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90% Off The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition) Coupon

The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition) Take This Course Now for 90% Off!
Do you know about Node.js? Are you going to learn this new course called The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition)? Before you even a start it, you should know a brief introduction of Node.js so that you don’t get stuck in the midst of the course. Most of the students get stuck and as a result of not getting any solution to their questions, they stop continuing The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition) course further.

We have brought everything the right from the introduction of Node.js to a brief description of the complete Node.js developer course to make sure that you don’t end up this way. Our aim is to turn you into a professional developer so that you can test, develop and deploy the applications of real-world.

What is Node.js?

Ryan Dahl in 2009 had developed this server-side platform i.e. Node.js. Fast and scalable applications can be built using this platform. It runs on javascript engine of Google Chrome which makes it efficient and lightweight platform. It uses non-blocking I/O and an event-driven model. Real-time applications need such kind of models because of the data extensive nature of these applications.

Moreover, node.js offers an open source platform for building up of these applications. The language used for designing these applications is JAVA which let them work on different operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux and more. Node.js has the vast library of javascript modules. These modules help in developing faster web applications. In short, node.js combines the javascript library and runtime environment.

What are The Features of Node.js?

Software architects use node.js due to its impressive features and thus it is their first choice.

  • Event-driven and asynchronous- a node.js based server don’t have to wait to get the data back from APIs. This is due to its non-blocking or asynchronous nature that allows it to move to next API. A notification mechanism is used to get the response from the first API that allows the server to work efficiently without any delay.
  • Fast- the latest V8 engine of Google Chrome JavaScript engine helps in faster execution of code.
  • Highly scalable- traditional servers such as Apache HTTP Server use multiple threaded programs to handle the requests from multiple users that reduce the scalability of the applications and server. However, here only single-threaded program is used to handle the multiple requests. This mechanism use event looping that improves the scalability of a server by allowing it to respond without blocking.
  • No buffering- this feature allows the application to serve the data in chunks and thus it reduces the problem of buffering.
  • License- it uses MIT license.

What are The Applications of Node.js?

Node.js is used in the variety of areas that make it a perfect technology partner in these areas. The lists of applications are as follows:

  • Input/output bound applications
  • JSON APIs based application
  • DIRT or data-intensive real-time applications
  • Data streaming applications
  • Single page applications

However, this should not be used in CPU intensive applications. Node.js has many applications and thus it is important to learn this course. However, before moving to the description of the complete node.js developer course, let us understand how it works.

How Node.js Works?

When a task is sent to a server, it opens the file and returns the content back to the client. When ASP or PHP is used to handle the task, it performs these steps:

  1. Forward the task to the file system of a computer
  2. The computer will open and read the file and server wait till the process is complete.
  3. Once it is done, it sends the content to a client
  4. It then handles the next request

However, when node.js handles the request it does this:

  1. Forward the task to the file system of a computer
  2. Handle the next request till the computer performs the task
  3. Once the process is done, it returns the content to its respective client

This is how it works and reduces the waiting time. It is popular among developers due to so many benefits. Therefore, learning of this course is an essential part for you to become a good and professional developer. Students who are about to enroll in the course offered by Udemy should know everything about it.  Here is a description of the course where you will know about the topics covered in it, requirements and the curriculum of course.

The Complete Node.js Developer Course Will Teach Everything You Need to Build Real-world Applications

This is the second edition of course which is as per the latest version of node i.e. node 9 and ES7 Async/ Awaits. It covers the fundamentals to make you familiar with this platform and later it will teach the tools like MongoDB, Mongoose, Express and more.

You will learn faster if you learn through practice and by working on projects. It gives you the idea of how to deal with the challenges and how to overcome them. Therefore, since the beginning, of course, you will learn through projects and work on then that will help you implement your knowledge. Also, you will get the hands-on experience so that you can develop your own project without anyone’s help. In the course, you will learn to build four different projects. What are they? Let’s see:

  • A note taking the app that will be very simple and basic
  • You will build a weather application. Here you will learn how to interact with dark sky API and Google maps.
  • A to-do REST application which requires users’ information to allow them creates an account. Here you will learn about authentication as well.
  • An application for chatting that includes client companion as well.

These projects will help you create your own application using node.js.

Why Learn This Node.js Course from Udemy?

The best part of this ‘The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition)’ course is that it offers the latest and up-to-date material to the students. Therefore, you can access the latest features of Node.js 8 version. The complete Node.js course is embedded in a package that contains everything that you need to learn.

You don’t have to run here and there to learn right skills required to build real-world applications. Moreover, Node.js is the most popular programming skill among developers and it is estimated that such developers earn around $85k on an average. So, learning through a complete package is an advantage for you and you can get into this field early and avail good opportunities. Furthermore, Udemy offers this course at the very cost-effective price.

