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75%-100% Off BitDegree Promo Code Discount & Coupon

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BitDegree – A New Platform to Gain Skills

Education and employment are nowadays not the two words that run simultaneously. It is not necessary that every educated person is employed. This is because the meaning of education has changed. It now focuses on earning money rather than making people skilled. Today, educated people lacks skills that are necessary for getting job. Thus they become unable to fulfill the needs of market and stay unemployed. Today, practical knowledge has more value than the theoretical knowledge. Students should have the eagerness and willingness to make themselves practically knowledgeable according to the needs of industry.

Learning new skills is however not tough in today’s world where most of the things can be learned online. The online platforms that share and teach several courses to their students are giving a new definition to education. This has made the education less expensive and easily available.

BitDegree Review- Explore The New Online Education Platform

It is not the ordinary education platform that is available online because it is powered by blockchain. This has again paved a new way of getting education online. Today, we will learn about this new platform.

BitDegree allow students to acquire skills needed by most of the industries. It focuses on providing necessary skills so that they can get desired jobs. The skills offered here are not based on the current scenario of the market but also based on the future requirements of the industry. So, it not only prepares students for today but also for tomorrow.

BitDegree believes that:

  • Everyone irrespective of their race, age, religion and gender deserves the proper education
  • The best talent is needed by the industry and we are preparing the best talent for the business
  • The flawed education system should be decentralized and democratized
  • The two game changers of the education system can be gamification features and blockchain powered smart incentives

Move forward to BitDegree now, learn more free online courses there.

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The BitDegree has deeply analyzed the problems of public education systems and figured out the difficulties behind hiring the tech talent. After figuring out the problem, it has reached to the possible solutions where it could benefit more and more students. It has not only found the solutions for a particular group but also focused on providing benefits to maximum parties involved in it. So, let’s have a look on the problems in tech industry.

Shortage of employees– finding the right talent is the biggest challenge in front of employers.

Attracting new customers- service providers look for the new solutions of the problems and thus investing huge amount of money. They advertise heavily to make their customers aware but this is not possible for low margin business.

Employment– automation has replaced the labor force and forces those without skills to acquire new skills in order to survive in the industry. The changing nature of industry also forces one to acquire new skills in order to pay well. However, acquiring new skills is not possible for everyone due to the expensive nature of education.  This reduces the motivation in students and thus they have to compromise with low salary jobs.

All these problems lead to failure of the conventional education system. Other reasons for failures include the trust issues, reputation, cultural and geographical challenges.

How BitDegree Solved These Issues?

A global tech talent pool is created by the BitDegree to incentivize the students. The companies who are in search of new tech talent will offer financial incentives to those willing to learn new skills. They can participate in the training courses and get familiar with the companies. Companies provide incentives to those students participating in courses offering skills required by the companies. Students can communicate with the companies, recruiters and other students seeking the course and can get proper help.

The platform offers rewards to the students showing progress in the course by rewarding them the tokens. They can also get offers from the recruiters as well. Moreover, students acquiring tokens as the rewards will get new opportunities to learn new skills using the tokens.

The BitDegree works on Ethereum platform to keep records of student’s progress, incentives schemes and offering tokens. Do you want to join the BitDegree platform and give your more chances to skyrocket your career?

What are Smart Incentives by The BitDegree?

It is a smart contract that is based on Ethereum blockchain technology. it allows exchange of tokens or values between the students and the sponsors. Students are incentive takers whereas sponsors are incentive creator. The incentive taker gets tokens or incentives on showing study effort. The study efforts are provided by the platform.

Incentive creators can be a company, ordinary citizen or a government institution. These incentives are created by these bodies who can define the amount of incentives, number of applicants, availability of enrollment, date and time of starting of enrollment and more.

Gamification Properties of Smart Incentives

Smart incentives have gamification features that allow students to learn in a fun way. This allows students to be more productive and learn in better way. For example, students can collect more XP points and reach to the next level of course. This feature works effectively as it reduces stress on students and making them feel pride when they achieve their goals. This is done in order to boost the student’s motivation while learning new skills.

The roadmap and guiding principles of BitDegree platform

The BitDegree platform has a bold and wide vision with some goals and plans. It focuses on core guiding principles which are as follows:

  • Decentralization
  • Inclusion
  • Disruption
  • Growth
  • Sustainability
  • Transparency

The roadmap of BitDegree:

2007-16– the platform begin with getting users who are tech savvy and willing to learn and grow, it has reached to 29 million users.

2017– Till then more than 500 articles on web fundamentals was prepared. The first courses were prepared with the consult of various universities and blockchain companies. During summer/autumn, the platform begins to work on the Ethereum smart contract for its upcoming ICO event.

