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95% Off Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ Coupon

Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ Take This Course Now For 95% Off!
Break into the multiplayer game industry with the world-class Unreal Engine game development tool. This Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ course will help you learn how to create your own multiplayer games with technical knowledge from one of the world’s most popular and best programs. This course covers the theoretical knowledge of Unreal engine and makes understanding Unreal Engine in a very easy way. Not merely do authors show you how to use and master the engine, but they guide you to build a solid foundation of Unreal engine concepts. Besides that, you will also learn how to get good at C++. This course will help you pick up the latest Unreal features for improving your game development abilities. Thus, this Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ course will be a good start of you are seeking to know more about creating multiplayer games in Unreal Engine.

Introduction to The Unreal Multiplayer Master Course

If you are interested in creating Epic multiplayer games and willing to know how to make them, then this Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ course will start yo down that path. Making multiplayer games is an amazing and technical thing. In this course you will familiarize yourself with tools and techniques of Unreal Engine. You will get started with building multiplayer games and connecting players via the steam APIs. You will learn to advance your C++ programming skills and become good at coding. You will learn to build a solid foundation of networking from the ground up and understand the advance state synchronisation topics. At the end of the course you will have practice hands-on projects for understanding how a multiplayer game makes and how an MMO could be built. This course is for anyone interested in becoming a multiplayer game developer, game designer, or game programmer.

Course’s requirements:

This Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ course is made for individuals who have know the basics of C++ programming language. This course also assumes that you have known classes and pointer. Besides that, a basic understanding of Pawns and Maps is required.

Course’s targets:

This Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ course is intended for teaching people how to master Unreal Engine for online game development in C++, no matter who you are, Unreal users, experienced coders, programmers, game designers, game developers, or beginner to intermediate coders.

What you will learn:

The Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ course comes designed with 24 hours of on-demand video guide, 6 articles, 2 downloadable resources, and 111 lectures. Now let;s see what you will learn from this course.

  • Understand the puzzle platforms
  • Understand how to connect 2 players
  • Learn how to detect code and understand where it is running
  • Learn what authority and replication mean
  • Learn some widgets for FVector properties
  • Learn how to set up puzzle
  • Learn how to play over the Internet
  • Learn how to set up a puzzle
  • Leann how handle with overlap events in C++
  • Learn how to utilize a GamesInstance
  • Know more about the console commands
  • Be able to share games on
  • Learn to master menu system and connect players
  • Be able to create menu blueprint
  • Be able to work with UMG in C++
  • Be able to navigate, load and quit a game in C++
  • Understand what steam multiplayer means
  • Be able to build SpaceWar in visual studio
  • Learn more about memory management
  • Be able to create, destroy and find online sessions
  • Be familiar with query parameters and session settings
  • Understand how to popular server lists
  • Be able to select a server and join a session
  • Know how to display search results properties
  • Understand the custom session settings
  • Learn more about gamemode
  • Learn more about bugs in steam OSS
  • Get a good understanding of Krazy Karts
  • Make sense of forces and movements
  • Learn to master the knowledge of state synchronisation and interpolation
  • Be able to conquer the challenges of computer networks
  • Be able to make out of the course and start your game development journey
  • … much more

Introduction to Unreal Engine Multiplayer

The Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ course will give you a clear introduction to Unreal Engine multiplayer. The Unreal Engine is a game-making engine which has been developed by Epic Games. It was first showcased in the year 1998 with a first-person shooter game. Initially, it had been developed for first-person shooter games though it has been used to create different variations of video games. The code C++ written on Unreal Engine features a high degree of portability and used by many developers to create some uncommon games. The latest version of Unreal Engine is Unreal Engine Version 4.0 which was released in 2014.
History of Unreal Engine multiplayer

The first version of this gaming engine was developed by Tim Sweeney, who is the founder of Epic Games. Earlier, he was working for ZZT and Jill of the Jungle. In 1995, he moved towards the production of gaming tools with Unreal Engine. In the first of Unreal Engine, he developed the popular game called “the first-person shooter.”

In the second version of Unreal Engine, Sweeney developed the second game names “America’s Army” in 2002. This version of Unreal Engine saw much appreciation from the other developers all around the world. In this version, it added many advanced features including a skeletal animation system and it had been used in the PlayStation 2 version of Unreal Tournament. To be a master in using Unreal engine, the Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ course an help serve as your guide.

The third version of Unreal Engine came in the year 2004. In this version, many popular games were developed like Gears of War for Xbox 360 and RoboBlitz for Windows. Both games were published on November 7, 2006.

In August 2005, Mark Rein release the fourth version of Unreal Engine. The first game developed with Unreal Engine 4 was “Daylight” on April 29, 2014. Some other games of Unreal Engine 4 include the “Battle Royale” mode in Fortnite.

Supported platforms of Unreal Engine Multiplayer

  • Microsoft Windows
  • HTC Vive
  • PlayStation VR
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Xbox One

So, Unreal Engine multiplayer has been developed from time to time. The advanced features and tools to create some extra-ordinary games are added according to the need of the people and developers. Thus, a brief introduction to the Unreal Engine, its different versions, and different platforms are discussed above. To master Unreal engine game development tool, we recommend you try the Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ course on Udemy.

