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New ExpressVPN Browser Extension Comes with a Complete Overhaul

Incredible news! The new ExpressVPN browser extension comes with a complete overhaul. It is completely redesigned, and also includes a whole host of extra privacy features to help keep you safe online.

ExpressVPN is a well-known Virtual Private Networking (VPN) provider that provides fast connection speeds, top-notch customer support and optimal privacy protections, as well as reliable access to Netflix and BitTorrent. Its new browser extension brings many improvements and additions over the previous version. It has a brand-new design and comes bundled with a host of killer features like remote control capabilities (for Chrome and Firefox), HTTPS Everywhere, an HTML5 geo-location spoofing feature, and numerous privacy options. Among all the new features, HTML5 geo-location spoofing and the HTTPS Everywhere feature are probably the most welcome one. HTML5 geo-location spoofing works by feeding your browser with false geo-location data, which means you can remain hidden while enjoying your favorite sites that happen to set tracking as one of their absolute requirements. And HTTPS Everywhere ensures that you are automatically directed to the safer HTTPS version of thousands of major websites. What’s more, it works whether or not you’re connected to the VPN.

Get the new ExpressVPN extension to control your VPN more directly, change your settings on the fly, and have a more consistent experience in general. Full installation instructions can be found on the ExpressVPN website.

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