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Ivacy Coupon Code: Up to 92% Off Promo Code 2018

Published on June 22, 2018

Have you been looking for a secure VPN service with reliable connection and P2P support? Well, Ivacy VPN is the service fit for you. And With Ivacy Coupon Code you can get up to 92% off Ivacy Promo Code, discount! It is amazing deal!!! Buy VPN with the most advanced online security features now.

Get Ivacy VPN Coupon Code to Benefit the Biggest Discount

Ivacy VPN now is promoting a maximum discount up to 92% off Ivacy coupon code on its VPN plan. It offers 92% promo code & coupon code on 5-year subscription. Only 1000 subscriptions available in total globally. Almost 92% OFF Ivacy coupon code, promo code for 5-year plan, 83% discount on 2-year deal and 72% coupon code on 1-year plan. 92% off Ivacy coupon code includes the biggest savings and it is a lifetime package. With 92% off Ivacy coupon code or promo code, the monthly cost will reduce down to $0.90/month. Don’t miss out on the biggest discount provided by Ivacy VPN! Get the exclusive Ivacy coupon code here now!

Ivacy VPN Plans and Pricing Overview

  • 1-Month Plan $11.95/Month ($11.95 billed every 1 month SAVE 0%)
  • 1-YEAR Plan $3.33/Month ($39.95 billed every 12 months SAVE 72%)
  • 2-YEAR Plan $2.04/Month ($49.00 billed every 24 month SAVE 83%)
  • 5-YEAR Plan $1.00/Month ($60.00 billed every 5 years SAVE 92% Most Popular)

  • All plans include 7-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 friendly support.
  • Ivacy VPN accepts PayPal, Credit Card: VISA, MasterCard, American EXPRESS, Alipay, BitPay, Coin Payments, PerfectMoney, Paymentwall.

How to Use Ivacy Coupon Code, Promo code?

1. Go to Ivacy Homepage, click on Pricing, or Get Ivacy or Get Ivacy VPN Now button

2. As soon as you open Pricing page, it will pop up 5-year plan banner, but if you don’t like, you are suggested to the 2-year plan which is also the best seller. Then click on Get this Amazing Deal button to sign up 5-year plan, or click on I’ will go with 2 year plan.

3. Create an Ivacy VPN account by selecting your preferred payment method, take Paypal for example. Click ‘Enter Promo Code’, enter the promo code into coupon code box, click on Apply button.

4. Next it will say ‘Your Coupon has been redeemed please proceed continue to avail this discount’. And you will find it only asks you to bill $54.00 only. With our coupon code, you get an 10% extra discount!

Powerful and Excellent Features of Ivacy VPN

  • Advance IPsec & IKEV Protocols: PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and IKEv2
  • 50+ Servers in 100+ Locations
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Unlimited server switching
  • 5 Devices Simultaneous Logins
  • Ransomware / Virus Protection
  • No DNS Logs Policy
  • Dedicated Kodi App
  • Smart Connect Feature
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • P2P Support
  • Optimized P2P Servers
  • Allow torrenting
  • Split Tunneling
  • Public Wi-Fi Security
  • Secure DNS
  • IPv6 Leak Protection
  • Military Grade 256-Bit Encryption
  • High Speed Downloading

What Devices and Platforms does Ivacy VPN Support?

Ivacy has dedicated apps for all leading platforms. Whether your device is powered by Windows, Android, Mac or iOS, you can protect your data and privacy from online threats such as hackers, snoopers, spammers, malware, spyware and even government surveillance efforts!Ivacy also support other devices: Linux, Blackberry, Smart TV, Openelec, Routers, Concoles, Kodi and more.

Ivacy VPN also offers a Google Chrome extension to gain access to a secure and free web. Ivacy VPN Chrome extension provides you precisely that, straight from your favorite web browser. Gain access to the world wide web with total anonymity and unblock any restricted content with industry’s leading VPN extension.

Where are Ivacy VPN’s servers Located?

