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88% Off Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang) Coupon

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Are you searching for the Golang courses online but haven’t got yet? Then do not have to worry as this article will help you to become a master of Golang. The online courses such as the Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang) by Udemy enables users to learn and understand the fundamentals of the programming language. Furthermore, you will be able to write code for your program in an effective and efficient way.

More About The Best Selling Golang Programming Language Course

The Golang programming language is a free and open source language which was created by Google. It is one of the fastest growing programming languages and it’s the time for you to pick up some of the basics of it. The Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang) online course created by Udemy are specially designed to get users up and allow them to run faster with the help of Go.

The Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang) course provides quickly cover all the basics and allow the user to dive down into tons of advanced features of the programming language. But don’t get manipulated and tricked by other online course providers who claim to offer services such as the teaching of if-and for-loop statements. This Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang) course is available only on Udemy.

This Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang) online course enables users to use full power and potential of interface type systems and concurrency models. The Golang tutorials and lectures are made such that they can be picked up soon that are usually considered tough to master in. Through multiple interactive and interesting quizzes, projects, and assignments you can quickly master all the quirks and oddities of the language. Go is similar to other programming languages- that enable the user to write code for a program by learning some of the basics of programming language. The course is designed in such a manner that it gives user ample opportunities which can be used to strike out on the working on your own programs.

In the Golang programming language course, you will be able to learn-

  • Applying of Go’s concurrency model so as to build a massive parallel system
  • Understanding of the basics and control structure of the programming language along with the syntax
  • You will be able to grasp the need of types that are extremely essential and important if you wish to learn the dynamically typed language such as the Ruby and Javascript
  • You will also be able to organize code via the usage of packages
  • Compiling of projects is easy and you can use the golang runtime to develop the desired project
  • Get insight into crucial and critical design decisions in the programming language
  • Gain a sense regarding the usage of the programming language basics features

Undoubtedly, Go is one of the largest and fastest growing and developing programming languages that gets released some ten years ago. You can get a job just by enrolling now with Go today.

Who are all the targeted audience?

The Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang) course is for those who wish to learn and understand the basic or fundamentals of the Golang features. If you are among them then you can easily enroll for the online Udemy course that allows you to learn the fundamentals of it with interactive lecturer and programs.


It is for those who hold solid experience with computer programming languages such as the Java, Ruby, Python, javascript and similar programming languages. If you hold a good knowledge of any of the mentioned languages then you can avail the benefits of the courses easily online.

A small part of the Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang) course offered by the Udemy is mentioned below. This covers the basic understanding of the Go and how it removes some of the obstacles that get arises in the prior programming languages.

About Go (Programming Language):

Golang is also referred to as Go, which is basically a computer programming languages developed by Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson, and rob rike in 2009 by Google. Go is compiled language, statically typed in the tradition of other computer programming language, with garbage collection, CSP-style concurrency, memory safety, and structural typing. The compiler, source, and tool are all open sources and free.


The Go programming language was proclaimed and released with version 1.0 in March 2012. It gets used in the Google production system, along with open source projects and other companies. It was invented by griesemer, pike, and Thompson as an experiment so as to design and develop a programming language that eventually resolves criticisms of computer languages during the maintenance of positive characteristics. The new language envisioned as-

  • Productive and readable with no excessive dynamic language like python or ruby
  • Scalable to the huge systems such as C++ or Java and statically typed
  • Supporting networking as well as multiprocessing
  • Not needing an integrated development environment instead support them all


There are basically two major and important implementation exist-

Google Go targeting multiple, toolchain platform like macOS, Windows, Linux, Plan 9, BSD, and mobile device and the primary compiler has itself become self-hosting.

A second compiler is a frontend as gccgo.

The third compiler which is termed as GopherJS also gets exist into javascript which enables Go in usage of frontend development.

Language Design-

The Golang programming language gets recognized in tradition with other languages but with some changes so as to improve simplicity, safety, and brevity. The programming language contains:

An environment adopting and syntax pattern more commonly used in dynamic languages’-

  • Fast compilation times
  • Online package documentation and remote package management
  • Initialization via type inference and optional concise declaration of variables

Distinctive problem approaches-

  • An interface system along with type embedding of virtual inheritance against non-virtual inheritance
  • A toolchain which produces statically link binaries with no external dependencies

A wish to keep all the language specifications easy and simple so as to hold the programmer’s head by the omission of features that are commonly used in similar language


Golang programming language includes some sort of testing, code-vetting, and debugging tools as lots of language distributions. The language distribution includes,

  • Go get, for installation of remote packages and its retrieval
  • Go run, which is a shortcut for execution and building code
  • Go, vet, which is static analyzer used for looking the potential error
  • Go test, used for micro-benchmarks and unit testing
  • Go build, which creates Go binaries with the help of information from source files
  • Godoc, for exhibiting documentation and serving it through HTTP
  • Gorename, for renaming functions, variables and on in a safe way
  • Go generate, a standard method to invoke generation of codes

It also involves debugging support, profiling, and runtime instrumentation along race condition tester.

