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Remove HD-Total 1.1 Adware, Get Rid of Pop-up Ads and Deals Throughly

HD-Total 1.1pretended to be a formal commercial advertising information provider but actually an unwanted adware for the Internet users. Just because the HD-Total 1.1 could show up in some authoritative E-commerce sites and be disguised as a formal platform in improper ways, releasing all the ads and links, mixing with other offers such as coupons, discounts or promotion sales. As time goes on, more and more innocent users who shopped online would gradually be familiar with the HD-Total 1.1 adware and trust it. In this way, the innocent users would easily fall for the advertising traps set up by cyber crooks, as they have let their guard down little by little, and the baleful HD-Total 1.1 adware was just in charge of drawing and transferring the users who rose to the bait to the specified websites. Have to know that the HD-Total 1.1 could lead the users to fraud sites by chance and most of the users did not have the vigilance to notice it, resulting in irreparable damages.

Just as the users were confused by the HD-Total 1.1 adware and also tempted by all the favorable but deceptive commercial content, cybercriminals could take advantage of this occasion to make exorbitant profits from them. Mixing in the popular websites, all the deceptive advertising and links were seemingly safe and worth a look for the innocent users, once they clicked on those trap ads without scruples and alert, HD-Total 1.1 could be responsible for leading them to specific fraud sites and victimizing the innocent victims by cooperated with purposive cybercriminals. Once the users got hooked with those preferential offers and decided to achieve the deals, both the HD-Total 1.1 and the criminals would have their way with contentment. That was not the only issue of being scammed, there was more danger that the users should be aware of. Because those fraud sites were controlled by evil cybercriminals, when the users were making a transactionm they would be able to modify every move of the users, secretly stealing confidential information without authorization. If the personal information was revealed to the public, the innocent users would be suffered with even more disastrous losses.

HD-Total 1.1 adware could cause more damages and not just a few money loss. Since this unwanted malware got installed in the targeted computer, the whole system would be under serious threats. As the HD-Total 1.1 could seize the chance to introduce more and more unwanted programs even malware to infect the computer so as to make it vulnerable. With a mass of malicious invaders sticking in the compromised system, the computer performance and operation would be affected maliciously, thus happening with weird system failure and unknown errors from time to time. And the system resource would be overused because more and more virus and malware were infiltrating into it, the computer would end in collapse soon. There were still many personal and critical files remaining in the infected computer, suddenly becoming the main target for evil cybercriminals and hackers. Since the computer protection has been broken by all the unwanted viruses, hackers could freely break into the system, stealing or destroying the value files so as to cause the innocent users irreparable losses. In order to avoid the messes before it was too late, users should remove HD-Total 1.1 adware from the computer as soon as possible.

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How to Remove HD-Total 1.1 Pop-ups from the Computer

Remove HD-Total 1.1 adware from the computer

1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time to open the Task Manager.
2. Click on the Processes tab then select all the related processes of HD-Total 1.1 from the list and disable them one by one.

3. Open the Control Panel from the Start menu.

4. In the displayed window, locate the Programs headline then click on the Uninstall a Program link.

5. Find out the HD-Total 1.1 adware from the programs list then click on the Uninstall on top column. Follow the uninstall wizard until the HD-Total 1.1 was removed.

Reset the browser settings

1. Launch the browser immediately.
2. Reset the browser settings to back to original state.

Internet Explorer

Click on the Tools then click on the Internet Options from the drop-down list, go to the Advanced tab then click on the Reset button.

Mozilla Firefox

Click on the Firefox button then move the cursor to the Help, select the Troubleshooting Information from the expanded menu. In the pop-up page, click on the Reset Firefox button.

Google Chrome

Click on the Chrome wrench icon then click on the Settings. In the displayed page, find and click on the Show Advanced Settings link then click on the Reset Browser Settings button.

3. Restart the browser once finished the reset.

Remove registry entries of HD-Total 1.1 adware

1. Open the Run command box by concurrently pressing the Windows+R keys.

2. Type “regedit” in the displayed search box on the lower left corner, then press Enter key to open the Registry Editor.

3. Find and delete the related registry entries of HD-Total 1.1 adware from the Registry Editor branches.

4. Remove the remaining files of HD-Total 1.1 adware from the computer.
5. Restart the computer once finished the removal.


HD-Total 1.1 adware could cause more damages to the computer and the users than imagined. Users have to learn to be vigilant about the cunning tricks played by malware and virus in the future. As unwanted virus could always infect the computer without awareness, Internet users would better prevent it in the first place. Pay attention on unfamiliar downloads or software coming from unknown websites, in most cases, this kind of suspicious software is free of charge and the innocent users might prefer. For this reason, once the users downloaded and installed the freeware into the computer, bundled virus and malware would seize the chance to infiltrate into the computer without permission, causing terrible consequences for the users.

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* Here is the instruction to create a restore point on your own.

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