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Remove FessLeak Ransomware, Easy Guide to Remove Locked-Up PC Virus

FessLeak Ransomware is a dangerous malware created by cybercriminals who have planed for a very long time to victimize targeted computer users and take away their money illegally. FessLeak Ransomware is a classic type of computer infection coming without awareness. When this malware successfully invaded into a targeted computer it will forcibly lock up the computer, showing the users with a terrible notification as a threat to tell them their important files were encrypted. FessLeak Ransomware also asked for a $100 ransom for unlocking the computer and decrypting the files. In fact, all this drama is fake and bogus, it is just a lame excuse for evil cybercriminals to take money from the innocent users. FessLeak Ransomware is a horrible infection causing system locked-up situation to freak the users out so they will compromise and pay the money as FessLeak Ransomware required.

Users have to hold on and find the fast and effective way to remove FessLeak Ransomware as soon as possible. No matter what FessLeak Ransomware said, don’t believe a single word from it. Cybercriminals created such a chaos to weaken the users so they will hand over the money and let them have the way easily. FessLeak Ransomware is definitely not legal for locking up the PC or encrypting user’s personal files. Users should ignore the locked-up notifications and unreasonable charge from FessLeak Ransomware and call the police in the first place. However, as some users are lacking of precaution awareness, blindly falling for FessLeak Ransomware’s bogus threats and leading to huge money losses. Have to know, even the money was paid as required, the computer would still be locked by FessLeak Ransomware, this horrible situation won’t changed until you get rid of this locked-situation and remove this malware completely.

The longer the computer was locked by FessLeak Ransomware, more dangerous the situation will get for both the users and the computer system. As the infected computer was out of control and seriously infected by FessLeak Ransomware, users could not take timely measures to protect the computer and repair the damages in it. Under this circumstance, a mass of virus and malware will be introduced by FessLeak Ransomware, infiltrating into the compromised computer without scruples. As the computer system resources will soon be taken up by all the unwanted invaders ending in a lot of system failure and errors. In the mean time, before the money was paid, cyber criminals could still add even more trouble to the infected computer by stealing their personal files and valuable data for further profits. Users must remove FessLeak Ransomware immediately before the infected computer resulting in collapse.

Please follow the guide to remove FessLeak Ransomware the sooner the better. If you are afraid of encountering trouble during the process, feel free to click on the button and ask VilmaTech PC experts for timely help.

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How to Remove FessLeak Ransomware Completely

Get Prepared before FessLeak Ransomware Removal Started

1. Reboot the Locked-up PC immediately.
When the computer was forcibly locked, users might not be able to take control the mouse or the keyboard easily. In this case, press the Reset button on the computer case to restart the computer instantly.
2. Enter “Safe Mode with Networking”.
1) Before the computer loading into Windows interface, repeatedly press the F8 key to enter the Windows Advanced Options.

2) Use arrow key to select “Safe Mode with Networking” from the list, press Enter key to continue.

3. Disable FessLeak Ransomware running processes.
1) Use key combination: Ctrl+Alt+Del to open System Task Manager.
2) End the running processes of FessLeak Ransomware at Processes tab, close the current windows after finished.

Remove FessLeak Ransomware from Control Panel

1. Open Control Panel from the Start menu.
2. Go to Programs heading then click on “Uninstall A Program” link.

3. Search for all the FessLeak Ransomware programs from the list, select each of them and click on Uninstall button.

4. Follow the onscreen uninstall wizard until finished removing FessLeak Ransomware.

Remove Remaining Registry Files of FessLeak Ransomware from System

1. Open Run command box by pressing Win+R keys at the same time.
2. Use command to open Registry Editor and delete FessLeak Ransomware registry entires.
1) Type “regedit” into the Run search box.

2) Press Enter key to continue.
3) Unfold the left side branches to find out FessLeak Ransomware registry entries.

4) Delete the unwanted registry files of FessLeak Ransomware carefully.

3. Remove FessLeak Ransomware remaining files from the system.
1) Go back to open Control Panel, click on the Appearance and Personalization heading.

2) Find and click on Folder Options link.

3) Click on View tab.
4) Select “Show hidden files and folders” then uncheck “Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)”.

5) Save the settings then go to find out all the FessLeak Ransomware files in the computer system, delete them without hesitation.

4. Restart the computer immediately to let the removal take effect. If you still have any problem of removal FessLeak Ransomware, make a contact with Vilmatech Online Experts instantly.


FessLeak Ransomware has so many variants spreading on the Internet waiting to find the next victim. In order to avoid the messes and losses, all the users have to learn to prevent the infection effectively. FessLeak Ransomware could infect the computer by using various tricks and most of the users are not vigilant enough, resulting in disastrous consequences. To prevent the FessLeak Ransomware infection, users should pay more attention on the computer performance. Once saw strange pop-ups showing in the computer or browser, users have to be careful and run an antivirus to scan the computer system comprehensively so as to find out any suspicious program running in the background waiting for a chance to carry on its evil purpose. Meanwhile, new download or installation could also be dangerous to get infected with malware like FessLeak Ransomware. Users have to detect new downloaded software before using them, and make sure the downloads are coming from authentic websites.

If you still need help to remove FessLeak Ransomware completely, please click on the button and have a chat with VilmaTech PC Experts, they will be glad to help.

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