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Remove PriceDownloader, Guidance to Get Rid of the Malware and Pop-ups

PriceDownloader adware was a typical infection on the Internet, as it could invade into the computer without user’s permission, most of the users could not notice any difference until they were seriously affected by nonstop pop-ups displayed by PriceDownloader. In most cases, the purposive adware just wanted to provide various downloads recommendations or online shopping information, which always pretended to provide users with better choices or solutions then in fact not. With all the deceptive pop-up ads showing everywhere in the computer, constantly disturbing the innocent users from working online, and also causing them with intrusive trouble. The PriceDownloader pop-ups just displayed suddenly in the targeted computer without authorization, and sometimes this kind of annoying ads was running in the system background and also difficult for users to shut it down.

With all the tempting PriceDownloader ads keeping showing in the computer, once the users could not resist them and blindly clicked on those deceptive ads links, they would be led to unsafe sites unconsciously. PriceDownloader adware just be used by immoral advertisers or cyber crooks, who wanted to make exorbitant profits from the innocent users by practicing defraudation. As most of the deceptive ads provided by PriceDownloader were related to sale promotion, coupon information, discounts, new listed products with favorable price, etc. In this case, most of the users could not resist the temptation and easily fell for the trap sites just intending to get more advantages from it. Cyber crooks just seized the chance to lure the innocent users to make a transaction online and achieve their evil purpose.

Once the users make transactions on the trap sites providing by PriceDownloader, their personal property and privacy would be in serious danger. Because most of the deceptive sites were controlled by baleful cybercriminals, and the online trading would always concern user’s personal information. As long as the innocent users typed all the confidential data, cybercriminals would have the chance to steal the critical information and use for illegal deals, then the consequences would be disastrous. More than that, with the pernicious PriceDownloader remaining in the browser, it would be able to introduce various unwanted programs to install on the computer and make it become more and more vulnerable. Under this circumstance, the computer would be stuck with all kinds of malicious infections and the system resources would be overused then its performance would be decelerated and ended in crashing down. In order to save the computer and protect user’s personal privacy and interests, users should remove PriceDownloader adware before it was too late.

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How to Remove PriceDownloader Adware Steps by Steps

Step 1: Disable the running processes of PriceDownloader Adware

1. Use the key combination(Ctrl+Alt+Del) to open the System Task Manager.
2. In the pop-up window, select the processes related to PriceDownloader in the default Processes tab then disable them thoroughly.

3. Close the current window.

Step 2: Remove the supporting programs of PriceDownloader adware

1. Click on the Start then choose the Control Panel from the menu.

2. In the displayed window, click on the Uninstall a Program link.

3. Search for the PriceDownloader adware and other unwanted programs in the programs list then click on the Uninstall to remove them manually.

4. Confirm the removal then follow the uninstall instruction.
5. When the removal was done, refresh the programs list to check if any unwanted program was missing.

Step 3: Reset the browser to clean the traces of PriceDownloader

1. Start the browser first.
2. Reset the browser settings to restore it back to the original state.

Internet Explorer

1) Click on Tools then select the Internet Options from the list.

2) Click on the Advanced tab, click on the Reset button on the lower right section.

Mozilla Firefox

1) Click on the Firefox button, click on the Troubleshooting Information to open it.

2) Click on the Reset Firefox in the displayed page then confirm the resetting.

Google Chrome

1) Click on the Chrome wrench icon then choose Settings in the drop-down list.

2) Click on Show Advanced Settings link.
3) Click on Reset Browser Settings button.

3. Restart the browser to let the changes take effect.


PriceDownloader did not come with sophisticated virus technology but it would bring much more trouble to the targeted computer and users. On one hand, as the virus could perform the infection without user’s awareness, and most of the users are lacking of precaution consciousness so they often could not detect the virus in a timely manner until thing getting ugly. On the other hand, because free adware would always come with a great deal of tempting commercial information, which were always so attractive to the masses of the users, in this case, the innocent users would not be able to tell the true or false, resulting being scammed and losing money.

User should learn a lesson from the adware infection and try the best to protect the computer from being victimized by tricky virus or malware. As most of the unwanted malware could be bundled with other software, especially for those free downloads or shareware, once the innocent users downloaded this kind of programs without detecting them, cunning virus would seize the chance to mix in the installation items and get installed into the system naturally. And most of the users often did not pay enough attention while installing a program, blindly giving their permission to malware or virus and ending in terrible consequences. Sometimes, tricky virus would also be disguised as an unknown email sending from some kind of social networking, which was actually a spam mail, as long as the users open it or download its require attachment, cunning virus would have the ability to perform the installation without authorization.

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