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Eazel Search Virus – How to Remove Eazel Search Virus Effectively

What Is Eazel Search Virus

You might be confronted with the Eazel Search virus once or twice, because it is a typical browser hijacker which is not a novice for bring the network security problem. Be packaged as a Google search engine, Eazel Search virus protends to be an authoritative and reliable search engine. Most of the computer users have been infected by this kind of malware and put their guard down gradually, when they use it for searching which give a good opportunity to Eazel Search virus to make a terrible mess on your computer.
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Eazel Search virus is absolutely a malware causing an annoying phenomenon of redirecting your current browser to its official website or some other strange websites which is dangerous and harmful for us. Once you were transferred to those malicious website, your computer will be harassed by many nasty malware, code or controls etc. unconsciously, these evil geniuses could install and run on the web pages all by themselves without users’ permissions or helps. Under the circumstance, Eazel Search virus, together with other vicious viruses, could spy on you whenever and wherever they want. And the worst part is that your personal information will be disclosed, such as your username, passwords, online banking information, your ID numbers, your credit card numbers and codes, your private photographs etc. These are all important to use and also those hateful Cyber criminals and hackers. After they collected and stealed all your valuable information, they will make a good use of it and cause a huge finacial loss on you, and your privacy has been seriously violated as well. That is one thing we can absolutely not be tolerated even more than one second, so you’d better remove Eazel Search virus immediately.

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Since Eazel Search virus is so omnipotent and is able to infect all the main browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, that is why more and more computer users are suffering from it. For this situation, here, we will provides some strategies for each mainstream browser users to remove Eazel Search virus.

Follow The Steps to Remove Eazel Search Virus Completely

Step One: To do the whole removal process in a safe networking mode.

1. Restart your computer and Press F8 key to enter the Windows Advanced Options menu.
2. Use the down key to locate the Safe Mode wih Networking item, and press Enter.

Now you are in a safe mode and have the biggest permissions to delete or disable any application, program or suspicious files and activities in a safe way.

Step Two: Go to remove Eazel Search virus from Windows Control Panel.

For Windows XP user:
·Click Start button and Click on the Control Panel
·Double-click on the Add or Remove Program

·Find the Eazel Search associated program in the programs list, and click on the Remove button.
·Follow the inner wizard of Add or Remove Programs step by step till you finished the whole removal.

For Windows 7 user:
·Click Start to find ‘Control Panel’ and open it.
·Click the Programs and Features to open the interface of Uninstall Program.

·Find out the Eazel Search application, highlight it then right click on the program, choose the option Uninstall/Change.
·Then a window will pop out, and the uninstallation is ongoing, wait till it finished.

For Windows8 user:
·Click Start and open the Control Panel.
·Find Programs and Features then open it.

·In the programs list, double-click on Eazel Search program.
· pop-out dialog will ask for your permission to remove the program, you can choose Yes.
·Then you only need to wait till the uninstall task is finished.

Well done. Now you have been in the half way of success. Hang in there, because there are still so many Eazel Search extensions remained on your current browser, in order to clean them all, you have to remove them manually by resetting your browser.

Step Three: Reset your browser for good.

·Internet Explorer
Launch Internet Explore-> Go to Tools-> Choose Manage Add-ons->Land it on Toolbars and Extensions-> Find out and Click on Uninstall.

·Google Chrome
Start Google Chrome-> Click on its menu button and select Tools-> Go straight to the Extensions-> look for and hit the Recycle Bin button.

·Mozilla Firefox
Open Mozilla Firefox-> Go to Tools-> Find Add-ons-> Then find the Extensions-> Find in the list and click on Uninstall.

After these few steps, you have already remove the nasty Eazel Search virus out of your browsers and your computer as well. Since Eazel Search virus has changed your default home page of your current browser, we suggest you to go to reset your homepage once you have finished removing

We all know that Eazel Search virus is malicious malware which is easy to get infected from some dangerous websites. Especially for those computer users who barely pay attention on their behaviours while they are surfing online. In most cases, when you browser some unsafe websites or download some freeware or shareware from some unknown resources, virus likes Eazel Search virus will get a good chance to secretly get into your system and install itself in your computer, that could be a beginning of your miserable network life. So you’d better devolop a good habit and always be cautions on the internet. Once an abnormal phenomenon has been found, you must scan your system and kill the virus at once, minimize the extent of damage for your computer as much as possible.

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