2018– The blockchain course material launches during the winter/spring. The platform source the best tutors for the course and work on registry research, material repository and launched the best online courses in IT fields. The first token scholarship was also issued during this period. During this many things such as verification of study effort, gamification, implementation of smart incentives contract, development of mobile platform and many more were done. A platform was also launched for sponsors.

The platform plans to develop a SDK for third party providers in future.

About identity registry

Those who are willing to use the platform has to create an identity at the platform which will be password protected. These ids are called as pseudo identity which will function completely when linked with government issued identity. This will enable them to use services offered by third party services providers. These will make them eligible for sponsored courses.

Companies offering sponsored courses and incentives have to disclose their identities registered with the BitDegree. However, private citizens don’t have to disclose their identity and it is completely up to them whether they want o disclose or hide their government issued identities.

About course material repository

Students can use the material available on platform only when they are enrolled for the course. The course material will be licensed and available only if the creator wants to make it available for students. The material should be made in chunks including topics of the course, Explanations, descriptions, theory and concepts, examples and more.

People can learn a lot of free online courses at BitDegree, search the course name there and start learning now.

About sponsorship area

Sponsorship area is available for access to only authenticated and identified sponsors. Sponsors can use this area to express their need via campaigns. They can also define the eligibility of the students enrolling into their courses, rewards offered on joining campaigns and more. This area is designed to inform both students and sponsors about the courses and students willing to learn. When the results of the campaigns are matched either fully or partially, the sponsors get notifications. This help them to identify the right candidate for the course and on the other hand students can join the right course for their needs.

About study area

The study area is accessible to the authenticated and identified students at the platform.  Students have to create a student profile at the study area giving some of their personal information. They can make changes in their privacy settings; rank the study topics and fields of interest.  They have to give their name and surname, birth date, residential location as the necessary private information.  Students have to give the way sponsors can reach to them such as their email or FaceBook id. The moment their matched field or courses in which they are interested are found, they will be informed through messages.  They can learn about the course and rewards offered by them.

They can enroll in the course as per the procedure mentioned by the sponsors. Then students can access to the study materials offered by the course. Their progress details will be taken by the sponsors and they can also initiate talks with the students as well.

About token launch

The platform will issue incentives to the contributors and students through the tokens. The token are rewarded during sale which was non refundable. Anyone interested in developing the platform could contribute to the BitDegree by purchasing tokens during ICO event. The sale had held in 2017 which gained contributions of 5 million USD. As a student, if you have been always looking for free online training but don’t know where to get, BitDegree free online courses can help you. At BitDegree, you can learn more a lot of free courses.
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The other details of token launch are given below:

  • 1 ETH was equal to 10,000 BitDegree tokens
  • Tokens were launched for 30 days
  • Contributions was send directly to the smart contract address of the BitDegree platform

Token was distributed between team, advisors, and bounties. The 66 million tokens were kept for team, 13, 2 million for advisors and partners and the same amount of token were available for bounties. There were total 660 million tokens in all. 25 % were kept for scholarships for students. 51% were kept for public.

The scholarships were used to incentives more users and to encourage them to participate. More ICO events will be conducted to encourage more participation in BitDegree ecosystem.

Why BitDegree?

The platform was first recognized by the top web hosting provider- hostinger. The team behind the platform consists of multi-skilled professionals. Each one is highly dedicated to serve the platform and offer best to the students. It has a full team of advisors who are experts of their fields.  The full team is dedicated to make the platform the best online education platform worldwide.

This is one of its kinds which are supported by blockchain technology. No other education platform available online is based on blockchain reward system.this ensure the complete transparency and security of the personal data of students, sponsors and creators.  Companies can rely on the platform to recruit the best tech talent. The platform offer best online courses to the students and shape their future.

Students don’t only learn here they also earn on BitDegree. They are paid for their efforts. They receive scholarships on their best performance during learning of the course. Each students get rewards and this is ensured by the blockchain bases reward system.

Courses available at BitDegree:

Bitdegree offers courses at very minimal price. The courses are featured and students can choose according to their interests. Courses related to game development, Crypto and blockchain, programming languages and marketing are available on the platform.  For example, here are some of the courses available on the BitDegree.

  • iOS app development at just $24.95
  • Kotlin tutorial for beginner at $24.95
  • objective C tutorial at $24.95

These are some of the courses. So, if you think that money is an obstacle in your way of learning new skills then enroll to the BitDegree and avail the cheap and best courses. Enroll now and get hired by the best companies of industry.  You can get dream job by enrolling into the courses. Here you will experience the new way of learning through gamification, and rewards.  The platform is not only for students but also for those looking for the talent. Create your courses and get paid and find the talent you were searching.

Be the part in shaping the future of students, be a part of BitDegree. Look at the video to know more about the BitDegree blockchain learning platform.

Video origin: BitDegree YouTube chanel

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