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Remove Malware.QVM06.Gen, Is It Real Or False Positive?

Malware.QVM06.Gen is detected (specially by Qihoo 360 Antivirus, Avast Antivirus) as a Heur Trojan found to locate in C:\Program Files\[zip file name]\Usp10.dll (tip: the name can differ from the one on another OS with different BIO, structure, language, etc.). Controversy is that if the detection is positive or false positive. Keep reading to find out more.

When Will FP Occur?

There are two detected reasons to cause FP:

  1. More than one anti-virus programs are installed on the same machine
    to compete other security utilities, anti-virus program would conflict with the others; usually when one anti-virus program is putting a patch for example, the other would uninstall the patch or simply sees other utilities as potentially dangerous.
  2. The installed items contain a field with the attribute code that is identical to the virus signature anti-virus companies have in their virus reservoir.
    usually a program written with EPL (Easy Programming Language, a non-mainstreaming language) can be likely to be detected as a virus.

Note: the warning alert by anti-virus program is just a reference, people should decide whether to remove the detected item or not according to your concrete situation.

How to Identify Positive or FP?

If the warning alert is true, the below damages or troubles brought by HUER: Malware.QVM06.Gen will be detected soon:

  1. Additional infections, especially Trojan and web applications, will be detected to install on the machine without permission.
  2. The overall PC performance will be greatly degraded.
  3. More unknown processes will be noticed to run in the background and will just re-appear after the termination (which needs certain level of computer knowledge to help identify).

If the above scenarios occur, the alert of Malware.QVM06.Gen is genuine. Usually, the cyber criminal will integrate the HEUR Trojan into a self-made program (gaming program particularly). Upon click/download, Malware.QVM06.Gen will copy itself into all the detected disks. Be noted that HEUR Trojan adopts MD5 and shell to hide itself so as to execute some malicious tasks without being notified by the installed security programs.

Malware.QVM06.Gen would copy itself to other directories and affect some pivotal parts while Malware.QVM06.Gen itself stays in a file. Even though victims found the file, double clicking on it will not show anything, which could confuse most of the victims without sufficient virus knowledge and make victims mistakenly believe that the vicious file belongs to system.

The ways to deal with FP and Malware.QVM06.Gen Trojan horse have been offered by VilmaTech Online Support. Follow the steps to help yourself. Should you need some specialized technical help, just feel free to start a live chat window here.

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Follow Thread to Remove Malware.QVM06.Gen

Situation 1 – Malware.QVM06.Gen is false positive.

(take Avast for example)

  • Open Avast dashboard and click on Settings in the upper right corner.
  • Navigate to Exclusions tab and enter *. Malware.QVM06.Gen (including the asterisk)
  • Click Add and OK button.


Situation 2 – Malware.QVM06.Gen is genuine.

Step1 – end the processes according to the directories shown in Task Manager.

  • Use Ctrl+Alt+Delete (Ctrl+Shift+Esc for Windows 8 users) key combination to bring up Task Manager.
  • Click on View tab to choose “Select Columns”.
    select colums to end the processes related to  Malware.QVM06.Gen
  • Please then check “Image Path Name” and PID.
  • End the processes with the directories pointing to Malware.QVM06.Gen according to the warning alert.

Step2 – end the services according to the directories shown in Running Tasks.


  • Access All Programs from Start Menu to choose Accessories.
  • Please then select System Tools followed up by System Information.
  • Expand Software Environment and choose Running Tasks.
  • Access Service (by “services.msc” command) to end the ones with directories pointing to Malware.QVM06.Gen according to the warning alert.
    run service to end the services related to  Malware.QVM06.Gen

Windows 8

  • Access All Apps from Start Screen to choose Accessories.
    all apps
  • Select System Tools followed by System Information.
  • Expand Software Environment to choose Running Tasks.
  • Access Service (Windows Explorer > Administrative tools > Services icon) to end the ones with directories pointing to Malware.QVM06.Gen according to the warning alert.

Step3 – show hidden items to remove the items generated by Malware.QVM06.Gen.

Windows 7/XP/Vista

  • Access “user accounts and family safety” from ‘Control Panel’ and choose ‘Folder Options’.
  • Hit View tab to tick ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and non-tick ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’.
  • Click ‘OK’ button.
    hidden files on WIndows7/Vista/XP to remove the items hidden and dropped by  Malware.QVM06.Gen

Windows 8

  • Access Windows Explorer and browse to View tab.
  • Tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options.
  • Click ‘OK’ button.
    show hidden files on WIndows8 to remove the items hidden and dropped by  Malware.QVM06.Gen

Access the following directories and remove the ones created on the day when Malware.QVM06.Gen was firstly detected.

C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\
C:\Program Files\


Where Does Malware.QVM06.Gen Come from?

The virus like Malware.QVM06.Gen is usually coming from the so-called homebrew. The virus maker would claim that his/her homebrew is excellent and would like to share the procedure code online as he/she cannot send it to the Internet. Once the people in need copy down the code, they actually download Malware.QVM06.Gen. Also, the conventional dissemination routines are adopted by the HEUR Trojan.

Malware.QVM06.Gen Removal Recommendations

If Malware.QVM06.Gen affection is real, it is recommended to remove it quickly as such HEUR Trojan features the capability of introducing in web applications and utilizing their JS techniques to record confidential information. Besides, one should also remove the ones brought in by the Trojan. If the detection of Malware.QVM06.Gen is false positive, one should also fix it in order to get a perfect user experience. If you are not sure that the detection is false positive and need exclusive help to tackle down some unexpected situation, please do feel free contact VilmaTech Online Support by starting a live chat window here.

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Defrag Is Recommended

As it has been told that Malware.QVM06.Gen is a HEUR Trojan that cooperate with web applications, after the complete removal of Malware.QVM06.Gen, it is advisable to defrag the disks for better performance. Here’s the video to show how:


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