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95% Off Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More! Coupon

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Learn Everything You Need to Master The Indemand CSS and Sass Techniques

Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More! is one of the best-selling development course on Udemy. This course comes especially designed for those people who want to advance their current level of CSS and Sass skills.

Web sites are an important part of the world today. The Internet is filled with web pages and website containing lots of information. Some people have to design and develop these web pages so that they are visible to the whole world. They have to apply their time into making them beautiful and stylizing them in an apt way possible. Most web pages are written in the HTML format and to style it a style sheet language like CSS or Sass is used. So, it can be guessed that developers do need to have a hold on these languages if they want to become a webpage developer. Let us know a bit more about these languages.

About CSS:

CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets. Writing a program using it can help a developer assign the layout to HTML programmes on their appearance on different media. One may assign different designs for several web pages in the same program saving time of the developer. People can assign layouts, colours, and fonts to the program in separation to the actual content of the page. The complexity is reduced and it gets saved in form of a .css document.

The style sheet language was created by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in December of 1996. Along with HTML, one may use CSS for other markup languages such as XHTML, SVG, plain XML and XUL. CSS 4 format is the latest of the language and the latest note was added in 2017. Web developers have got immense help from this language and it has helped them in making several websites.

About Sass:

Sass stands for syntactically awesome style sheets and it was designed by Hampton Catlin. Weizenbaum and Chris Eppstein have kept on developing it every year to make it into something even more eventful. It was initially released in 2006 and it got an upgrade in March 2018. Sass is basically a preprocessor scripting language that gets interpreted or compiled into CSS. The language uses two syntaxes, the old one called the ‘intended’ syntax and the new one SCSS syntax. The extensions of them are .sass and .scss respectively.

Why Should You Learn CSS And Sass?

When you are into the development and programming world people will always tell you about the new languages or things that have come in the market. It is quite overwhelming to think about them but they are quite necessary. In effect, they can make you are developing much greater by giving you something more to work with. They will help you in keeping up with the demands of the latest companies and you can make them happy. So, let us see why you should learn these style sheet languages:

  • CSS is quite easy to control and it makes working with HTML a lot easier and faster. In turn, Sass makes working with CSS even more efficient and it saves the developer a lot of their precious time. One can have all the style contained in a single document or program.
  • CSS and Sass both are quite useful when someone is working with HTML or similar languages. Even for the slightest bit of style change people like to use CSS.
  • They are quite easy to learn and the update comes at regular intervals. One can easily take up an advanced course once in a while to learn the new things that have been integrated into the language.

Do You Want to Update Your CSS and Sass Skills to The Most Modern Level?

Any advanced course teaches you much more than the basic things that you already know about the program. The advanced courses let you know about the titbits of the languages so that you can know every knock and cranny of the thing. So, even this Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More! course that you can discover on Udemy is made in a way that the learner gets acquainted with the program and really learns ways to use it to their betterment.

As it is an advanced course, it is meant for people who have already worked with CSS for some time. In this way, they are experienced with the language but they do not know it to its entirety. So, it is our job to let them know about the things that they will get from the course and also include a short review of the course. We will try to talk about the things that are included in the Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More! course and things that they will benefit from taking up the course.

What would someone learn from this modern CSS course?
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  • The latest CSS techniques that allow them to create amazing effects and designs
  • They learn the behind the scene process of the actual working of CSS
  • They learn to work with Flexbox and create layouts
  • They learn the practical use of Sass in things like architecture CSS, managing media queries, global variable etc.
  • They learn to use responsive images to make page loads faster
  • They learn about the NPM ecosystem and its workings
  • The learn to make amazing animations with @keyframes
  • They learn everything about CSS architecture
  • CSS Grid is explained to them with its uses in real life projects
  • Responsive design is taught to them in the most advanced way along with the notes relating to the common subjects
  • They learn thutilizationon of SVG videos and images in HTML and CSS
  • The also get added codes and designs which help them in getting ahead into the course.

Requirements for the top-rated CSS course:

  • The person will need a computer that has Windows, Linux or iOS. They will also require a steady internet connection to download the course.
  • As this isn’t a beginner course they will need prior knowledge of HTML, C,, S and Sass

What does a learner get with the development course?

