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Remove ACMA Virus on Android Phone, Easy Removal Tips

ACMA Virus, which is the abbreviation of Australian Communications and Media Authority, is new to hack not just PC, but also Android phone and tablet. It has a similar look to AFP virus, because ACMA Virus is the upgrade version of it. Tricky hackers takes full advantage of Android operating system security weakness, and then […]

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Published on December 23, 2015

How to Remove Reveton Ransomware on Android Phone

Reveton ransomware, as the name stands for, it is a ransomware which is widely used by illegal purposes. In this time, Reveton causes plenty troubles all around the world. One of the reasons why it can be so infectious is that Reveton ransomware takes advantage of the weakness of Android operating system, which is free […]

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Published on December 18, 2015

Remove Paysafecard Blocking Virus on Android Phone, Easy Removal Tips

Paysafecard Blocking Virus has been reported that it is a new scam virus which troubles no matter Android phone, tablet or computer a lot. If the Android screen got suddenly blocked with a message or pop-up information related to laws, that phone or tablet may be attacked by Paysafecard Blocking Virus unfortunately. The following step […]

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Published on December 14, 2015

How to Remove Android Ransomware Koler on Phone

Koler seems a new malicious virus coming into our eyes to cause plenty of troubles in this time. As other similar ransomware, Koler also take advantages of FBI or other official agency symbols to look legitimate, as well as that familiar carefully crafted text. To the most popular banner, suddenly, there is a strange alarm […]

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Published on December 9, 2015 , last updated on December 11, 2015

How to Remove Simplocker Ransomware on Android Phone

Simplocker, is a ransomware that causes lots of troubles to the general public Android phone users. With Simplocker infection, the most popular sign is that “your phone is locked”. Simplocker is a malware from the Cryptolocker family. As the openness of Android operating system, there are chances for Android devices to be attacked by Simplocker. […]

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Published on December 2, 2015

How to Remove RCMP Virus on Android Phone, Unlock Guide

RCMP Virus, as short for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Virus, is a malware that gives PC or Android device users plenty of troubles. As it spreads widely, more and more devices are attacked by RCMP Virus. However, on the other hands, devices users usually can not make out why and how their Android phone […]

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Published on November 25, 2015

Remove An Garda Síochána. Ireland’s National Police Service Virus on Android Phone

An Garda Síochána. Ireland’s National Police Service Virus, acts to lock the Android phone or computer so that it is not allowed users to get access to the device. As the virus is very popular in these days. Sometimes, if people find that the PC or Android phone can not be accessed suddenly, there is […]

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Published on November 18, 2015 , last updated on November 20, 2015

Remove GVU Virus on Android Phone, Easy Removal Guide

GVU Virus, a nasty virus, is mainly rampant on the Internet around German area. It has already caused many Android phone infected, with a lot of troubles. If some Android phone has attacked by GVU Virus, it may download malicious apps without any awareness which will make the phone lose control in terrible situation finally. […]

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Published on November 11, 2015

How to Remove White Screen Virus on Android Phone, Effective Tips

White Screen Virus causes a white screen phenomenon not only to make troubles in Android phone and tablet, but also PC. It is called as malware which is dangerous to make a dysfunction of mobile devices or PC. White Screen Virus, the risky hoax designed by cyber criminals, aims at earning illegal money from innocent […]

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Published on November 4, 2015

Remove FBI Cybercrime Division Virus on Android Phone, Removal Guide

FBI Cybercrime Division Virus, a dangerous hoax, mainly targets on Android phone or tablet to make some illegal profits for hackers. Now, it spreads widely on the Internet which make many people who use Android phone or tablet so frightened. This malware is designed by those cyber criminals who are intend to defraud money from […]

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Published on October 29, 2015
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