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Remove Crackle Virus, Browser Hijacker Removal Guides

Review of Virus

Many netizens are confused that why their webpage redirect to automatically. Is it a malicious browser hijacker? The truth is that virus is not a certain browser hijacking virus but a redirect virus under utilization of baleful malware. In terms of, it is actually not illegal but a friendly website owed by Sonic Entertainment Company provides free online movies and TV shows. Due to the convenience it brings to users with no pay, the website is becoming the best way for attacker to implant malware and spyware to computers. When users are watching the online show or download movies, malware will take advantages of weakness of website and implants themselves in victims’ computer and browser. On the other side, it may propagate though peer-to-peer websites and drive-by download which users get infection without knowledge.


As victims have described in many cases, virus pops up commercial advertisements on your screen according to the local merchant. It detects the search queries of users indeed. Moreover, the browser controlled by always redirect to or other unwanted websites with no consent aiming at making profit by the suspicious websites and commercial ads. Much more threat is coming along with this virus afterwards. Connection traffic is one of the troubles, but it also attracted other malware at the some time. The privacy and financial information is likely to be stolen by vicious intention.
If you want to get rid of the virus, the efficient way is to remove it from browser and computer. This virus will always insert in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. This article will guide you how to remove correctly.

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How to Remove Virus from Browser and Computer

Step One: Reboot Computer and Reset a Protection Mode

1) Win 7, vista and xp users follow the steps:
a. Reboot computer and press F8 key before system launch Windows.


b. When entering the reset screen, select Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.

2) Win 8 users follow the step:
a. Press Win+R key to open Run Box.
b. Type “msconfig” then press Enter. Choose Boot tab.


c. Check Safe Boot and choose Network.
d. Click OK button to save change and reboot computer.

Step Two: End Process by Task Manager


1) Win 7, vista and xp users enter Task Manager with ease by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del keys; Win 8 users can type “task manager” in search field and click on the search result.
2) Choose End Processes/Startup tab, End/Disable unins000.exe process.

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Step Three: Remove It from Browser and Reset Browser Settings

1) Chrome:
a. Click on Google Chrome setting/tool icon and choose Extensions.


b. Select the suspicious extensions you are not familiar with and click the recycle bin icon.
c. Click on Chrome menu on the toolbar and select Settings.

d. Click on Show advanced settings and choose Reset browser settings section, click on Reset browser settings button.


e. In the pop-up message, hit Reset. You can check the sentence at the bottom or not.


g. In some Chrome versions, you need to click on wrench button and choose Options. In the showing window, choose Personal Stuff tab and click Reset to default theme. After Chrome finish resetting, click Close to end up.

2) FireFox:
a. Click on Firefox icon and choose Tool option.


b. Choose Add-ons. In the current window, click on Extensions and Plugins respectively and select the options relative to, choose Disable and Remove.


c. Click on Firefox icon again, and choose Troubleshooting Information option under Help menu.


d. In next window, click on Reset Firefox button on the right higher side.
e. Choose Reset again in the pop-up message.
f. After Firefox resetting, click Finish and close the window.

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3) Explorer:
a. Click on Tools and choose Manage add-ons.


b. Choose Toolbars and extensions, select the ones and suspicious relative to, and then Remove them.
c. Click on gear icon or open Tools menu, choose Internet Options.


d. Choose Advance tab in the showing window, and click on Reset button at the low side.


e. In the pop-up window check Delete personal settings and then click Reset button.
f. When it finished, click Finish and choose OK button to close the window.
g. Reboot IE to check if it works.

Tips: If you have any problem or question during the whole removal process, please contact VilmaTech Support agents 24/7 online for more detailed instructions.

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Step Four: Show Hidden Files

1) Win 7, vista and xp:
a. Open Control Panel and choose Folder Options.


b. Click on View and choose Show hidden files, folders and drive in the list.
c. Click OK to save change.
d. Find out infected files in computer and delete them.
e. Empty recycling bin.

2) Win 8:


a. Open All apps screen and click on Windows Explorer.
b. In the showing window, click on view tab.


c. Check File name extensions and Hidden items.
d. Close the current window, find all infected files and delete them.
3) The infected files as below:
%CommonPrograms%\Crackle Screen Saver\Visit the Crackle Homepage.lnk
%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\[-random-].dll
%CommonPrograms%\Crackle Screen Saver\Launch Crackle Screensaver.lnk


As many users are annoyed by the redirection to which is not a malicious website but utilized by malware that distributes virus to victims. The infected computers are displayed unwanted commercial ads. When victims want to open a website, the virus will turn to or other websites. It is just like a naughty boy, after several inexplicable redirections you can access to the desire website at the end. No merely its annoying acts, it is a real threat to system and browser that hackers may take advantage of the vulnerability of browser and system to assault. Then the financial information and privacy is risky to be stolen. It is important to remove virus from browser and computer as soon as possible. Hope the manually removal above is helpful for you.

If you still have any trouble with virus, please chat with professional experts.

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