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Remove Everything on Your Computer Has Been Fully Encrypted Android Virus Completely

Seeing an appalling message with a title of “Everything on Your Computer Has Been Fully Encrypted” from a PC or Android phone screen lock-up, people might be so confused and flustered. So afraid of being involved with computer security threats, the innocent PC users are easily to lose their mind and became the victims in this extortion scam. However, they did not realize that the best solution is to remove the Android virus the sooner the better.

Everything on Your Computer Has Been Fully Encrypted virus has already been confirmed as an exact ransomeware, with the main purpose to obtain ill-gotten money by fraud. Due to the influence of the United States Department of Justice has deeply rooted in the hearts of the public, the ransomware creator can wantonly mess with the innocent PC users and let them fall for their trap easily, just with the help of the United States Department of Justice’s reputation and authority.

According to this fictitious warning message of the lock-up, the targeted users must have some violations of the law, such as using pirate media material or distributing pornographic contents. In this case, users have to pay a fine of $100 USD as a punishment via the MoneyPak, Vanilla Reload, or Reloadit voucher. As a matter of fact, the accused is not guilty at all. The virus creators just want to threaten the targeted PC users for money, it has nothing to do with the legal regulations.

Everything on Your Computer Has Been Fully Encrypted virus got the chance to firmly lock up PC user’s computer, which is definitely a violation to take the access relentlessly. However, users have totally lost the control of the computer, and it is too late to take any remedial measure about it. Most of the victims were concerned about the crucial data in the computer system, worrying about being stolen or deleted by hackers. It was just at the time that the computer was lack of prevention, nasty virus would take advantage of the occasion to make a chaos. So the priority is to remove the Everything on Your Computer Has Been Fully Encrypted ransomware instantly.

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Everything on Your Computer Has Been Fully Encrypted Virus Removal Instructions

Step 1: Restart the computer in Safe Mode with Networking.

Windows XP/7

1. Restart the computer and constantly press the F8 key till it enter the Windows Advanced Option.

2. Select the Safe Mode with Networking and press the Enter.

Windows 8

1. Reboot the machine, then open the Run command , type the “msconfig” in the search box then press OK.

2. In the showing window, select the Boot tab, choose the Network option to finish the configuration, then hit the OK.

3. Reboot the computer, then it will successfully log in the Safe Mode with Networking.

Step 2: Reset the system startup.

Windows XP/7

1.Click on the Start button, launch the Search box or the Run box.
2.Type ‘msconfig’ and hit Enter key.
3.In the showing window, click on the Startup tab.
4.Find and put a check on each item related to the virus.

5.Press Disable All option.
6.Click OK to apply the modification.

Windows 8

1.Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del keys concurrently.

2.Click on the Startup tab, then find and select items related to the virus.

3.Click on the Disable option.

Step 3: Show up all the malicious hidden files of the Virus.

Windows XP/7

1. Click on the Start button to open the Control Panel.
2. Find and click on the Appearance and Themes(Appearance and Personalization for Windows 7) link.
3. Click on Folder option.

4. Click on the View tab, check “Show hidden files, folders and drives” option and remove the check mark from the “Hide protected operating system files(Recommended)” item.

5. Save the changes and close the current window.

Windows 8

1.Go to the Start screen, click the Windows Explorer app then click on the View tab.

2.Put check marks in both of File name extensions and Hidden items.

3.Click OK to apply the changes.

Step 4: Remove nasty registry entries of the virus immediately.

1.Open the Registry Editor.

Windows XP/7

Open the Start menu, click on the Run command and type “regedit” in the box, then press Enter to open the Registry Editor.

Windows 8

In the Start screen, type “regedit” in the App search bar. Click and open the Registry Editor from the search result.

2.End up all the running processes related to Everything on Your Computer Has Been Fully Encrypted Virus.
*Open the Task Manager by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together, then search for all the processes associated with the virus and disable them.

3.In the Registry Editor, find and delete all the registry entries of the virus in the system.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “” = “%LocalAppData%\\.exe”

4. Find the virus and delete its registry keys.
5. Find out all the malicious files of the virus and delete them.
6. Once finished the above steps, reboot the machine immediately.

Virus like the Everything on Your Computer Has Been Fully Encrypted could infect PC system through multiple means. Normally, most of the PC users can’t distinguish between safe sites and malicious site, and be not knowing what one is about. Once they visit the websites which has been hacked and with plenty of virus, malware, spyware inserting in it, their system would be seriously infected without awareness. As more and more nasty virus planting into the compromised system, the computer performed worse and worse, ending in collapse, which is already too late to be saved by then.

In order to avoid this nightmare, we should be prepared for the nasty Android virus and related Android security issues in normal times. Setting up a self precaution consciousness is very necessary and important for al of us. Always pay attention on our computer’s performance and use the installed antivirus to detect the system just to find out the hidden crisis in time. Meanwhile, never visit unfamiliar websites, especially for the small ones with no credits, which are likely to be suspected malicious sites. More than that, we should also resist the temptation about a strange email receiving from unknown senders, it could be a spam mail waiting for innocent users to get hooked.

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