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Remove The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Android Virus Timely

Tricks played by the the Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Virus has been exposed, just heard that the masses of victims complained tearfully about the terrible scam and the bitter loss in this encounter. In order to avoid the tragedy in the future, users should learn to remove this Android malware thoroughly.

The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland Virus is a veritable ransomware, firstly blocking innocent PC user’s computer screen, and charging them of using or distributing illegal content, then taking advantage of this opportunity to ask them to pay a fine of 100 Euro via a voucher such as UKash or Paysafecard, hypocritically making a commitment that the computer screen will unlock automatically once the money was paid in the period of validity. But in fact, that is nothing but a big lie.

Under normal conditions, users won’t be so naive to fall for a trap like that, so those cunning cyber criminals who created the Guardians of the Peace of Ireland virus, must have spent a lot of thoughts on the ransomware. In order to improve the credibility and authority of the warning message, these evil genius put the logo of the badges of the judiciaries and the design of the flag of Ireland. Under the slogan of peace, they pretended to be justicial captive more and more innocent users.

Of course, almost all of the users are treat-unjustly while being accused of having something to do with the illegal materials, such as pornography including child pornography, zoophilia, rape, etc. That is sick and insulting. And the access of the PC computer has been mercilessly deprived, innocent users became desperate and helpless. Even being filled up with both anger and fear, most of the PC users choose to pay the money honestly, letting the treacherous cyber criminals got their way.

There are more subsequent safety hazard leaving behind by the Guardians of the Peace of Ireland virus. As the computer screen was totally out of control, malicious hackers will seize the chance to hack into the compromised PC system and make a fuss about it. All the confidential information will be under seriously threats. So, before things going to be irreparable, we should remove the Guardians of the Peace of Ireland virus right away.

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How to Remove Guardians of the Peace of Ireland virus Completely

First: Reboot the machine in Safe Mode with Networking.

Windows 7/XP

1.Reboot the computer into Windows Advanced Option by constantly tapping F8 key before Windows is launched.

2.Select the Safe Mode with Networking then press Enter.

Windows 8

1.Stay in the start screen and click on the Settings in the lower right corner.
2.Press Shift key and click Shut down icon, then click Restart.
3.Choose Troubleshoot in the Choose an option category.

4.Choose Advance Options.

5.Choose Startup settings.

6.Choose Restart.
7.Choose Enable Safe Mode with Networking then finish the settings.

Second: Modify the computer startup.

Windows 7/XP

1.Click the Start menu, open the Run Command.
2.In the showing box, input “msconfig” then press Enter.

3.Next, a dialog will show up with the General tab in the front by default. Click on the Startup tab.
4.Disable all the malicious programs related to the Guardians of the Peace of Ireland virus.

5.Click OK to save the changes. Next time when starting the computer, these programs concerning the virus won’t be able to start up automatically.

Windows 8

1.Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del keys.

2.A window will show up, click on the Startup tab.
3.Locate all the malicious startup items and click on the Disable button.

4.Close the current window and apply the changes.

Third: Disable the malicious running processes of the Guardians of the Peace of Ireland virus.

1.Open the Task Manager window.

Windows 7/XP

Click on he Start button then click on the Run command. Then type “taskmgr” in the search box then press Enter.

Windows 8

Press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to enter the options screen, then choose the Task Manager.

2.The Task Manager window will show up. Click on the Processes tab, find out all the related processes of Guardians of the Peace of Ireland virus and disable them.

Fourth: Delete all the nasty registry entries of the Guardians of the Peace of Ireland virus.

1.Click on the Start button then click on the Run command, type “regedit” in the box, then press Enter .

2.In the Registry Editor, find and delete all the registry entries of the Guardians of the Peace of Ireland virus in the system.

3.Find the virus and delete its registry keys.
4.Show up all the hidden files of the Guardians of the Peace of Ireland virus.

Windows 7/XP

1)Click on the Start button, then go to the Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization(for Window XP, click on the Appearance and Themes), and then clicking Folder Options. And go to the View tab.

2)Check Show hidden files and folders and uncheck Hide protected operating system files (Recommended).

3)Save the changes and close the current window.

Windows 8

1)In the Start screen, select the Windows Explorer app.

2)In the showing window, click on the View tab.
3)Check both of the File name extensions and Hidden items.

4)Close the current window to apply the changes.

5.Find out all the malicious files of the virus and delete them.
6.Close the Registry Editor and reboot the machine immediately.


The Guardians of the Peace of Ireland virus has already given the vast of Internet users a really hard time, not only causing them bitter financial loss, but also bringing a lot of security threats to their PC systems. After successfully removing the nasty virus with the above instructions, we should learn more countermeasures to against all the cunning virus in the future. As those bundled software, especially for those freeware and shareware, usually come with malicious virus. When the innocent users download this kind of software and unconsciously install it in the computer, the whole system will be seriously infected by multiple virus or Trojans.

Most of the viruses are too stubborn to completely remove and cause so many troublesome Android security issues for the users, the system would be tortured for a long time and ended up with collapse. Under this circumstance, we should keep an eye on our PC security and computer performance, setting up a self precaution awareness. Remember to download programs and applications from reliable websites, and never visit any unknown websites. In case to receive spam mails and get infect with virus, we could do some settings about the email, intercepting those suspicious ones in advance and be on the safe side.

If you are confused about the removal of the virus, you can make a contact with the VilmaTech online experts for further help.

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