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Downloader.AUO Cannot Be Cleaned Completely? Try This Expert Removal Thread

Obviously, Downloader.AUO (also called TrojanDownloader.Agent.auo) is a Trojan downloader variant that follow hackers orders to connect designated websites to download and automatically run other virus programs on the Internet. Usually, victims would encounter the following troubles:

  1. Access to any searches will be denied.
  2. A lot of unsolicited ads pop up to annoy the victim.
  3. Additional infections or unknown applications might be detected after being harassed by Downloader.AUO.
  4. Browser crash or freezes and sluggish machine with considerably consumed CPU.


Why Downloader.AUO Keeps Popping up When Surfing the Internet

What Downloader.AUO wants is no more than money. It is simply a tool that cyber criminal depends on to make a living. By constantly popping up in the middle of the surfing, Downloader.AUO can overwhelm the traffic and cut off the access to any website offering virus removal support.

Meanwhile, TrojanDownloader.Agent.auo connects to the designated address to download other virus from the same maker to perform some type of harmful activity on infected hosts, such as stealing hard disk space or CPU time, accessing private information, corrupting data, spamming their contacts, or logging their keystrokes; or download random infections (some of whose makers pay the Trojan downloader to download virus, which is how its maker obtain profitable income).

Manual Guide to Remove Downloader.AUO

Practices have proven and victims have reported that anti-virus programs cannot help remove Downloader.AUO completely and thoroughly. The Trojan downloader is highly elusive. The “Agent” in its name suggests that the downloader do whatever its hacker wants it to do and also indicates that there’s no automatic removal thread found and recorded by security companies in their virus reservoir even though some of suspicious behaviors have been detected. In such case manual removal is required. Below is the instruction offered by VilmaTech Online Support. Should you have difficulties in carrying out the steps, please do feel free to get expert help by starting the live chat window here.

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Start removing TrojanDownloader.Agent.auo by entering into Safe Mode.
(tip: depend on the OS installed, the way to access Safe Mode in this article might differ from what you observe when following the instruction on your computer.)

Windows 7/Vista/XP

  • Restart your system.
    restart Windows7/XP/Vista to access Safe Mode and remove Downloader.AUO
  • As the computer is booting but before Windows launches, tap the “F8 key” continuously.
    F8 key
  • “Windows Advanced Options Menu” will appear in seconds.
  • Highlight ‘Safe Mode’ and press Enter key.

Windows 8

  • Restart your system.
    restart Windows8 to access Safe Mode and remove Downloader.AUO
  • As the computer is booting but before Windows launches, hold the Shift button and keep tapping on the F8 key.
  • Choose ‘See advanced repair options’ in the pop-up window.
  • Then enter ‘Troubleshoot’ option to select ‘Advanced Options’.
  • Next choose ‘Windows Startup Settings’.
    Windows set up settings
  • Hit ‘Restart’ on the lower right hand corner of the desktop to access Safe Mode.

End the processes and services related to Downloader.AUO.

a.    bring up Task Manager to end related processes.
(tip: In case Downloader.AUO block the shortcut to access Task Manager, it is recommended to use commands.)

  • press Win key and R key at once to get Run box.
  • Put in “cmd” and hit Enter key.
  • Please then use any of the below listed commands to access Task Manager:

taskkill.exe /im msblast.exe
taskkill.exe /im teekids.exe
taskkill.exe /im penis32.exe

  • Hit on View tab to choose “Select Columns” and check “PID” as well as “Path Name” options.
    select colums to end the processes related to Downloader.AUO
  • Inspect the path of the processes that consume plenty of CPU and end any with the path directing to the location of Downloader.AUO according to the alert warning issued by installed anti-virus program.

b.    end the service according to the path name.


  • Use “services.msc” command to access system service section.
  • Remove/disable the service with the path detected in the last step.