How go removes obstacles?

The go programming language removes obstacles like speed, safety, and ease of computer programming. Given below is the answer to the question-

Provides faster result- the Go language works similar to that of interpreted language as they contain faster compilation. You will be able to see them compiling and think like you are working in ruby interpreted language.

Safe- Statically typed, strongly and garbage collected. By strongly typed it means that you will not be able to pass any number of data types. You have to be explicit and by statically typed it means that compiler knows all type of variables. In Golang programming language, there isn’t an implicit conversion, for example, uint8 & uint16 are all of the different types.

Work easily- it’s explicit, concise and easy to convert

Modern- provides build-in hold-ups in the computer programming language itself for network distribution of multi-core applications and more.

Benefits of Using Golang:

There are numerous benefits of using Golang but only the highlighting ones are mentioned below, have a look over it-


It has no VM and it compiles straightforward to the machining code (exclude intermediary assembly of Go’s) that are really super fast

It works on fast compilation and the programming language designing gets built for a much faster compilation from the beginning

It also compiles cross-platform with Windows, Linux, OS X, and other

File output of one executable gets created after the compilation with no dependencies, which enables upload of it easier with Go support while running of it. No dependency hell.


The Golang programming language is static typed and strong.

Garbage collected. It clears off all the dirt after the user and integrates garbage collection system keen on to executable binary.

Reliable- you will be able to really create reliable and trustworthy software with the help of Golang. The inherent programming language designing prevents the user from doing inappropriate or awful stuff.


It is considered an imperative programming language which has numerous benefits to the people

It supports different sorts of OOP or object-oriented programming’s such as the ruby, and C#.

It also supports interfaces that would help the user to compose things and increase composability and flexibility.

It allows users to attach functions of all types and the flexibility allows users to compose programs utilizing the small things. When type gets implemented interface functions satisfies interface as well as desire to use it in different places.

It supports FP or functional programming, e.g. supports closures, first-class functions, and anonymous functions.


It built-in concurrency and comprise of no heavy threads instead of channels.

It has the ability to structure programs in synchronous style and the channel hide all the complexities that allow the user to structure programs in a maintainable way.

Standard library-

All the things get built into a library termed as the standard library such as the JSON parsing, HTTP fetching, and encryption. So, this prevents fragmentation and makes the faster running of the program.


It exhibits great built-in tools such as the test coverage reporting, refactoring tools, checking issues, auto-formatting codes, and auto-documentation, etc.

What Else Will You Learn From The Golang Course?

Given below are some of the additional things that can be learned from the Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang) courses-

  • You will be able to create and develop massive concurrent programs with the help of Go channels and routines
  • You will understand the distinction between data structures that are commonly been used
  • You will learn some of the advanced and top-notch features of Go
  • You will be able to fruitfully apply the interface to simplified and dramatically complex programs
  • You can improve your knowledge and skill with dozens of activities such as quizzes, text, project, etc
  • You get to know how you can use future-proof type codes and are able to reduce refactor difficulties

Fundamental Golang:

Learn the fundamentals of programming language and unlock the hidden scenes behind the existing programming language. You will turn from a non-expert to a master with the help of a lecture series offered by Udemy on the programming language.

Learn how Golang uses variables and know about its fundamental datatypes as well as how to write and compile Golang expressions.

Intermediate beginner Golang-

How to design a loop in Golang from format to a more advanced loop including simple statements and ranges is also being covered in it. Moreover, you will be able to write control structures that include advanced if statements, basics if statements and switches.

Advanced beginners Golang-

Slices and arrays in lecture parts are also offered so that the user can learn basics of slices and array with examples. The will show why slices are incredible above arrays and how you can use them effectively. Once you get to know everything about it you can use it.

Moreover, you will be able to use simple statements and how to write a robust coding without handling any mistake and error. Also, you will learn how to create range loop so as to write efficient and faster codes dealing with slices. You will able to write and make use of the variadic function which is often thought of complicated with the help of expert guides.

Learn the fundamental programming without creating any hassle.


The article has fruitfully explained the Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang) course offered by the Udemy to the user who wants to learn and understand the Golang programming language, they will able to code by themselves. You can enroll in this course online and the lecture videos will surely help you that no other service provider offers to their customers.

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