Ivacy has strategically placed its 275+ servers in 100+ locations to enable you to access geo-restricted content from anywhere in the world without any restrictions. Ivacy VPN’s servers are located and scattered in Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, United States, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Luxemgourg, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordon, Kuwait, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Seychelles, South Africa…

How does the Ivacy’s Money-back Guarantee Work?

Ivacy VPN offers 7-day money-back guarantee. If you are happy with Ivacy VPN service, you can ask for a refund within 7 days. For more details about the refund policy, you can read here:

All new Ivacy subscriptions are backed up with a 7-day money-back guarantee. You are only eligible for a full refund on a new subscription if all of the following apply:

  • -You claim for a refund within 7 days of your subscription date
  • -Your account has not already been suspended by Ivacy for breach of any clause mentioned in the terms of service
  • -You have not consumed more than 7GB of bandwidth, which includes both upload and download activity using Ivacy; or you have not exceeded 30 sessions i.e. the number of times you connected to Ivacy services, whichever occurs first
  • -You previously have not claimed a refund under this policy
  • -You have not used Bitcoin, BitPay, Coin Payments (Cryptocurrency) & Payment Wall as your payment method

If you are in compliance with the criteria mentioned above, then you are entitled to get a full refund. Send an email to [email protected] stating your VPN username and the reason for cancelling the subscription.

Does Ivacy Keep Logs of My Internet Activity?

NO, Ivacy strictly does NOT log or monitor any online activities of any of customers that would allow us to associate any specific activity to any specific user. Ivacy does NOT know which website you visited, the software you installed, the content or files you downloaded or any other activities. Ivacy only keeps track of login attempts to our server for the purpose to enhance our service, troubleshooting methods and payment modes. For more details, you can read one of Ivacy terms as following:

We do not strictly log any user activity (sites visited, DNS lookups, emails etc). Only access attempts to our servers are logged (for troubleshooting and security). We do not involve in any form of censorship. You personal information is kept confidential and is not shared with any third parties. We do not entertain any requests for information unless we are ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction. We will protect you to the best of our abilities and our system is setup to automatically do so. There are number of reasons for being anonymous and we fully respect them all.

Is My Information Secure with Ivacy VPN?

Ivacy does not, in any circumstances, share or sell or rent users’ personal information that is provided to register for Ivacy service. The information provided by users is kept with utmost care, and would never be used in ways other than the ones permitted by them.

Since Ivacy operates a strict zero-logs policy, Ivacy keep no information of the customer’s online activities. Ivacy only has the information that the user shares with Ivacy once he/she signs up for our service i.e. the email address. Ivacy does not log any traffic or session data, meaning Ivacy cannot identify and connect a specific activity with a particular user of our service.

Does Ivacy VPN Allow P2P File Share On Its Servers?

All Ivacy VPN servers are P2P optimized except with servers located in the UK, Mexico, India, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, France, Brazil, Egypt, Hong Kong, Italy, South Africa, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Czech, Finland, Jordan and Kuwait.

What You Can Benefit from Ivacy VPN?

1. Browse Anonymously

Ivacy offers huge and secure network with over 450 servers in over 100 locations across the globe. So you can true internet freedom with 450+ servers around the globe. The secure Ivacy VPN network makes you anonymous by hiding your IP address and giving you ultimate privacy and internet freedom.

A VPN essentially hides IP address under a secure cover, through which no one can penetrate. What a VPN does then? It simply cloaks your original IP address under another IP address called a pseudo IP address to protect you from the hack attacks. Ivacy VPN provides the ultimate luxury to its users with military-grade mechanism to hide an IP address, thus making it impossible for the intruders to breach into your account. Ivacy VPN also protects your personal information along with your own IP address by denying any misuse of your IP address. Want to hide IP? Ivacy VPN is your best bet. Ivacy VPN’s state-of-art encryption technology guarantees round-the-clock protection of your IP, thus ensuring that you have the ultimate and flawless browsing experience with Ivacy VPN.