Windows 8

  • Double click Windows Explorer on Start screen to access Administrative tools.
  • Double click on Services icon and remove/disable the service with the path detected in the last step.
    end services related to Downloader.AUO on Windows 8

Tip: if you encounter difficulty in locate the vicious services due to insufficient virus knowledge and computer skills, please do not hesitate to get exclusive help according to your concrete situation by contacting VilmaTech Online Support since any mistake would result in cumbersome mechanical issues.

live chat

Remove cookies piling up in browser settings.

Internet Explorer

  • Click on IE’s Tools icon and navigate to Safety tab.
  • Enter into “Delete browsing history” window and tick “Cookies” option.
  • Press on “Delete” button to clear up the cookies generated by Downloader.AUO.
    delete cookies gernated by Downloader.AUO


  • Click on ‘Customize and control’ menu to choose Tools from drop down list.
  • Choose “Clear Browsing Data” option and tick “Delete cookies … “.
  • Press on “Clear browsing data” button to clear up the cookies generated by Downloader.AUO.
    delete cookies gernated by Downloader.AUO on Chrome


  • Unfold Firefox’s Tools menu to choose “Cookie Manager”.
  • Browse to “Manage Stored Cookies” to remove all cookies.
    delete cookies gernated by Downloader.AUO on Firefox


  • Double click Opera and make it the current browser.
  • Press down Alt key and P key together and locate “Privacy and Safety”.
  • Navigate to “Cookie” to press “all cookies and website data” button.
    delete cookies gernated by Downloader.AUO on Opera

Show hidden items to remove anything related to Downloader.AUO.

Windows 7/XP/Vista

  • Expand Start menu to access Control Panel.
  • Access “user accounts and family safety” to click open ‘Folder Options’.
    access folder options to show hidden items and remove the Downloader.AUO-related items
  • Navigate to View tab to tick ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and non-tick ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’.
  • Press ‘OK’ button to show all hidden files and folders.

Windows 8

  • Click open Windows Explorer again to browse to View tab.
  • Tick ‘File name extensions’ and ‘Hidden items’ options.
  • Press ‘OK’ button to show all hidden files and folders.
    access folder options to show hidden items and remove the Downloader.AUO-related items on Windows8

a. Remove temp files generated by Downloader.AUO.

  • Use Win + R key combination to get Run box.
  • Type “%Temp%” in the box and hit Enter key to get all temp files.
  • Remove the ones that are not loaded by system.
  • Next, return to the previous menu to click open “Temporary Internet Files”.
  • Locate the folder ”Content.[the browser you are using]+[the version you are using] ”, for example, content.ie5.
  • Remove all the files there (except index.dat).

b. access the following directories to remove the ones generated on the day when Downloader.AUO was firstly flagged by the installed anti-virus program.

%Program Files%\Common Files\
C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\
C:\Program Files\


How Downloader.AUO Spreads?

Drive-by download method is what Downloader.AUO adopts to achieve its rapid and sneaky spread. In most cases, the Trojan downloader would:

  1. Piggyback on some counterfeit website or messages.
  2. Bundle with other infections, rogueware particularly.
  3. Attack loosely programmed programs, traffic exchanging sites especially.
  4. Take advantage of the vulnerability on machine, within installed programs and some Microsoft services.

Therefore, it is recommended to update virus knowledge and refresh the related press to become informative in how to avoid being held hostage by virus like Downloader.AUO. One could also get detailed information about virus by accessing VilmaTech virus reservoir.

After TrojanDownloader.Agent.auo’s Removal

If one ever wants to stop Downloader.AUO permanently, it is recommended to always follow good PC practices and use extra attention when surfing on the Internet. Besides, VilmaTech Online Support technician recommends to install and run the anti-virus program with the below functionality so as to ward off infections more effectively:
Capable of monitoring website, system activities, system processes, Registry entries, memory and others.
The control center will give suggestions on when to run full scan on the entire machine and the whole network.

Defrag to Gain Quicker Machine

Defrag is always recommended after removing Downloader.AUO completely and thoroughly. Though manual removal is the best solution so far, it is impossible to remove or clear up the messy disks by removing the files or folders one by one. Defrag will do us a favor to re-arrange the internal resource and regain a quicker machine. Here’s the video to show how.

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