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Remove JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl], What Is It and How Dangerous Is It?

How One Gets JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl]?

Rumors are that JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] worms into a computer through vulnerability in Adobe PDF creator, Acrobat and Java program. As its name suggests, JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] attacks JavaScript. If one takes attention when the warning alert about the Trojan horse appears, one would notice that the Trojan appears when certain web site is accessed. Actually, the JS Trojan worms in through IE loophole.

One who updates virus knowledge should know that JS technique is inevitable in building web site and loosely programmed web pages will unveil bugs to be readily exploited by infected injected on the Internet. That is why VilmaTech Online Support advices to remove some sticky web applications as they could be potentially dangerous.


How Dangerous Is JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl]?

As JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] stays on loosely programmed web sites, it attacks any connected machine regardless the OS installed. Therefore, Mac can be involved in this battle. Besides, the Trojan horse contains its vicious JS program, once the infiltration is made, the JS technique will start recording in-put information (log-in credentials, chat content) online without being stopped efficiently by installed security utility as such technique is allowed to benefit PC users with slight modifications.

Actually, JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] can be stopped timely when its alert is rising by pressing on the button offered by Avast specifically to terminate the access to the problem web site. If one doesn’t realize that would be helpful, one might encounter the following troubles:

  1. Additional items, Trojan horse particularly, will be caught in sight without knowledge to take up the limited internal resource.
  2. CPU will not stay stable.
  3. The overall PC performance and the page-loading speed will be degraded a lot.
  4. Browser hijack, redirect or relentless ads can be triggered.
  5. Identity theft, money and information loss.

Due to the involvement of JS technique, the installed anti-virus program will not able to remove JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] completely. Therefore, one should keep on removing it with manual method. Follow the instruction below only if you are equipped with certain computer skills and virus knowledge so as to ensure the correct operation. Any help request will be gladly answered if one contacts VilmaTech Online Support by starting a live chat window here.

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Hit by JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl], Instruction Show How to Remove JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] Completely

If one didn’t stop JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] by terminating the access to certain website, one is undoubtedly affected with the Trojan horse. Follow the instruction to remove it.

Step1. end the processes with the directory directing to JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl]’s location according to the warning alert by installed anti-virus program.

  • Use Ctrl+Alt+Del/Ctrl+Shift+Esc (for Windows8) to access Task Manager.
  • Hit View tab to choose “Select Columns” and tick “Image Path Name” as well as PID.
    select colums to help end the processes related to JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl]


Tip: one should combine with the data shown in Running Task to help remove/end the related processes.

  • Access All Programs (All Apps) from Start Menu (Start Screen) and click Accessories.
    access all apps on Win8 to help end the processes related to JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl]
  • Enter into System Tools and then System Information.
  • Please expand Software Environment node to choose Running Tasks.
    access system information to remove/end the processes related to JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl]
  • See the path for each service and program in the right pane to help end the related processes.

Step2. show hidden files and folders to remove the items dropped by JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] and Temp files.

Windows 7/XP/Vista

  • Access “user accounts and family safety” from Control Panel and enter into ‘Folder Options’.
  • Please then hit View tab to tick ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and non-tick ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’.
    show hidden files to remove the items related to JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl]

Windows 8

  • Click open Windows Explorer and browse to View tab.
  • Tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options.
    show hidden files on WIndows8 to remove the items hidden and dropped by  JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl]
  1. Remove the temp files:
    C:\Users\[user name]\AppData\Local\Temp\
    C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Temp
    C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet File

  3. Arrange files by day to remove the ones generated on and after the day when JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] was firstly flagged.
    C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\
    C:\Program Files\


Tip:to arrange files by day, please:

  • Right click on the window that’s under inspection.
  • Move mouse over “Arrange by” to select “Day” in the sidebar option list.


JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl]’s Purpose

What most people concern is the damaged condition rather than the information that has been stolen as the former can be clearly detected while the latter is not. All the damage is to make sure that JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] stays for a while to extract as much valuable information as possible so as to exchange for money.

By selling the online whereabouts to operators or advertisers who are eager to know where to get high exposure and thus more business, JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] manages to gain profitable income.

JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] Removal Tips

As a Trojan horse, JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] has the capability of providing an entrance for additional items. In such case, one should take extra attention and search for any possible vicious items after the complete removal of the Trojan horse so as to exterminate the chance to encounter JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] again. Be noted that the items the Trojan drops down can be random, one can either seek corresponding solution in virus reservoir or simply get exclusive help according to your concrete situation by contacting VilmaTech Online Support here.

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Given the fact that JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl] worms in through websites and adopts JS techniques, a fat chance is that random cache and Temp files will be piling up in the target machine to use the resource unreasonably. This is why some PC users are still stuck with slow machine after the complete removal of JS:Pdfka-ADK [Expl]. Thus a defrag is highly recommended after the removal. Here’s the video to show how.


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