2. Public Wi-Fi Security

Public Wi-Fi Security feature helps to protect your information and data when you’re under loew-secure public WiFi network. If you are surfing on the internet by connecting with a lower secure WiFi spot, this feature of Ivacy will automatically activate and run to keep hackers, snoopers and malware even virus out. Public Wi-Fi spots are where you are most vulnerable to online threats, but with Ivacy VPN, every network is a secure network. Therefore, you don’t worry if your device would be infected with phishing ads or malware thing or your important financial information will be stolen by the cyber criminals or hackers as long as you run the Ivacy VPN on your device like smartphone or tablet.

3. 256-bit Data Encryption

Ivacy VPN use advanced encryption standard 256-bit encryption to encrypt all internet traffic of the users on the internet. AES-256 encryption was used by US government to keep important files and data. It is a military-grade encryption which is hard for hackers or excellent computer savvy to penetrate into your network, so AES-256 encryption makes it almost impossible for hackers to steal your data or log your activities. Therefore, once you run Ivacy VPN on your device like smartphone or tablet, what you do on the internet like websites visited, chatting with friends via communication apps or download files even torrenting will not be viewed or monitored by any other third parties. All your information will just go through the encrypted and secure Ivacy tunnel.

4. Internet Kill Switch

Internet Kill Switch immediately shuts down all your online activities, if you somehow get disconnected from our secure VPN servers. VPN kill switches are designed by Ivacy to prevent your connection from accidental exposure. Sometimes, for some certain reason, the network connection drops and the device go back to the public IP address assigned by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). This brings the risk of the user’s activities being exposed.

Internet Kill Switch feature can observe your network connection in case of any changes in either bandwidth, status or IP address. If internet Kill Switch detects any change (it could be a drop in the VPN connection), it immediately cuts off your internet connection until the VPN connection is restored or you shut down the VPN. Internet Kill Switch is actually an additional security layer to protect all your internet traffic from being exposed. This feature of Ivacy VPN ensures that your P address is never sniffed out when the network connection of the VPN server drops. Once you run Ivacy VPN and activate Internet Kill Switch on your device, the Kill Switch will run as administrator privilege to automatically cut off the internet connection immediately VPN server disconnects, which actually effectively prevent snooping and IP leaks. Internet Kill Switch is an important factor for a best VPN service. Therefore, Ivacy VPN is the best VPN to completely keep you safe on the internet.

5. Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling lets you split and prioritize your data traffic. You can route your official data through VPN tunnel, and less important stuff without the cover of a VPN. Split Tunneling lets you split and prioritize your data traffic. You can route your official data through VPN tunnel, and less important stuff without the cover of a VPN. In 2010, Ivacy was the first VPN Company to introduce a unique feature called “Split Tunneling.” This feature allows users to enjoy complete control over which data to send through their ISP and which data to send through our VPN service. Since then, Ivacy has integrated many additional features, allowing millions of satisfied users to benefit from them in the long run.

VPN split tunneling lets you route some of your device or app traffic through the VPN while other devices or apps maintain direct access to the internet. if a VPN does not have Split Tunneling capability, you will not be able to access foreign and local web services at the same time. You cannot access LAN devices while you’re connected to the VPN. It will use up your bandwidth while transmitting all data through the VPN. With VPN split tunneling, you can stream foreign movies while using web services from local IP addresses.

6. Torrent Anonymously & Privately

Ivacy VPN is fast for torrenting. Ivacy ensures that torrenting is a breeze, even while using Popcorn Time, which relies on torrents to make streaming easy. This means streaming and/or downloading torrents through Popcorn Time or otherwise, will be an experience unlike any other. A high-speed network will do no good if your ISP resorts to speed throttling. For this reason, entirely, Ivacy’s torrent VPN eradicates such speed caps without any limitations and/or restrictions whatsoever.