This course is extensive and there might be some time where you will get stuck. Don’t worry, you will get an immediate help from the instructor as soon as possible. Your every single question will be answered and replied back. The course is very engaging and up-to-date. Moreover, you also get the money back guarantee of 30 days.

What Will You Learn?

The course teaches you how to build, test and launch the applications. Moreover, you will also learn the following things:

  • Data storing with mongoose and MongoDB
  • Deployment of applications
  • Cutting edge ES 6/7 javascript
  • How to use socket.IO to create real-time applications

Following topics are also covered in the course such as code testing, mongoose, JWT authentication, asynchronous programming, express, mocha, debugging, REST API design and more… the course has the vast curriculum so let’s know about it in detail in the following section.

Curriculum for this course

The curriculum consists of different sections which have subsections. These subsections are the detailed description of the topics. Let’s see what those sections are.

Welcome and set up

The course begins with an introduction video of few minutes. Next lecture will teach you how to set up the platform which includes lectures on installing node, what the node is, why to use node and how to install atom. At the end of a lecture, you will learn how to write the program the “hello world”.

Node.js fundamentals

This section consists of 17 lectures that include following topics- introduction section, using require, what you need to create your own files, how to use third-party modules, how to restart app with nodemon, how to get input from a user and how to simplify input with yargs.

It also includes topics which are as follows- how to work with JSON, how to add and save notes, how to remove a note, read notes and reusability, debugging of node.js applications, listing notes, arrow functions, and refactoring for reusability. You will learn how to use chrome dev tools for debugging and what are the advanced yargs and requiring arguments.
Asynchronous node.js

It is the section of 15 lectures that cover async basics, call stack and event loop, callback functions and APIs and pretty printing objects. You will understand how HTTP requests are made. In next subsection, you will learn to encode user input, what are callback errors, abstract callbacks, how to chain callbacks together and wire up weather search.

In later subsection, you will get the introduction of ES6 promises, advanced promises, and weather app with promises.  This section includes a quiz of 6 questions that will let you check what you have learned till now. In the end, you will know some extra features about async node.js.

Application deployment and web servers

This section of 10 lectures long includes the topics such as hello express, creating a web server, and advanced templating, express middleware, rendering templates with data and adding version control (git).How to set up SSH keys and GitHub, deploy apps and add the new feature in applications will be taught in the last lectures.

Testing your applications

Here you will learn basic of mocha testing. The other topics are as follows:

  • Auto restart tests and watch tests
  • How to use assertion library
  • Testing of asynchronous code
  • Testing of express applications- part I and part II
  • Organizing test with describe()
  • Test spies

REST APIs, mongoose and MongoDB

This is the longest sections from rest of the sections that cover topics on MongoDB, mongoose, REST APIs. You will learn about installation of these application interfaces. It will give you the insight of building of NoSQL vocabulary, writing data and connections to mongo, the objectID, fetching of data, deletion of documents, updating of data, setting of mongoose, validators, types, and defaults. This is very lengthy section thus we have covered only a few topics of it.

Security and authentication

This section teaches about the security and authentication where you will learn about JWTs and hashing, generation of authentication tokens, setting of headers, hashing passwords, testing POST and GET users. Making todo routes private is described in two parts-parts I and II. Two bonus lectures are also there – expect upgrade guide and advanced postman.

Real-time web apps

This is again the lengthy sections that include 24 lectures. Here you will learn how to create a new project. In the end, you will also get the new ideas.


This section is newly added in the course and till now there are only 5 lectures on basics of Async/Await with the real-world example, handling of errors and using of Async/Await in Todo API.

In the end, there is one more section that will tell you about the free-mini courses. With this complete package, students will get in-depth knowledge on node.js and they don’t have to learn from anywhere else. The course is well arranged and thus students will learn step by step without getting stuck anywhere.

What are the basic requirements?

To complete the course you will need a computer to install software like Linux, MacOS, and windows. Moreover, you should have the basic understanding of javascript topics such as if statements, functions, object, and arrays.

Refer to the most relevant courses here:

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Tips: Look at the very easy video guide on how to use The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition) coupon for a big saving.


Thus, The Complete Node.js Developer Course (3rd Edition) is a very good opportunity for students to improve their knowledge and to create their own applications. If you have prior knowledge of node.js then this course will give you an advantage of learning faster.

Also, in comparison to other courses, this is very affordable. So, anyone who is interested in learning this course can enroll and avail the benefits. The course is available online and thus you can study it anytime. Remember, that computer is must, to begin with, the node.js.

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