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How to Remove, Latest Browser Hijacker Removal

Overview of, a suspicious domain, seems to be a generic search engine prompted to facilitate Internet user’s regular browsing experience. In reality, is not a computer virus that is absolutely malevolent or harmful for a computer’s operating system (OS). However, according to recent feedback reported by numerous Internet users, website often triggers a variety of abnormal activities on their PCs, typically generating website traffic in the affected web browser, despite of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. In this respect, has been universally recognized as a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program), which may be relative to browser hijacker or redirect threat. Basically, domain can generally appear or display on a definite web browser that has been installed and used on a computer without any permission or consent. This hijacker is believed to emanate from downloads or updates of certain applications that can be downloaded manually on networks.

Users may also notice the existence of after visiting deceptive websites or navigating to a malignant link embedded in a spam email message. When browser hijacker sneaks into a user’s computer, it may directly make modification in web browser settings, such as DNS. The web search provider may be changed in a forcible fashion to Similar as other browser hijack virus, thread may forcibly modify the original homepage, start page or a new tab window to its appointed domain, usually based on Internet users hate hijacker a lot because it may display a multitude of pop-up advertisements on the screen by secretly analyzing Internet user’s search history and habits. When users do search with its supported search engine, they may be redirected to arbitrary web sites that may be linked to insecure commercial contents. Once abnormal symptoms are found on the computer, it is strongly suggested to eliminate browser hijacker from computer to avoid potential damage.

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Basic Properties of Hijacker

1. is not a computer virus, but may be related to browser hijack virus that could do harm on a definite web browser that has been attacked.
2. may permeate onto a user’s computer without any permission or knowledge.
3. may modify existing homepage or start-up page and redirect search result to random weird malicious websites.
4. may occupy high CPU utilization and computing resources to result in sluggish system performance.
5. may display a variety of pop-up advertisements on the screen pertaining to Internet user’s search routine.

Best Way to Remove Hijacker (Manual Removal)

Many users may prefer to clean up browser hijack with their installed antivirus application. However, they may fail to pick up any trace of As a matter of fact, is not a computer virus, so it can regularly bypass the detection and automated removal by antivirus or other security tools. In this case, you may consider the helpful manual approach to terminate browser hijacker from computer for good. Here is the step by step manual guide:

1. Reset your web browser settings.

Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Click on Tools, and then goto  ‘Manage Add-ons’ option.

IE manage addon icon

  • In Manage Add-ons window, choose ‘Search Providers’.
  • Select ‘Bing’ or ‘Google’ as your default search engine.

IE search providers

  • Navigate to Internet Options window by clicking on ‘Tools’, and then ‘Internet Options’;
  • Select ‘General tab’ in Internet Options window.
  • Click website, e.g., and press OK.


Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome web browser.
  • Click on ‘Customize and control’ Google Chrome icon.
  • Select ‘Settings’;
  • In Google Chrome Options window, select ‘Basic Options’ tab.


  • Change the homepage to or other domain you want.
  • Click the ‘Manage Search Engines…’ button;


  • Select ‘Google’ as search engine from the list and make a confirmation.

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Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox.
  • Navigate to ‘Manage Search Engine…’;

MozillaFirefox manage search engines

  • Select ‘Search Results’ from the list.
  • Remove browser hijacker.


  • Go to ‘Tools’ and then “Options”.
  • Under General tab, reset the startup homepage or change it to or any other domain you like.

firefox gerneral tab

2. Remove browser hijacker from computer.

  • Open Windows Task Manager to stop the process of


  • Get rid of all its related files in local disk.

C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\*.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\*.*

  • Clean up all’s registry files from computer.

a (25)

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Random

Youtube Channel on How to Backup Windows Registry

In Conclusion is a PUP that may overlap with browser hijack virus, capable of triggering a variety of annoying activities on the computer that it affects. The abnormal symptoms are usually embodied on web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. When installed, browser hijacker may forcibly modify existing homepage, start page and search provider or a new tab window with domain. When Internet users make use of their search engines, such as Yahoo, Google or Bing, they may be redirected to various deceptive websites. At the same time, browser hijacker virus may secretly analyze Internet user’s search history and habits so that to display pop-up advertisements relative to user’s browsing routine. It is certain that browser hijacker should be removed timely once abnormal symptoms are triggered. However, it may bypass the detection and auto removal by antivirus software program. As result, manual approach is strongly recommended to get rid of from computer completely.

If you are not familiar with manual interaction, and do not want to make mistake, you are welcome to ask help from VilmaTech Certified 24/7 online expert here to resolve your problem effectively in a short time.

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