Introduction to Epic Games

The course is created in collaboration with Epic games. The Epic Games is a store of video games for Microsoft Windows and macOS. It was first launched in December 2018 with a website and a standalone launcher both. People are required to download different games from the app store of Epic Games to play and experience a real feeling while gameplay. The Epic Games generally provide a basic catalog, friends list management, matchmaking and other features in itself. The main purpose of Epic Games is to expand the feature not to add different features as other gaming distribution stores do.
Epic games
Epic Games got much popularity after the success of Fortnite which was created only for Windows and macOS. One of the key reasons for the success of Epic Games is that each week, it provides one or two free games to its users. In this course, you will learn to create your own Epic multiplayer games like a professional.

History of Epic Games

Earlier, when Epic Games storefront was not developed, the digital distribution of games was done by Steam and In December 2018, when Epic Games was launched, it offered some advance features than the earlier gaming stores like Steam and Slowly when Epic Games earned a huge number of audiences, it decided to launch games for other platforms like Android and iOS. Epic Games got much popular when a French video game company named Ubisoft planned to distribute their games through Epic Games in January 2019.

New features in Epic Games

Epic Games has got a recent update in October in which has brought more enhancements to the storefront which makes the buying experience of different games easier. The new update has come with a revamped storefront, 3D Secure, language support, and checkout overlay.

  • Revamped Storefront

With this feature, players can see which games are running on trending in the current time. They can also filter their titles by genres and other filters. It also helps to handle large volumes of traffic.

  • 3D Secure

With this feature, Epic Games now supports 3D Secure in Europe. Support for 3D Secure has started rolling out and will slowly roll out in multiple countries in the upcoming months.

The Unreal Course Makes You Good At Game Development

The Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ course will help you become good at Epic game development and a good game developer.These days, most of the gaming fans dream to be a game developer. Though they do not have any idea of software, coding, and decoding, they set a new game structure into their minds. But unfortunately, they do not get the right platform to show their game structure. Game developing is a field that keeps on growing by leaps and bounds. However, both the job itself and the path to it can be pretty grueling, so before you embark on it, it’s important to consider whether it’s the right decision for you.

In this topic, there are simple steps are discussed through which a true fan of the game can build his/her own game. The fact is that becoming a game developer is not an easy task, but it is also not a difficult task to be a great game developer. If you are interested in starting a career in multiplayer game industry, we recommend the Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ course for you. You will get a good understanding of how multiplayer games work.

Steps to be a game developer:

  • Step 1: Game with purpose – The purpose of becoming or creating is an important thing which a person must consider before entering in any particular field of business, game development or anything.
  • Step 2: Immerse yourself in the community – One of the biggest benefits of the present time is that everybody is interconnected with each other in different ways. So, to become a good game developer, you need to immerse yourself with the video game community to gain a deeper understanding of what a gamer requires.
  • Step 3: Make a plan – Being a game developer is an extremely complicated subject. Approaching or entering in the field of game making without a sure plan would be dangerous.
  • Step 4: Find a good team – Game development is not possible without team support. So, if you want to pursue your career as a game developer, you need to find a good team as soon as possible. To learn something about Epic game development, the Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ course will help you.

So, to be a good game developer, you need to know some key methods about gaming development. The above-mentioned might be very helpful for any beginner who wants to be a game developer.

The Game Course Makes You Good At C++

Although we are in the age of Artificial Intelligence that requires a very high-level language such as Python and alike, we have no lesser use of one of the fastest user-friendly object-oriented programming languages, C++. However great the recent modern improved languages may be developed such Java and Python, the credibility of C++ would always remain concrete. There are no applications that can run without a program written in C++. In this Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ course, you will also learn more about C++ programming language for online game development. Now let us explore C++ importance in brief.

In 1979, Bjarne Stroustrup, a computer scientist from Denmark, tried to improvise the already existing language C with the features of other languages Simula. This resulted in the formation of a new language called C++. The ++ sign indicates the addition of the features.


  • It performs high-speed tasks for the computer.
  • Only this language has the facilities of scope bound resource management or RAII. It helps in making and deleting the objects as needed which is not possible even in Java. Others create the object for a lifetime.
  • Its brevity and closeness to hardware make it perform even better than Python and Java.
  • It is an Object-Oriented Language.
  • It is a user-friendly language.


  • Adobe, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple use many codes written in C++.
  • It builds independent modules and later links them as needed. This is the modular programming for which C++ is only used.
  • Firefox and Thunderbirds also use C++ programs.

How to learn

  • Almost all the OS have the application supported for C++ programming.
  • Many youtube channels run tutorials for teaching C++.
  • Several great books are available for reading and practice.

As the computer developed and the new modes of Technology came into existence, the use of C++ increased. It has all the features of a user-friendly machine language. It can easily be learned by high school students. If you’ve know C++ but want to learn how to use it for Epic multiplayer game development, the Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ course is a priority.

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In A Word

Upon accomplishment, you will be able to know create Epic multiplayer games using Unreal Engine and C++. The Unreal Multiplayer Master: Online Game Development In C++ course builds on a solid foundation of Unreal engine and the mentors will take you through everything you need to build up your skillset of coding. Till now, are you willing to enroll in the course? We recommend you redeem a valid Udemy coupon here to save more money.

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