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What is ProtonVPN?

ProtonVPN is a Swiss-based VPN that provides you with extra security when browsing online, torrenting, and lets you surf the web freely in the most censored countries. Launched in 2017, ProtonVPN now supports all the major platforms including Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. It also offers a Linux command line tool and instructions for using […]

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Published on October 25, 2019

How to Uninstall Free YouTube Downloader Completely?

Hello. I need your help to get rid of Free YouTube Downloader. Few months ago, I installed it to download an important video from YouTube on my PC. It worked greatly and did help me download videos. However, it gradually brought problems and messed up my PC. Annoying ads and weird websites appeared on my […]

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Published on October 10, 2019

How to Uninstall Bitdefender Agent thoroughly?

How do I uninstall BitDefender Agent from Windows completely? I tried many ways, but failed. I got various kinds of errors when trying to uninstall the software. It said I didn’t have permission to uninstall the software and needed to contact Administrator. It was weird because I am the Administrator. Is there anyone who can […]

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Published on September 19, 2019 , last updated on November 26, 2019

How to Uninstall Reimage Repair completely

Hi there. I am wondering if you can help me uninstall Reimage Repair. This software was installed a month ago when I was browsing. A popup told me my PC was not secure enough and suggested me download the Reimage Repair for protection. Considering it as a security program, it installed it without hesitation. However, […]

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Published on September 5, 2019 , last updated on January 7, 2021

Fake “Seed Files” Loaded with WinRAR Vulnerability Brought New Ransomware

Recently, a new piece of ransomware “CRYPTED!” spread through pornographic websites was discovered. The virus is disguised as a “seed file”, using the latest WinRAR remote code execution vulnerability CVE-2018-20250 to issue a ransomware attack, hiding on porn forum to lure users to download and unzip. According to statistics, hundreds of computers have been attacked […]

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Published on April 8, 2019

Pwn2Own Hacking Contest Identified 9 Vulnerabilities within Firefox and Edge

During the recent Pwn2Own hacking contest, multiple major browsers like Edge, Safari and Firefox fell to white hat hackers. Nine security vulnerabilities of Firefox and Edge have been exposed. Three teams had exploited the vulnerabilities and won about $270,000 USD as prize. “They were able to execute code at SYSTEM level just by using Firefox […]

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Published on March 26, 2019 , last updated on September 6, 2019

RSAC2019: Biometric-Based Authentication Becomes Popular

At the RSAC2019 conference, the need for security improvement in identity management of enterprises has prompted biometric-based authentication to become many participants’ focus. Enterprises are currently facing more and more phishing attacks. Using weak passwords or default passwords are the main reason of this situation. According to the Verizon Data Breach Survey, weak passwords have […]

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Published on March 14, 2019
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