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Remove FBI Online Agent Android Phone Virus, Mobile Virus Removal Tips

FBI Online Agent Virus is a notorious swindle virus which is developed by cyber criminals to make some illegal profits. Have your Android phone blocked completely in a warning page in the name of FBI Online Agent? Did it request that the phone will be unlocked after you pay that fine? The Android phone is sure to be infected FBI Online Agent Virus. In fact, FBI Online Agent Virus is a ransomware only to cause users’ trouble and make profits from those innocent victims. Also, you can say FBI Online Agent Virus a rogueware because it access the devices without any authorization and lock it in a sudden. In addition, FBI Online Agent Virus make up a fake warning to make their lie seem real. The fine they request victims to pay is another reason to convince victims. In a word, FBI Online Agent Virus is a thorough hoax and just want to make some money from users. Once people find that device is blocked by FBI Online Agent Virus, think twice and do not be so panic to follow their malicious instructions. It is strongly advisable to ask for some professional help to remove FBI Online Agent Virus from Android phone before everything.

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FBI Online Agent Virus so dangerous. First, there is a totally scam for the devices users. Those cyber criminals are so tricky that they use some official expressions to scare victims to believe. People should be scared by a sudden pop up and then the phone is locked. Then the fake warning of FBI Online Agent Virus accuses the users of several illegal actions like copyright infringement. Why so many people are taken in the trap is that FBI Online Agent Virus give little time to think what happen. Suddenly, it will notice that victims should pay such a fine to get unlock. It also gives a short deadline to push people to pay. So, to save their device and files, most of the victims are struggle to think out the fact and loss money. Second, users should never pay any money called “fine”. It is just another scam which is the ultimate goal of criminals. All the other things are made to decorate and cause your financial loss. There is no doubt that criminals will not unlock your device after you pay. After infected FBI Online Agent Virus, what victims should do is just to remove FBI Online Agent Virus from phone as soon as possible. Or you can contact our VilmaTeach exprerts to do some favor. Feel free to have a live chat with them to save your Android phone.

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There are two main reasons why Android phone get infected on FBI Online Agent Virus. One is malicious websites browsing. If users browse some malicious websites in their phones, it is a chance that cyber criminals will take advantage of to attack the Android system by installing or launching some ransomware applications on the devices without any notice. The other, users may download some applications from the developer who is less reputed. Those applications are in high risk, resulting in many troubles. Android phone users should be alert to check the websites to browse and to make sure the applications from reliable resources.

If it is so unfortunately as Android phone to be infected on FBI Online Agent Virus which sometimes attack with no reason, users should learn easy removal guide to remove FBI Online Agent Virus from your devices in a quick reaction to save your phone.

Step 1. Reboot your Android phone into “safe mode”.

Hold the power button until there is a pop-up menu.


Keep pressing “power off” several seconds until there is a confirmation to ask you if you want your device to reboot into “safe mode”.

Choose “OK” to continue.

Step 2. Remove FBI Online Agent Virus related application

In the main menu, find “settings”, then choose “manage applications”.

Uninstall the related application.

Step 3. Remove FBI Online Agent Virus related files

In the main menu, find out files option.

Select all the remaining files in the phone and then delete them.

Reboot the phone.

FBI Online Agent Virus is an ransomware made by cyber criminals for illegal benefit. It usually use fake warning page to confuse and scare victims to pay them money. FBI Online Agent Virus is harmful to users’ personal information and Android operating system. But users should know, there are series of cyber virus among the Internet, too many to avoid completely. Since smart phone is inevitable, what users’ can do is just develop good habit of using Android phone. For example, be careful to open the attachment of Email and never download applications from unknown resources. If come across FBI Online Agent Virus or other similar virus, remember not to pay any money whatever it notice. Do not believe any word in the fake warning. The best action is to remove it from the device as soon as possible. When there is any question in the removal progress, VilmaTech experts are always here. Contact them with a live chat and they will try their best to remove FBI Online Agent Virus.

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Extra Tips: easy guide in the video to help you back up registry files.

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