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How to Access Gmail in China in 2020?

Are you searching for an effective way on how to access Gmail in China on mobile phone or computer? Is Gmail working in China? Why Gmail is not available in mainland China? I wanted to know how to access Gmail in China as i have tried many times but failed. This is frustrating. Now there is ‘The great firewall of China’- a virtual barrier preventing people from unwanted traffic or websites. It is also known as ‘The Golden Shield Project.’ The Great Firewall of China is an awesome tool in which the Chinese government has specially built to prevent accessing the whole content of the internet for those who are living in China. This Great Firewall is formidable as well as extensive, but it is possible to get around it by everyone. Those who are looking forward to work and live in China cannot be able to access any of the Google’s services such as Gmail, Gchat, search, etc. One of the simplest ways to get around the Great Firewall of China is making the servers within China. This means that the encryption of your internet traffic must takes places as fast as it leaves your computer. Another great way to encrypt your traffic is using a VPN provider who will help you to encrypt all of your online traffic as quickly as you connect to it. A VPN is a network which lets the internet user change their IP address and make it seem like they are using the internet from a different region or even a different country from anywhere around the world.


How Can You Bypass The Chinese Censorship And Access Gmail?

The easiest path to avoid the Great Firewall of China is hiding your internet traffic from the online servers in China. To perform this, you need to use the encryption from the initial moment and then begin to do your internet activities. The virtual private network providers allow you to do this by simply using the encryption technique on any device that you would use such as laptops, tablets, desktops and smart phones. With this VPN service, you can use the encryption technique to hide your internet activities from the state that you want to connect to the internet. The firewall cannot give access to the website, so it does not matter which ones you are often visiting.

Now, there are top selling VPN services available, but the China has presented a special challenge. Many Chinese authorities have been able to access the best virtual private network providers and also pay the special attention to see which one is the best to use in China at that moment. Those who are currently located in China have trouble accessing to any of the websites, it is better to access the right VPN provider. After getting into China, you can avoid such problems by using VPN in terms of quality starting from the best. Each of them can greatly help to bypass the Chinese government online censorship.


Can I Use a Free VPN Service? Is Using VPN Safe?

If you want serious privacy, free VPN services are a big no-no, and not just because they willingly cooperate with authorities. For example, Zenmate requires that you register and send them your email. The fate of your email after it is totally obscure. As you may understand, if you explicitly reveal your email, no anonymity is ever possible. Free VPN services are popular, but it has its price: too many people use them, while their resources are limited (due to their being free). The result is very slow – and sometimes even impossible – Internet surfing. This is aggravated by the fact that your ISP can limit or throttle your VPN traffic, which is often done in the most unexpected way. virtually all free VPNs have so many serious issues that they are utterly incapable of any serious work. They keep logs (records of users’ activities), their connection is unstable and prone to drops, high speed is by no means guaranteed. Some ISPs hunt for free VPNs – and their users too – to block them. User agreements of such services are often disadvantageous for users, which the latter may not even know. These agreements may contain such cunning clauses as handing out other services logins and passwords or the right to sell your data to third parties. Infecting your machine with viruses and other malware is far from impossible. There were cases when VPN services stole their users’ bank credentials and other financial data.

VPNs can be very secure if setup and used correctly. Most VPNs worth their salt use at least 3DES (pronounced triple DES) or AES as encryption of the traffic between your laptop and wherever the endpoint VPN device that you are connecting to. There are several options to access your company’s network or add security to a wireless connection while travelling. People need to understand that VPN app is not a game or calendar app. The VPN servers infrastructure, support team, real-time security analytic need to be paid for. VPN service with free or charge model would be the most likely data leakage!


Step By Step Methods to Use VPN To Access Gmail in China

If you want to know how to use a virtual private network to access Gmail in China, you just follow the steps given below:

• Sign up for the best VPN

Nowadays, there are large numbers of VPN service providers available to choose from and most of them are excellent. It is necessary to choose the best, cheap and also free VPN providers who give you the best performance as well as privacy protection that you want. Before choosing the one, you must review the provider and then select the plan that best fits for your budget as well as commitment. Rest of the process like payment and confirm your account setup has to be done through the email you receive. Once you confirm your account details, you are getting ready to move onto the next step.

• Download and install VPN

You will see in your account confirmation email, you will also get a link to download the specific VPN software that you want. All you need to do is to click on a link that will be redirected you to the exact download area of the site. In that page, you can also see several download links for all devices that are compatible with. You should keep notice that every device you want to use the VPN is supported to access Gmail.

After that you click on a specific download link for the device you want to access Gmail in China and then the installation process will start automatically. All you have to do is to follow the steps properly as designed for this and then you will get the fully installed VPN software and ready to launch.

• Connect to the non-china based server on VPN

After installing the software automatically, you just go ahead for your next step, i.e. connect to the virtual private network via a server location of your choice. However, this is an essential part of this whole procedure, because it is purely server based location. Here, you want to make sure to connect to the server, which is located outside the China. However, it is better to choose the non-China based server location, then click on Connect button and wait for a few minutes. Once you are getting connected, you will have changed your IP address successfully.

• Sign up to Gmail

Once you get connected to the VPN, now you go to Gmail and have a full access to the service. Even if you haven’t setup the Gmail account, you just do this now and get access to your Gmail account as effectively as possible. This is a great way to sign into your Gmail instantly and securely as well. If you wish to change your location to any other server, you can prefer ExpressVPN to use on their VPN that is located all over the world. The only thing to do is to disconnect and then reconnect on any server location you select.

Can You Use A Great DNS Proxy to Access Gmail in China?

A great DNS proxy can act as a middleman server that can be setup manually in your smart phone, computer or router settings. It is much easier for firewalls to block and get access of censored content such as Gmail. When you use DNS proxy, don’t forget to get a new IP address and also ensure whether it is compatible to work with more devices than a VPN.

Bottom line

Thus, it is a simple and super quick guide on how to access Gmail in China. It takes around less than five minutes to setup. You have to check out the VPN service providers, review a lot to find the best providers to get access to Gmail in China. TRICK TO USE GMAIL: Gmail was blocked in the year 2014 in China. In order to access Gmail, Chinese or other people who are living in China, they should access VPN. By linking it with VPN, people can easily enjoy their favorite applications. People in China also should be very conscious about using the valuable VPN because it helps the user to strong security, fast speed and extreme locating server. After connecting with the correct software, people can link their Google account with the server and make use of Gmail to send appropriate mails and files.

Top 5 Best VPN Services In The World

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Tips: Up to now, you must understand Gmail has been blocked by the Great Firewall of China, and the only way to get it unlocked is using a VPN service. So, if you are planning to visit China be very much prepared for it, so that you don’t get messed up and frustrated. It is recommended to download the software beforehand as Google play is also on the block list. So if you are carrying your smartphone or laptop make it accessible for China because it is very tough to install these setups there in China. Most free VPNs have restrictions on how much data one can use in a day, and most of these free VPNs do not work properly in countries with so much of high internet security like China, so it is advised that one pays a monthly amount from their wallet and gets a higher volume bandwidth in the VPNs and can also use the connection properly. ExpressVPN $6.67/Month (Save 49%) and NordVPN $3.49/Month (Save 70%) are most popular and stable with high spend that work properly in China. If you still have no idea how to access Gmail in China, please contact an online expert for assistance.


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