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Remove Council of Europe Android Virus, Instructions to Remove Ransomware

Council of Europe virus was found to be a premeditated scam usually showing in the browser and blocking the search engine so that the users could not browse other websites any more. In this case, evil cybercriminals would take advantage of this opportunity to slander the innocent users by accusing them of having illegal behavior on the Internet which was related with copyrighted violation such as downloading or distributing pornographic content. Cybercriminals just used this occasion to make the targeted users feel guilty so that they would ask for certain fine naturally. Most of the users just easily got panic and anxious about the Council of Europe Android security issures and the lock-up browser situation, so they would rather pay the money as requested without knowing it was just a fraud.

With the striking banner of Council of Europe, cunning cybercriminals easily gained certain authority and credibility which would help them convince the majority of users. According to the deceptive Council of Europe ransomware, any user who receive the warning page would have to pay 0.01 EUR with credit card within an hour, otherwise, more terrible would happen soon. Getting such an intimidating message from the Council of Europe virus, the masses of the users were threatened and so afraid of being punished by any law enforcement agency and investigated for more responsibility. As the so-called fine was not much, in this case, most of the victims would be willing to pay for it just hoping to let the browser and the system back to normal. However, they just fell for the scam instead.

Having the users paid the few fine was not the exact purpose of the cybercriminals. Because the whole transaction process was associated with user’s confidential information, such as the credit card number, passwords, authentication codes, etc. Once the users decided to pay the fine in the specified webpage which was already corrupted and controlled by the criminals, all the private and critical data would be in danger of being revealed. Under this circumstance, baleful criminals would use all the private information for illegal deals, stealing more money from the victims and causing them enormous financial losses. More than that, with the malicious virus remaining in the computer, the system status would keep in dangerous and unstable. Once the computer was infected, the whole system would be defenseless for other tricky attacks and threats. As more and more unwanted invaders captured the computer little by little without user’s awareness, the consequences would be disastrous.

Users have to remove Council of Europe virus immediately before things getting ugly. Please refer to the following removal instructions carefully. If you encounter any trouble during the process, please click on the button to ask the VilmaTech Online Experts for more help.

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How to Remove Council of Europe Virus Completely

1. Access Safe Mode with Networking and disable the related processes

1) Restart the computer then press F8 key repeatedly to enter the Windows Advanced Options menu. If it fails, just restart it and try one more time.
2) Use the arrow key to select the Safe Mode with Networking then enter it.

3) Open the System Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del keys at the same time.
4) In the default Processes tab, find out all the running processes of Council of Europe virus then disable them immediately.

5) Close the current window.

2. Remove the registry entries of Council of Europe virus

1) Press the Windows+R keys concurrently to open the Run.

2) Type “regedit” in the search bar then click on OK button.

3) In the pop-up Registry Editor, search for the registry entries of Council of Europe virus from the left side branches then carefully delete them.

4) Delete the corresponding registry keys.
5) Look for the files of Council of Europe virus in the system.
6) Close the Registry Editor and reboot the computer at once.

3. Reset the browser to clean the malicious traces of Council of Europe virus

Internet Explorer

1) Click on the Tools then select the Internet Options from the list.

2) Click on the Advanced tab in the pop-up window then click on the Reset button on the lower right.

3) Restart Internet Explorer after the reset finished.

Mozilla Firefox

1) Click on the Firefox button then locate the help in the menu, choose the Troubleshooting Information from the list to open it.

2) In the displayed page, click on the Reset Firefox button then confirm the reset.

3) When it finished, click on the Finish button to let the Mozilla Firefox restart immediately.

Google Chrome

1) Click on the Chrome wrench icon then choose the Settings from the drop-down list.

2) Find the Show advanced settings link in the pop-up page then click on it.

3) Click on Reset browser settings button and confirm the reset.

4) Restart Google Chrome.


Council of Europe virus is definitely a classic cyber scam virus, trapping the innocent users in a false accusation with ridiculous reasons so that purposive cybercriminals would seize the chance to make exorbitant gains. With this ransomware remaining in the system, lots of safety hazards would come along to the computer. So,whenever and wherever encountered this deceptive virus in the browser, users have to ignore the nonsense from the counterfeit Council of Europe and must not do whatever it asked. Meanwhile, remove the virus as soon as possible with correct and effective methods. Moreover, it is necessary and important for all the users to protect the computer from infecting malicious virus or malware themselves.

As unwanted viruses always invade into the targeted computer in various cunning ways, under this circumstance, users have to build good precaution awareness first. Most of the tricky virus often hides in freeware and shareware from trustless websites with no credit. Users have to be vigilant and download software from official sites instead. Furthermore, users should be careful about any strange pop-ups showing in the computer or the browser with suspicious content, and users should control the curiosity and resist temptation just in case to fall for traps set up by cybercriminals unconsciously. Of course, the most important is to remove the Council of Europe android malware the sooner the better.

Tips: If you want to get more effective ways to against virus, you are welcome to make a contact with VilmaTech Online Experts by clicking on the button and learn more there.

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