> VilmaTech Blog > Browser Hijacker Removal – Remove Browser Hijacker Completely Browser Hijacker Removal – Remove Browser Hijacker Completely browser hijacker could bring some troubles to Internet users, it is a embodiment of search engine but not that simple. Users surprisingly found that the homepage of the current browsers has been changed into, which can block the normal search result and redirect it to some weird but malicious websites. Meanwhile, tons of annoying ads always pop out from your screen to interrupt the common activities.
Compared with vicious virus, browser hijacker is not that harmful for internet security, but one thing can’t be ignored is it is a potential threat. Because hiding in the computer, browser hijacker has the permission to track and collect users’ browsing habit and private information, which gives many cyber criminals a shortcut to attack targeted computer freely. In this way, people’s confidential and valuable data would be damaged or lost, even be used for some illegal activities causing privacy violations or personal attacks. browser hijacker is usually bundled with the freeware or shareware coming from some unsafe resources, when these programs is downloaded and installed, the virus will be naturally get into the targeted computer. Then it controlled the browser search directions and provided many attractive and tempting search results in order to get more and more users to get hooked. As the low price and discount are hard to be resisted, in that case, those ads websites will be accessed frequently. The more visitors, the more victims. Ads websites are full of malicious programs and hijackers, they are waiting there for the best time to infect to innocent computer system. And most of the viruses could install themselves without any other help, usually, this installations are beyond users’s perception until they found their computer performed weird and slow, and accompanied by more and more system programming errors. It was too late for preventing the system being seriously violated. Under this circumstance, the best solution to end this mess is to remove browser hijacker at once.

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Guidance to Remove browser hijacker Step by Step

Step 1 : Kick browser hijacker out of the Control Panel
*Windows XP
Click Start -> Go to the Control Panel -> Double-click on Add or Remove Programs -> Find or its related program and locate it -> Click on the Remove button -> Follow the wizard to accomplish the removal.

*Windows 7
Click Start menu -> Open the Control Panel -> Click on the Uninstall a program -> Search for the programs are associated with in the list then highlight it -> Click on the Uninstall button to finish the removal process.

*Windows 8
Access the Start Menu by pressing the Windows Key or by hovering the cursor in the bottom left of the screen -> Click Settings and go to the Control Panel-> Locate the related programs then right click on its icon -> Click on Uninstall -> The Programs and Features window will show up, highlight the programs of and press Uninstall ->Then follow the instructions till you finished.

Step 2: Enter the Safe Mode with Networking
*Windows XP/7
1.Restart the computer and keep pressing the F8 key before Windows is loaded.
2.Use the down key to select Safe Mode with Networking in the Windows Advanced Option.

*Windows 8
1.Start your computer then open the Run, type the “msconfig” in the research box then press OK to continue.

2.In the showing window, select the Boot tab, and locate on the one item, then check the Network option and finish the configuration, then press OK.

3.Reboot your computer, then it will automatically enter the Safe Mode with Networking.

Step 3: Delete all the browser hijacker traces in the browser
*Internet Explorer
1.Start the Internet Explorer and Click on Tools.
2.Locate on Manage Add-ons and find and disable it immediately.
3.Click OK to save the changes.

*Mozilla Firefox
1.Open Mozilla Firefox and click on Tools, in the drop-down list, choose the Add-ons.
2.Click on Extensions, a list will show up, and you can find extensions easily.
3.Click Remove to delete all the related extensions.
4.Save the changes after you have done with the resetting.

*Google Chrome
1.Start Google Chrome and go to its  menu.
2.Click on Settings and go straight to Tools, choose Extensions.
3.Disable all the associated files and save the changes.

* Friendly Reminder: In case the homepage could be changed again, it is strongly recommended to add a new web address immediately. You’d better go back to the browser’s Home Page setting area in General tab, finishing the resetting thoroughly.

Step 4: Clean up all the registry entries of browser hijacker
Noticed: To delete registry entries manually via the Registry Editor is not a simple task for most of the users, especially for the novice, it is not wise enough to do so. But it is contradictory that be willing to removing browser hijacker completely from your network life, one thing must be done is cleaning all its registry entries. So you have to be serious during the process of the removal and carefully follow the instructions we are about to provide.

Click Start button-> Open the Run->Type “regedit” in the search box and click OK-> In the branches of the HKEY_CURRENT_USER and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, find all the registry keys related to and delete them-> Delete the folder as well-> Close the Registry Editor and reboot the computer.

Conclusion browser hijacker is definitely a potential threat for all of the computer users and causes many troubles in the network life with redirect the search results to others. Having experiencing the whole removal process and knowing more or less about removing virus out of the computer system, we should realize that to strengthen the protection of computer security could be very important and necessary. If you are interested in how to against with viruses or hijackers and want to know more about it, you can turn to VilmaTech online support for more help.

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