Ivacy is referred to as the best VPN for torrenting for many reasons, out of which the no data logging policy stands out from the rest of the crowd. Unlike numerous other service providers that make a buck out of your information by selling it to third parties, Ivacy stores no data whatsoever. All data being transferred is in fact also inaccessible for Ivacy. With features like internet kill switch, smart DNS protection, IPv6 leak protection, Zero logs and public Wi-Fi security, you can download torrents by Ivacy VPN to your heart’s content as there is no way for you to get caught.

7. Stream Privately on Kodi, Popcorn time, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Torrents time and Bitport

No matter what the platform, Ivacy opens a world of new possibilities for you. All it takes is a click of a button, it is just that simple. Ivacy VPN provides more than 450 servers in over 100 locations in over 50 countries and offers fast connection speed. Ivacy VPN is fast, private, secure and trustworthy. Ivacy VPN offers P2P optimized servers, through which you can download, upload, and share torrents without worrying about any speed and bandwidth limitations in US too. It hides your real IP address to geo-spoof your location, bypass the internet censorship and access geo-blocked sites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, BBC iPlayer. Ivacy VPN helps you mask your original IP address and makes you anonymous so that you can easily watch BBC iPlayer, without anyone able to trace your online whereabouts. With Ivacy UK fastest server, you instantly get a UK IP address and can stream BBC iPlayer outside UK, from any location on Earth.

Video Guides Ivacy VPN Coupon Code: Up to 92% Off Promo Code

Top 10 Best VPN Services In The World

Server Country # of Connections Price(USD) Website
1500+ VPN servers in 94 countries. British Virgin Islands 3 Connections $6.67/Month (Save 49%) View Deals
1,000+ VPN servers in 60+ countries. USA 5 Connections $6.49/Month (Save 46%) View Deals
2643 servers in 56 different countries. Panama 6 Connections $3.29/Month (Save 72%) View Deals
Over 337 servers in over 49 countries. Seychelles 5 Connections $8.33/Month (Save 48%) View Deals
Servers in 30+ locations around the globe. Germany 1 Connection $4.99/Month (Save 44%) View Deals
750+ VPN servers in 140+ countries. Hong Kong 5 Connections $2.04/Month (Save 79%) View Deals
3034+ Servers in 28 Countries. USA 5 Connections $2.91/Month (Save 58%) View Deals
97 VPN servers in 21 countries. Romania 6 Connections $4.80/Month (Save 46%) View Deals
300+ VPN Servers in many countries. Seychelles 3 Connections $3.33/Month (Save 35%) View Deals
Over 200 servers in 69 countries. Bulgaria 6 Connections $4.92/Month (Save 50%) View Deals

Summary (Ivacy Coupon Code: Upto 92% Off Promo Code)

Ivacy VPN offers more 450 servers in 100+ locations to facilitate easier and faster file sharing. You can share your data with complete online privacy and security. It uses unbreakable AES-256 encryption to encrypt internet traffic, which has a strong performance to stop hackers, snoopers and surveillance. Plus Ivacy VPN works fittingly with multiple protocols including PPTP, L2TP, SSTP and OpenVPN protocols. Ivacy VPN helps you keep secure and sound over the web round the clock. Ivacy gives you a ton of functions and advanced security features that are packed into one powerful and user-friendly app. This way, you can enjoy the ultimate online browsing experience right at your home, that too with complete online privacy and anonymity. If you are looking for an VPN for streaming service like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu, Popcorn Time, Sports and other popular streaming site, Ivacy VPN is the best choice as it offers fast speed, allows torrenting and P2P file sharing. In a word, with Ivacy, you can bypass any firewall, access geo-restricted contents, ward off hackers, spammers and snoopers, overcome speed throttling, block ISP monitoring, prevent port blocking and completely anonymize yourself against surveillance.

Warm Prompt: Ivacy VPN is now offering 92% OFF Ivacy coupon code & promo code for 5-year plan. It is a limited-time offer! And Only 1000 subscriptions available in total globally!

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