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95% Off Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified – 4 Certifications! Coupon

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2019 update: The instructor updated the name “Amazon Web Services Certification (AWS) 2018 – All 4 Certs!” to “Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified – 4 Certifications!”

Technology has brought about a plenty of change in our personal and professional lives. The companies today are shifting their workload to public cloud making it necessary for the individuals from IT background to have a core competency in this area. This increasing shift has shaped requirement for a new set of skills where individuals are efficient to deploy, design as well as manage the applications present in the cloud. Amazon Web Services or AWS is known to be one of the most mature service providers in the cloud computing space and has continued to be the market leader in 2019 as well.

What is the Amazon Web Services Certification (AWS)?

To get AWS certificated, we recommend the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified – 4 Certifications! course. AWS currently offers certain certification courses helping you to build your competency in this upcoming and widely spreading cloud computing field.

In other words, this certification can also be explained as a level of cloud expertise that an individual (or IT professional) has to obtain after passing one or more exams provided by the public cloud. The AWS certification helps in validation and demonstration of the technical cloud skills and knowledge gained by the IT professional and carries a substantial value in the market today.

Different certifications are offered by AWS for the cloud administrators, engineers as well as the architects. It is supported by thousands of testing centers present all round the globe to take the exams. At present AWS is offering around four to eight certifications that are offering both specialty cloud computing as well as foundational computing topics to the new learners.

How the Amazon Web Services Certification (AWS) Can Help You?

Though there are plenty of IT professionals available out there but not all of them are up to date with the cloud computing skills. The Amazon Web Services Certification (AWS) is an indication of you possessing one of the most in demands as well as profitable skills. This certification is validated by one of the most recognized entities in cloud computing and therefore holds a lot of importance.

This certification presents good understanding of cloud expertise, the platform and a shared terminology that can speed up the time to value for the cloud projects. Therefore this certification provides you with all the fundamental knowledge and ensures that you are totally proficient with the process, terminologies, benefits, concepts and the deployment options to meet all your business requirements. If you want to learn more about AWS, then the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified – 4 Certifications! course is a good choice.

With the certification courses available at AWS you will get to learn how to navigate the management console, what all are the storage and database options, understanding the AWS security measures, gaining expertise in the web service sector and much more.

The Importance of Amazon Web Services Certification (AWS)

Against the common notion, even if a company is adopting the multi cloud strategy, the importance of AWS certification does not reduces. In fact it is just the opposite and the requirement of this skill increases manifold times. Join the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified – 4 Certifications! course and you’ll learn more about everything you need to get AWS certified.

The Amazon Web Services Certification (AWS) are considered important and stand out because of its thoroughness rigor candidate skill evaluating process. It can not only help you strengthen your knowledge by clarifying key concepts but also help you in getting hands on experience and the best practices. However of you are new to AWS you can also get to learn about all the foundational skills and practices that you will need in order to work with the AWS solutions and services few months down the line.

Having this certification has become important for all the candidates with IT background not just because it is requirement of time but also because you will be getting the best kind of familiarity and knowledge of all the practices in cloud management, security and architecture.

The training material prepared for the AWS certifications result as a valuable element in the company’s own integral training process. With the increase in IT environment, different companies have started building their own certifications however; AWS still stands the best in market and is expected to be the leader in upcoming years as well. Therefore, an individual having AWS certification is considered as an asset for the company and gets noticeable attention in their carrier.

Guide to AWS Certification

Amazon Web Service offers with foundational certification associate level certification, professional level certification as well as specialty certifications coving the entire knowledge base of an individual making them fully competent for working in the field. Four certifications for the solutions architect, sysOps administrator, cloud practitioner and developers are considered to be of utmost value. In order to appear for these certifications, you will have to get the best preparation module that could help you in getting through the process easily and with utmost efficiency.

There are various websites providing you with the most comprehensive AWS certification preparation courses from where you can get the best of knowledge to pass your certification exam. However, among the good quality preparation courses, there are some inferior courses as well. Make sure that you be aware of such courses that provide you with only a part of information which is required to pass the exam and fill the rest of the course with irrelevant and unnecessary CNA content. Make a full fledged study before choosing the preparation course that can not only help you pass the exam but can also make you competent to adapt to this dynamic world.

What Do You Need To Get A Good Amazon Web Services Certification Preparation Course?

Choosing the perfect prep course for AWS certification is not that easy as it seems. You may have to spin your head all day long and still end up in drastic confusion as to what kind of preparation course is good for you. Here we are providing you with some of the tips that will help you make out between good and average certification courses. And the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified – 4 Certifications! course is highly recommended here.

