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Remove Police Virus – Ukash, Moneypak, Android Virus Scam Removal Guides

Hitherto, the so-called police virus has been become the focus that the online computer users pay close attention to in the PCs security circles. The police virus self purportedly on behalf high authority of enforcement agency attacks online users across world since the first quarter in 2012, exploiting frequently-used deceptive tactic that catching a pretense of people have been violating specific online laws like distributing copyrighted media, child pornography to lock their computers. Meanwhile, providing with full-screen PC or Android lock page alleges victims are obliged to pay a random of quotation in form of Ukash, PaySafecard, or MoneyPak otherwise a related criminal prosecution spontaneously against them.

All scaring warnings declared on the police virus page are purportedly attributed from enforcement agency, offering basic precautions and focusing on threatening victims to refrain from cybercriminal case by paying demanding fine. However, the truth is a scam Android virus. The sort of police virus is carefully crafted by cybercriminals to swindle money from victimized computer users. Moreover, the police virus has its own variants and differs from name, flag, and language according to the target victim geolocation. For instance, United Kingdom Police Virus and New Zealand Police Ukash Virus spreading in various European countries; Canadian Police Virus and Australian Federal Police Virus Android  malware planning to target users in North America especially to computer users located in Canada.

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Several Versions of Scam Virus Referred to POLICE VIRUS

Sort 1 United Kingdom Police Virus

The United Kingdom Police virus is the so-called PCEU Ukash Ransomware (Read More), which work focusing on blocking users’ United Kingdom Police, Police Central e-Crime Center, Metropolitan Polices who live in the United Kingdom and blackmailing victimized users’ money under the disguise of United Kingdom Police, Police Central e-Crime Center, and Metropolitan Police. It demands a fine in the amount of £100 via Ukash or PaysafeCard payment, if you don’t pay the random in real time, one criminal case will against you and blocked computer can be confiscated. Once the United Kingdom Police virus sneaked in, United Kingdom Police, its lock page pops up every time you start the victimized machine and any access to the regular mode of the OS can be restricted.

In order to obtain access to your system again, the best way is to manually remove such United Kingdom Police virus from the victimized computer completely rather than pay the required random as the recommended instruction reflected on the lock page. Although you have paid for it, the United Kingdom Police virus wouldn’t have got the restriction of the infectious machine released. Oppositely, the cybercriminals can seize the chances while you are paying to sneakily collect online transaction data for other malicious commercial activities. Therefore, don’t be tricked by such police virus, its solitary goal is to cheat money.

Sort 2 New Zealand Police Ukash Virus


No. 1

No. 2

The New Zealand Police virus is referred to the known as “Nga Pirihimana o Aotearoa” or New Zealand E-crime Lab ransomware, centralizing on targeting computer users physically located in New Zealand thereby blocking them out from OS.  The New Zealand Police virus has high ability to bypass some anti-virus program scanning though those reputable ones, filtrates on the target computer without any interference. Once the police virus embedded in the victimized machine, it keeps popping up virus screen with full-screen warnings just while Windows starting is ongoing. The New Zealand Police virus then accuses of unwary victims violating law articles. To escape from actual prosecution, the demanding fine should be paid in time.

Basically, the New Zealand Police virus displays the block page in a regular way that the malware intimidates its victims through accusing of committing cybercrime such as downloading pirated software or child pornography. Its payload displays such warning on behalf a law enforcement agency. To accomplishedly scare those unsuspecting victims, the New Zealand Police virus increases the illusion that the computer is being tracked by law enforcement through displaying correct computer’s IP address even the footage from the infectious computer’s webcam to show victims what is happening in room. In a word, the noxious New Zealand Police virus may apply any possible way to force users into paying. (Click here read more information of New Zealand Police virus)

Sort 3 Canadian Police Virus


No. 1:

No. 2

No. 3

No. 4

Canadian police virus allegedly on behalf of local law enforcement agencies locks users’ PCs across over the location of Canada, states that “Your computer has been locked!” due to the violation of the law in Canada, requires the victimized users pay for random of 100 Canadian dollars instantly to get the virus removed. Behind the scenes, the nasty truth is that Canadian Police Association virus is a completely fake ransomware, classified as Police Ukash virus, designed by hijackers to fool users and cheat money from them. The spooky alerts displayed on such Canadian police virus page utilize the psychological warfare that scaring victims with authentic alarm thereby making them shriveled but paid the random

According to the alert, unlocking the infectious computer implies that victimized users submitting a code from a 100 CAD value Paysafecard or Ukash prepaid card. However, no need to pay the demanding fine as the instruction declared on such Canadian police virus pages as listed above for it is just fake virus, if have paid, you would have been trapped in the nasty trick exploited by hijackers, which would be incredible economic losses. Thus, don’t put your trust in the Canadian police virus. Actually, no one of high-authority enforcement agencies would lock a computer in such a nasty way as a part of law enforcement.

