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What is BullGuard VPN?

BullGuard is an Europe-based company which has been developing popular consumer antivirus software and security tools since 2002. As a leading cyber security company, BullGuard is partnering with VPN specilaist NordVPN to launch a new consumer anonymity solution. The company want to provide a best-in-class VPN network infrastructure that enables their customers to safeguard their online privacy wherever they go, whether they are using desktops or smartphones. With the mission, BullGuard VPN follows a no logging or tracking policy and features with unlimited bandwidth and military-grade encryption protocols (OpenVPN, Ikev2 / IPsec). It is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS and allows up to six devices at the same time with unlimited data. Consumers who use BullGuard VPN will be able to easily switch between different country locations and always the peace of mind that they are no longer being tracked online. BullGuard VPN hides your origin IP address, preventing others, including ISPs and government organizations, from monitoring your online browsing activity. It also helps encrypt your internet traffic, making nobody can snoop on your browsing via  a public Wi-Fi to capture your passwords.

Overall, BullGuard VPN is an all-around security solution that gives user complete privacy and flexibility to safely and securely access the Internet. It covers VPNs, strong antivirus, firewalls, password safety solutions and more. Get total freedom online with BullGuard VPN now!

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