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Remove Glomatron Virus, Remove Pop-up Ads from the Computer Completely

Glomatron was an unwanted web service which often recommended itself by displaying strange pop-ups on the targeted computer, drawing user’s attention and intending to get the installation permission by cheating. Sometimes, Glomatron could also get installed in the computer without authorization, just being bundled with other software and downloaded together with them. Once the Glomatron adware successfully had its way and got the ticket of invading into the computer system, innocent users would surprisingly find a mass of hyperlinks and pop-ups displaying in the computer and the browser voluntarily. Purposive Glomatron adware could lead the innocent users walking into traps, even the nonstop pop-ups were kind of annoying, the users were still easily tempted by those advertising contents, willingly clicking on those Glomatron ads links so as to learn more about it. In this case, the innocent users could naturally become the victims who would be in danger of being victimized by cyber scams.

Baleful cybercriminals might have created lots of malicious adware like the Glomatron, planting in the targeted computer to achieve their evil purposes. As the innocent users were not vigilant about the trap pop-ups from the Glomatron adware, sinister cybercriminals would naturally take advantage of this occasion to release tons of fraud site links by using the help of the adware, sitting back and waiting for the innocent victims to rise to the bait. Once the users clicked on those ads links and went to visit the websites Glomatron specified, cybercriminals would find a way to lure them to spend much money on the fraud sites. Mostly, the users could get hooked with deceptive offers which might promise a preferential price or great discounts. Evil criminals just mastered users’ weakness of coveting small advantages, so they hypocritically providing all the tempting ads to the users then defrauded them to make exorbitant profits. As the nice accomplice, Glomatron adware collaborated with the cybercriminals and also reap the benefits.

Moreover, the infected computer would also suffer from the Glomatron. As the computer system settings had been altered maliciously, the computer protection may have been weakened or destroyed already, in this case, plenty of unwanted malware and viruses would get the opportunity to infect the compromised system freely. With more and more unwanted invaders have taken up the system little by little, the computer would no longer perform normally and so as those system applications which have always been critical for the computer operation. Under this circumstance, some strange system failure would happen from time to time, causing the computer dysfunction. In the mean time, with all the unwanted viruses wandering around in the computer, user’s personal files would suddenly become the main target for them. Not for a long time, the important files would be corrupted or ruined, causing the confidential information disclosure or the data loss issues for the users. In order to avoid resulting in even worse consequences, the users should remove Glomatron adware now before it is too late.

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How to Remove Glomatron Adware with Manual Steps

Step One: Remove Glomatron adware from the computer

1. Concurrently press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to open the System Task Manager, then click on the Processes tab and select the running processes of Glomatron adware, click on the End Process button to disable them one by one.

2. Open the Control Panel from Start menu then find out the Programs headline in the pop-up window, click on the Uninstall a Program link to open the Programs and Features.

3. Search for the Glomatron adware and the related programs from the list, then click on the Uninstall.

4. Follow the uninstall wizard to remove the Glomatron adware completely.

Step Two: Restore the browser settings to clean the traces of Glomatron adware

1. Start the browser.
2. Reset the browser to clean all the malicious modifications and the cache left by Glomatron adware.

For Internet Explorer

Click on Tools-> select Internet Options from the list-> click on Advanced tab-> click on Reset button.

For Mozilla Firefox

Click on the Firefox icon on top to open the Firefox menu-> move the cursor to Help-> click on the Troubleshooting Information-> click on Reset Firefox button.

For Google Chrome

Click on the wrench icon on the top right corner-> click on the Settings from the drop-down list-> click on Show Advanced Settings-> click on Reset Browser Settings.

3. Restart the browser after finishing the reset.

Step Three: Clean the registry entries of Glomatron adware

1. Open the Run box immediately by pressing the Windows+R keys at the same time, then type “regedit” in the displayed search bar and click on the OK button.

2. In the pop-up Registry Editor, click on the left side branches to unfold them, then search for the related registry entries and keys of Glomatron adware and remove them carefully.

3. Find out the files of Glomatron adware from the computer system then delete them as well.if you can not find any of them, please try to modify the folder properties in advance.
Open Control Panel-> click on the Appearance and Personalization link-> click on Folder Options-> click on View tab-> select the Show hidden files and folders-> uncheck the Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)-> click on the OK button to save the changes.

4. Once finish the removal, press the Reset button on the case to reboot the computer immediately.


Glomatron adware was not a deadly infection for the computer but it could cause disastrous damages to the it instead. Users should lean to prevent it from invading into the system and stop those messes in a timely manner. Even cunning viruses like the Glomatron adware are everywhere on the Internet, it it still possible for users to do a good job in security defense. As we know that tricky virus usually come from bundled software, such as freeware and shareware, then we should eradicate it as far as possible. If you need more solution for dealing with virus, please click on the button to make a contact with the VilmaTech Online Experts and learn more there.

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