  • Make sure that you read the reviews before choosing a course. However, the websites claiming 100 percent score can be fake as well. Also some of the websites include courses which are not even included in the curriculum. So make sure that you tally the AWS curriculum before investing your money.
  • The experience of instructors is another important aspect to be considered.  Make sure that the instructors at least have associate level qualification.
  • There are basically 8 certification courses of AWS but many academies generally loose focus on all of the courses in order to get all of them cleared at ones. Therefore going for an academy that offers certification preparation courses can give you the fastest route to certification preparation.
  • The time in which you will be prepared is another important aspect. Do not go for the sites that take too long to get you prepared. Time is a really valuable and therefore goes for the academy that can prepare you in the shortest possible time along with full length practice exam for each of the certification.

Once you have considered these points, you can throw out even a pinch of doubt left in your mind regarding the authenticity of the preparation of Amazon Web Services certification course.

Who are The Targeted Audience of AWS Certification Course?

Speaking in a broader sense, any individual related with the IT and software sector will be benefited from this certification as it will surely give a considerable hype to their carrier. However, in particular terms, this Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified – 4 Certifications! course is for any person who is planning to get into the cloud computing career and wishes to work as an administrator, a solutions architect or a developer in the AWS cloud technology.

Requirements in order to qualify for sitting in the certification exams

If you are planning to sit in these exams anytime soon then you must pay special attention to this section. The AWS certification exam has certain basic requirements that every candidate has to fulfill in order to get qualified for this certification. The requirements are:

Basic understanding– the candidate is required to have a basic understanding of computers and networking in order to get the certification

AWS account– the student will first have to make an AWS account in order to be able to complete the hands on lab session.

Compatible operating device– in order to complete the lab sessions the student will need Mac PC, windows or Linux on a necessary basis.

Though the requirements are not very high and demanding, they are necessary. So before you go out with this certification preparation, make sure that you are fully equipped and have these requirements up to date.

All About The Preparation Process

The preparation course will be preceded with a particular format and time. Here is a brief of, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified – 4 Certifications! course that you will be encountering:

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified – 4 Certifications! course will be a blend of video lectures, lab notes and practice sessions. There will be:

  • The theory as well as hands on video lectures
  • Professionally made lab notes in detail
  • Real life labs
  • 4 full length practice exams for certification having 240 questions
  • Quizzes, practice tests for each of the main sections

The knowledge areas are divided into main lecture covering the theory as well as hands on guidance on using the service. The best part about the process is that the knowledge is reinforced with the help of tests, practices and quizzes to make sure that you have retained what you learned.

When the theory course is about to end, you will have to attend the practical lab sessions making you practically adept and giving you knowledge of the detail application of specific use cases.

After the lab sessions and practices are done, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified – 4 Certifications! course further involves four practice exams having around 240 questions making you aware and prepared for the type of questions you may have to face in the exam. The four exams are as follows:

  1. AWS certified developer associate
  2. AWS certified cloud practitioner
  3. AWS certified solutions architect associate
  4. AWS certified SysOps administrator associate.

The AWS Certification Exam Format

If it is your first time, then you might not be aware of the format that AWS certification exam has. Since there are four types of exams, the format of all four varies a little. However, each exam has a multiple choice section, sample direction and multiple responses. The timed exam is monitored by the AWS professional. Where the associate level exam lasts for around 80 minutes, the specialty and professional exams on the other hand are of 170 minutes. The question of exam mainly focuses on the commonly used AWS services, tools and concepts.

In order to determine the passing score, AWS uses a statistical analysis of the exam which may vary per test and is subject to change as well. After completion of the exams, the results are posted within 72 hours and are published under the students AWS certification accounts. The professionals who are able to achieve passing score receive e certificate and access to certain AWS certified badges and logos that they can use for not only professional but personal use as well. The people who could not clear the exam on the other hand can appear for the test again after two weeks.

This was an overall format of the certification exams held. You will get the practical experience of the exam while adapting for the AWS preparation course. Many companies also offer certification training to make the students more skillful and competent for the exam.

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Video guide: How to use the 95% off Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified – 4 Certifications! coupon code? Look at an easy video guide here to get started immediately.


To conclude, the AWS is hottest public cloud as of today and both the IT professionals and employers are greatly benefited with these certification courses. The future for AWS certified people is bright as there is a huge demand for the IT pros having AWS certificate due to the increasing interest of companies in cloud computing. So if you are planning to get into AWS then make sure that you are fulfilling all the requirements. Choose the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified – 4 Certifications! course that suits you the best and get a bigger kick start to your carrier.

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