Sort 3 Australian Federal Police Virus



No. 2

No. 3

No. 4

The sort of Australian Federal Police virus (AFP) similar to FBI Moneypak virus has been released and widely spreading over Australian. The police virus personates the enforcement agency of Australian Federal Police to disable users’ logging into Windows. It states “Your PC is blocked due to at least one of the reason specified below” (As seen details on the virus page mentioned above), extorts a monetary fine amounting from 100AUD to 500 AUD. For those innocent victims hardly realize Australian Federal Police virus is just a scam virus illegally using the common-used online fraud methods to deceive money so they have paid the demanding fine. This means that they have faced the situation that a plenty of money was defrauded.

Australian Federal Police virus can face you with full-screen urgency warnings. It is also capable of taking a control your web cam and showing you what is happening in your room. Even it can use webcam to detect your IP address using services available online so that looks authentic and make victimized computer users believe it to be true. Furthermore, Australian Federal Police virus (Removal tips) not only aboveboard blackmails money by scaring victimized computer user on the virus screen, it also can make the confidential data theft taken place stealthily. So since the virus as left on your computer, you always face the quite high risk of sensitive privacy theft.

Note: To completely remove police virus from the victimized computer, you can follow the below steps or Live chat with VilmaTech 24/7 Online Experts to ask for help.

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How to Remove Ukash, Moneypak Police Virus with One by One Step

Step A

Since the Police virus has locked you out from Windows Operating System you need bring the victimized infectious computer to the safe mode with networking to active some programs disabled by the Central Security Service virus.

For Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista

1. Totally shut down the infected computer. Find out F8 key on the keyboard from the infectious computer’s keyboard. If the keyboard doesn’t work, you may plug in an external wired one to have a try again.

2. Press Power button to boot up the infected computer, but before Windows launches (after skipping the first interface), you have to hit F8 key to reveal out Windows Advanced Options.
3. As you can see the page that it says safe mode, safe mode with networking, safe mode with command prompt, etc. Highlight safe mode with networking by pressing Up-Down keys and hit Enter key. Wait for a moment, Windows is loading files to the desktop.

For Window 8 Users

1. Start and login the infected computer until the virus screen shows on.
2. Press the Ctrl+ Alt+ Del key, it will bring you to the Switch User interface.
3. Tap the “Shift” key on the keyboard by your left hand, click on “Shut down” button. Click on Restart option. In the ‘Choose an Option’ screen, you need select “Troubleshoot.”

4. Click on ‘Advanced Options’, and in the following window you need choose “Startup setting.”
5. Choose “restart.” Press F5/5 key to highlight Safe Mode with networking option, hit enter key.

Step B

End the Police virus process. Press Ctrl+ Esc+ Shift (Windows7/vista) or Ctrl+ Alt+ Del (Windows XP/ Windows 8) to open Windows Task Manager. Scroll down and locate at random virus file and click on it. You last need click the End Process button.

Step C

Delete Police virus files from Local disk. But you need show hidden files first.
1. Click on Start button. Click “Control Panel.” And click on Appearance and Personalization.

2. Double click on Files and Folder Option.

3. Select View tab. Check “Show hidden files, folders and drives.” Uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended). Then click ok to finish the changes.

Step C

Open Local disk, and remove Police virus files refer to below files. You can click on Start Button and click My Computer or Computer. You then open there.

    %Program Files%\ random name

Step D

Delete the Police virus registry entries.
1. Press Windows+ R key to reveal out Run box. Type regedit in Run window and click Ok.

2. In the Registry Editor window, you need navigate to the below path. You then need to find out “Shell” and right click on it. Click on Modify.
3. The default value data is Explorer.exe If you see something else written in this window, remove it and type in Explorer.exe.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\
4. Besides that, you still need delete Police virus registry entries, you can refer to the below registry entries.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ Central Security Service virus

Step E

You need reboot the infectious computer with regular mode to active the virus removal.

Conclusion of Police Virus

The police virus Android  lock can achieve cheating those innocent victims into paying via displaying fake authentic warnings, webcam control, and IP detected. In addition, the police virus still payloads other malicious infections to the infectious computer just like the redirect virus. Through this, the cybercriminals can collect confidential data without any interference. Thus, removing nasty police virus without delaying any time is necessary if you don’t want the money steal. Due to craft of this sort of PC and Android ransomware, standard cleanup through launching security software installed on the affected computer is not applicable. Having thoroughly detected and removed the police virus files and registry entries, you’d better have basic tech skills in case of mistaken operation. If you are not confident of removing such Android  malware mentioned above, you can live chat with VilmaTech 24/7 Online Experts to ask further help.

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