It is always important to assess the things that have been included in the course. It helps to get a grasp on the things that they will learn from the course. So, here are the things that the Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More! course provides:

  • The course comes with 20+ hours of on-demand video which is great for anyone who is looking forward to advancing themselves in CSS or Sass. They can even download the videos to keep it with them.
  • The instructor is friendly and they will answer the students with friendly Q and A sessions that they may avail.
  • The course slides are given to them in PDF format so that they may follow it closely.
  • They will be able to download the assets, starter code and final code for each and every project.
  • Small challenges are also included by the instructor to increase the learning capability of the student.

Which people are the target audience for this course?

Every instructor has a target audience for their course. This helps them in determining the type of students that will actually benefit from the courses. As we already said, this course isn’t for people who are just beginning with CSS and Sass. They will need to take up an easier and more basic course before setting on the path of learning advanced things. So, the target audience for this Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More! course are:

  • Developers who are already working with CSS but want to refresh their working technique and learn something new.
  • CSS developers who are looking forward to working with flexbox, animations, SVG, NPM and other advanced things.
  • Developers who are interested in knowing the knocks and crannies of CSS.
  • Anyone who has basic knowledge of CSS and wants to broaden their knowledge

How is this advanced CSS and Sass course executed?

When you take up a course you want to know the real deal about this course. You certainly do not want to have some lessons which are worthless and doesn’t actually include anything about the course. But that is certainly not the case with this lesson. The instructor has paid full of attention about making this course a palatable one and it does live up to its name of being an advanced course. So, let us see the lesson plan for this Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More! course:

  • In total, the student gets about 126 lectures in this course spanning over 28 hours. The first few lectures are dedicated to being an introduction for the person who is taking up the course.
  • Ne,it they move on to take a dedicated course of the Natours Project – Setup and First Steps. Every one of them has a different section so that it is easier on the student. In total there are 7 lectures spanning over 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • In the next pa,rt there are 11 lectures dedicated to CSS and the way that everything works inside it. Another 1 hour 30 minutes is dedicated to the student.
  • Then they move on to learning about Sass and NPM through 8 lectures spanning over 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • The next two parts of the course are Natours Project — Using Advanced CSS and Sass (Part 2) having 24 lectures and Natours Project — Advanced Responsive Design (Part 3) having 13 lectures. Quite a lot of time is dedicated to these ones to make it easier for the learner.
  • The next section is about learning the Trillo project which introduces the student to using Flexbox. There are 22 lectures in this section and the total video hours are 5 hours.

Then we have a quick introduction to CSS grid layouts and it has 16 lectures spanning over 2 hours 23 minutes. After the introduction,on the student gets to learn Nexter Project which is about mastering the grid layouts. This section has 21 lections resulting into the video of more than 4 hours.

Benefits of Taking up the Course:

By now you have seen that the Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More! course has all the advanced things that one needs to learn about CSS and its accompanying things. The person will get a hands-on experience with the 10 dedicated sections in the course and the individual videos. Every lecture has its own video so that they can take their time to get used to the course.

1.The instructor is giving the learner 28 hours’ worth of video along with useful materials that they may need in the future. Also, they just need to invest in the course a single time and after that they may download all the videos for future help.

2.The student can definitely take up the course at their own pace. They may give attention to each section at a time that they feel comfortable with. There is no pressure of hurrying with the course just for giving an exam.

3.After finishing the course the students will be able to implement the things they haven’t learned in real life project. The reason behind this being that the instructor teaches the students in form of projects so that they may learn to deal with real-life situations. They wouldn’t need to consult hundred other places after they have taken up this course. We are sure that it will work as a great point getting more webpage development jobs.

4.Jonas is the instructor of this course and he has been working as a developer for many years. He has hands-on experience in working with CSS and he knows how to handle it. So, the students can never get a better teacher than him when they want to take an advanced step into CSS. Along with that, he is always available for them through his email and the students can consult him. He has taught several such courses as these ones.

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In conclusion, we can say that this Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More! course is a really great one that is available in the market. It goes deep into CSS and lets people know about the right ways to use it. They will not really need special software to do this as the instructor teaches them using the very same tool that they have. Students who are interested in polishing their CSS skills should definitely give this course a try.

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