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Malware Defender 2015 Fraudulent Anti-virus Program, Manual Removal Tip

Purpose of Malware Defender 2015 As virus gets wild, many anti-virus programs are created successively to help people surf safely and generate revenue at the mean time. Virus makers smell this chance to confuse the market by making rogueware like Malware Defender 2015. To allure virus-tortured end users into purchasing the fraudulent anti-virus program, Malware […]

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Published on February 25, 2015

Can’t Remove Browser Hijacker, Manual Steps to Remove Homepage Malware

Why Homepage Changes to has been categorized by computer security company as browser hijacker that usually changes default browser settings without consent and suddenly shows up at homepage. Browser hijacker was originally created to drive traffic arbitrarily as the online business started to rage. Large amount of traffic could help gain high RIO […]

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Published on February 12, 2015 Browser Redirect Trap, How to Remove Browser Hijacking

Definition of is categorized as browser hijacker that directs people to undesirable websites. According to the close observation by VilmaTech Computer Security, some typical symptoms and problems are now listed for reference and early detection: Default homepage and search engine are changed to without consent, Additional pop-up ads are caught in sight […]

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Published on February 9, 2015

Cerber Antivirus Gives “Your Computer Is At Risk” Warning, How to Remove Cerber Antivirus

Cerber Antivirus Gives Online Threat Warning There’s an obvious change to your computer performance after the installation of Cerber Antivirus. “Your Computer Is At Risk” popup message along with hotline computer online support number pops up very often to during the Internet surfing. Should you believe the randomly pop-up “considerate” message? Cerber Antivirus has been […]

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Published on January 30, 2015 , last updated on February 2, 2015

Riddled with Rango Win 8 Antispyware, How to Remove Fake Anti-virus Program

Symptoms of Being Harassed by Rango Win 8 Antispyware PC performance will be degraded and become poorer day by day. Additional adware/popup ads can be spotted from nowhere. Additional programs/applications may be installed without permission. Extra infections might be flagged after Rango Win 8 Antispyware’s installation. Rango Win 8 Antispyware installs itself without consent. Exaggerating […]

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Published on January 21, 2015

What Is Help Remove Pop-up Malware Without Re-image

What Is All of a sudden, people see popping up around all the web pages from nowhere and get suffered. Without the warning and removal help from installed anti-virus program, people don’t really ascertain it as a virus though it acts like one. Just like, according to VilmaTech Online Support, is […]

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Published on January 12, 2015

Remove, Stop Hijacking and Restore Homepage by Manual Way

In terms of hijacking behaviors, is categorized as browser hijacker. Without the vicious attribute code, more computer security companies including VilmaTech would like to address it as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). Read the article in details to know it better so that you won’t miss out the best timing of removing hijacker.   […]

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Published on December 31, 2014

Vosteran Search/ Cannot Be Removed, Want Quick Removal Method

Home Page Suddenly Changes to Recently, Vosteran Search has been reported a lot to suddenly changes end users’ default home page and won’t go away. Some struggle to remove it by anti-virus programs without avail while some don’t bother removing it and keep using it. Believe it or not, according to VilmaTech Security Team, […]

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Published on December 19, 2014

Trojan Horse Generic_c.BVAS Should Be Removed Rather than Quarantined, Manual Tips

Trojan Horse Generic_c.BVAS is specially detected by AVG antivirus program and it is the latest variant of Trojan Horse Generic_c family that downloads extra computer threats upon landing on a compromised machine. Just like the previous variants that became prevailing after its low-pitched debut, Trojan Horse Generic_c.BVAS, VilmaTech Online Security Team therefore consider, to threaten […]

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Published on December 10, 2014

Remove Hijacker with Feasible Solution, Stop Hijacking Manually Profile Judging from’ name and its content, it can be considered as adware; while the way it acts defines it as a browser hijacker – a suit of programs classified as Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) rather than virus due to the lack of vicious attribute code and the application of approved computing technologies. […]

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Published on December 1, 2014
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