pitfall. Therefore, the most simple action to deal with RCMP Virus is to remove it as the technical instructions. Here are the easy unlock guide.

Step 1. Reboot your Android phone into “safe mode”

Hold the power button until there is a pop-up menu.
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Keep pressing “power off”several seconds until there is a confirmation to ask you if you want your device to reboot into “safe mode”.

Choose “OK” to continue.

Step 2. Remove RCMP Virus related application

In the main menu, find “settings”, then choose “manage applications”.

Uninstall the related application.

Step 3. Remove RCMP Virus related files

Find out files option in the main menu.

Select all the remaining files in the phone and then delete them.

Reboot the phone.

RCMP Virus, one of ransomware can sneak into Android phone or tablet with spam emails, suspicious links, hacked pop-ups or ads and unsafe freeware downloads from unauthorized web and so on. Beside, Android operating system is open to all people to upload applications freely which may be used by illegal designers. To confront with that risky surfing situation, people would better develop good habit on using Android devices. People should not click any link unknown or get into some strange website to decrease risk. In addition, they should not download app from unknown resource or strange attachment following email. Also, it is necessary to learn some easy but useful tips in case of some emergencies. If there is any trouble in device, feel free to ask VilmaTeach experts for help.

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